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Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior

Class Assignment On Hospital Visit

Global Specialty Hospital, Gwalior


Submitted to: Dr. Tarika Singh

Submitted By: Pramod Kumar (32) Naveen Savita (24)

Global Speciality Hospital is a major Specialty hospital rendering modern medical care to the people of all sections of the society at affordable cost. Economically weaker sections avail various charitable schemes of this hospital. At Global speciality Hospital, we constantly strive for excellence by maintaining and providing the best standards in patient-care. With uniquely designed quality control programs adhered to by our physicians and support staff. We are able to offer standardized and consistently high quality of service to our patients. Our hospitals are designed with patient safety and care as priority. With all the safety precautions and mechanisms in place, our staff are well trained and equipped to handle any unforeseen event. Rest assured that we will take good care of all your needs while you avail the best of our services and facilities. Some of the to-be-mentioned facilities at Global speciality Hospital include wellappointed rooms and VIP suites, a clean and spacious cafeteria, out-patient clinic, ample vehicle parking,, and a fully computerized patient management system to provide our patrons a hasslefree environment. All our operation theatres are electronically linked for better operational integration during critical medical procedures. The state of the art air-conditioned conference hall with seating capacity of over 50, is equipped with high-quality imported furniture and audio-visual systems. Not to rest on our laurels, we try on a daily basis to improve on each and every aspect of health-care and hospital management. We also try and implement improved quality-control standards and guidelines to optimize our resources and facilities for the benefit of our patients. Our long-term goal is to be acknowledged as a benchmark medical institution known for our efficacy and superior quality of patient-care and medical facilities.

Vision & Mission

Vision: To become preferred health care provider for all Partnership in caring & curing

Providing excellent medical care to our customers through our faith in values, integrity, respect, teamwork, & innovation to achieve complete patient satisfaction Mission: The mission of "Global Speciality Hospitals" is to provide competitive, innovative and accessible medical care to the patients To facilitate improving the health of the patient by providing quality service through our professionals that is affordable and delivered Compassionately Appropriately Responsibility Efficiently

To exhibit stewardship and creativity in the management of all available resources for patient care. To ensure the delivery of our services enabling patient, families, guests, healthcare professional, our associates to make the best use of our facilities and environment consistent with our philosophy and commitment of the patient care, health education and strategic initiative. To provide excellent family centre healthcare to the entire family and children in an environment that meets or exceeds the expectation of those we serve.

Our dedicated medical team, comprising of eminent doctors and equally proficient medical, paramedical and administrative personnel, is constantly updated on the very latest medical developments to bring you world-class medical expertise and patient care.

Some of our facilities include, 1. 2. 3. Angiography and Angioplasty All types of MLC Cases Emergency Trauma Unit

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19.

Holter Monitoring Echocardiography Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Coronary Care Unit (CCI) for Heart Patient Computerized ECG, T.M.T. Digital X-ray, Ultrasound and & Pacemaker Intra Aortic Balloon Pump Ortho C-Arm Dialysis Fully Equipped two Operation Theatres (With laminar flow) Medi Claim & Cashless Facility Online appointment facility Fooding Facility for In Patients 24 Hours Pharmacy 24 hours Ambulance Facility Fully Centralized Air Condition, Oxygen & Suction unit.

Sources of funds:
Own capital Bank loan Partner

1. Navjeevan Hospital 2. Mascot Hospital 3. Birla Hospital 4. Janak Hospital 5. Suyash Hospital

Problems Facing by Hospital

1. Delay in Payment of employees

Global speciality hospital is one of the major hospital in Gwalior in terms of facilities and providing treatments which is newly enter in healthcare sector in Gwalior, when I visited in this hospital and discussing with employees of hospital, then I found that employees are not satisfied with in delaying in payments. Further we give advice to employees to take a action unanimously in group and report to top level management for further action. When we meet with MD of this hospital he said that this is a genuine problem it will solve shortly.

2. Not achieving proper target

Hospital major problem facing is not achieving the proper target to run the hospital because hospital is newly established and not are in familiar location and dont remind in mind of people. Our advice is that hospital should trying to advertise more and more may be in print media , electronics media or radio media. So that people will be aware about these hospitals, and remove cashless facility instead of this forming other policy.

3. Visiting Dr. Schedule is not maintained properly

Dr. Schedule is not properly maintained because punctuality of doctors is not in favour of hospital this problem is just because of visiting doctors are involved in so many hospital to providing services to patients. Our advice to MD of this hospital is that identify the visiting doctors and trying to sort out problem and otherwise this is not short out finally change the doctor from hospital.

4. Rapidly Increasing cost

The cost of treatment is increasing day by day due to the arrangement and maintenance of medical machines and several equipments and medicated materials. So our advice is that if the hospital focusing on big deals so that proper revenue is generated and they can bear the cost promptly and proper medical camps held time to time.