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Disclaimer: I do not own the Total Drama Series. However, I do own the character, Christian Walker.

I have a three day weekend and I feel like writing the next chapter for Forbidden :) Just want to let you guys know that I have changed the summary of Forbidden. Also, C.H. means chapter highlight. So, chapter 6 is about Trent finding out what his dreams meant with the help from his friends and a few other things that you will find out. Onto Chapter 6: Dreams, Weddings, and Trust Issues The feeling of being in a church makes you feel loved and being watched by God. The feeling of getting married in a church makes you feel that everyone is watching you. But at the same time, it is big step in our life. Right now, Im watching two people get married. The girl I met on a chaotic reality T.V. show and the guy I have been best friends with since grade 3. The girl in an elegant black wedding dress was Gwen. Like I said before, we met on a T.V. show. However, I feel like Ive met her before. Gwen is this independent, beautiful, strong and artistic girl. She was someone who didnt want anyone to get the best of her or betray her trust. I kind of betrayed her trust when it came to me forgetting to dig her out of the ground during a challenge. After countless times of apologising to her, she finally accepted my apology. The way she smiles from time to time makes my heart beat many times a second. There is something about her that I cant resist. I just wished I had my chance with her again. The guy in the classy tuxedo was Christian. I became friends with Christian during a musical performance in grade 3. I think the way we bonded over a piano and a guitar made everything right. We had the same humour and the way we flirted with girls. Sometimes, I feel like he is flirting with girls all the time. I mean, I distinctly remember him flirting with some girl at his bachelor party. I have a weird feeling that he is still doing all this stuff to Gwen. I see the priest coming towards the two of them. I never felt this feeling before. I still love Gwen, but she is marrying my best friend. I have a gut feeling that Christian is hurting Gwen in many ways. We are here today to celebrate Christian Walker and Gwendolyn Lovelace in this holy matrimony, the priest boomed his voice. I felt so many emotions inside of me. I never thought that I would see these two together. I really have to say something. Before I proceed with the ceremony, is there anyone who feels the need that two should not marry each other? asked the priest. Everyone in the church looked around to see if anyone would stand and speak up. I wasnt sure on what to do. I started to stand up and I could feel myself getting all sweaty. I looked straight at the priest, Gwen and Christian. I dont think these two should get married, I said aloud. Everyone I knew turned around to look at me; the Total Drama gang, Gwens family, Christians family and his workmates. Young man, why do you think these two shouldnt get married? asked the priest.

For starters, I love Gwen and Christian is cheating on her, I stated. Gwen gave me a confused facial expression. While Christian pouted his lips and gave me a death glare. How could you say such a thing? yelled Christian. I ignored Christians remark and looked straight at Gwen. Her arms were crossed and she let out an angry facial expression. Trent, what is going on? asked Gwen. I could feel my heart racing again and my hands were sweating. Gwen, please let me explain, I began. I started to walk to her and kept talking to her. I know in my heart that Christian is hurting you. He has cheated on so many women; I dont want to see you get hurt. Gwen, youre the most beautiful girl Ive ever met in my entire life. Youre strong and capable of anything. But, I just want to tell you that Im still in love you for many years now. I kept walking until I was right in front of her face. I looked straight at her grey eyes. I could see through her eyes that she was angry and hurt. I did not see any sympathy from her. Gwendolyn Lovelace, I love you and I really hope you dont marry Christian today. I finished my little speech and I could see Gwen trying to think of something to say. I looked to Christian and he rolled his eyes at me. Trent, began Gwen. Im flattered that you told me that you still have feelings for me. But Trent, I dont believe you. I could feel that my heart was being shot by an arrow. I could feel a slight tightness at the back of my throat. Trent, I could never believe that Christian would do such a thing like that. I love him and I trust his with everything in my entire life. I went down to my knees and clutched my hands together to make a fist. Gwen, you got to believe me, I begged. I never felt so needy and desperate in my entire life. Im sorry Trent, she apologised. But, I have to ask you to leave my wedding. I stood up from my begging stance and looked at Gwen. Say that again? I asked looking confused. She said leave, you idiot, informed Christian. I never felt so angry and hurt in my entire life. I kept walking to the door of the church. I looked back at Gwen and Christian for the last time. I see them holding each others hands and the priest continued with his service. That is when I walked away from the wedding. I got out of the church and just ran for my life. I didnt care if I got hit by a car or get shot down. I really cant feel anything now. After running for a while, I noticed a gigantic bridge where all cars drove on. I had this weird thought in my head to jump off. The worst thing about this is that I listened to my head. I kept running to the bridge and stopped to look at the view. I looked back at everything that happened to me in my twenty-three years of my life. I guess I regret everything. I got up on the platform and looked down to the deep, blue river. I then looked up to the sky and all I can think of is Gwen. Ill always love you Gwen, no matter what, I whispered to myself. A tear started to trickle down my cheek and I fell off the bridge AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Its eight in the morning and my alarm woke me up. Once again, my body was sweaty after a dream. Shit, I said aloud. This is the second dream I had of Gwen and Christian in the last few weeks. Why does this keep happening to me? I decided that I need help with everything that is going on. I got out of bed and went straight to my computer. I logged into Facebook to see if anyone is online. Of course, who would be on at this time in the morning? I went to my inbox and composed at new message. I wanted to send this message to my closest friends; Duncan, Courtney, Bridgette, Geoff, DJ and LeShawna. Hey guys, I just wanted to ask if you guys wanted to come over around 11 this morning. I really need your help with a lot of things. Well, I guess you can say what this is about. But, please come over soon. Thanks guys :) I clicked the send button and I waited for the guys to reply. I decided to leave my Facebook for a while to get changed and eat breakfast. After one hour, I came back to my computer and noticed that I have a new inbox. I clicked on that little message icon and I realised that nearly all of them replied. The first one was from Bridgette: Awww, Trent :( I have a slight feeling what this is about. Geoff and I will be there later today. Stay strong :) I could always count on Geoff and Bridgette to help me out. The next message came from DJ: Sure I can come over :) Do you want me to bring snacks? You know what, Ill bring the snacks. You guys always love my cooking :) Oh DJ, how I love your cooking. Im pretty sure everyone is going to need this food as much as they can. The next message I got was from LeShawna: Boy, are you still down from white girl again? Actually dont answer that. Ill come over soon. Try and be happy. Well figure something out. Trust LeShawna to say that. Now, Im just waiting for either Courtney or Duncan to reply back. Those two usually come up with an idea. Or, its usually Duncan trying to insult me or something like that. As I was about to get up from my chair, I heard a beeping noise coming from my computer. I realised I got a new message and it was from Duncan: Yo Elvis, are you still crying over Pasty? Look, Princess and I will try and come over. Its just that, Princess and I are looking for stuff to give you guys at the wedding. I swear, Princess is going crazy over this wedding -.Man, I hope you have a good song to sing at this wedding. Or else Ill punch you. Like I said before, Duncan is usually insulting me or threatened me. Luckily all of these guys are there for me. I just hope Gwen is doing alright right now. I decided to get up from my chair and went to my

studio room. I looked around for my guitar and started to practice the song from Duncan and Courtneys wedding. A few hours of strumming, I heard a knock on the door. I got out of my studio and went straight to my front door. I looked through the little hole in the door to see DJ, LeShawna, Bridgette and Geoff. I opened the door and all four of them came inside. Dude, greeted Geoff, while he showed me his fist. I showed him mine and fist bump each other. I made some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and I bought some apple cider, told DJ. Where do you want me to put these? On the table that is near the computer, my good man, I replied back. Gosh, this kind of reminds me back to the days in Total Drama Island. The five of us went near my computer and sat down around the table. Yo DJ, can we eat the sandwiches now? asked LeShawna. Im starving. When Duncan and Courtney are here, replied DJ with a smile. He then turned to me. Say Trent, why did you ask us to come here? I could feel all of their eyes staring right through me. Look, its about Gwen, I began. Well we all figured that out Trent, told Bridgette. Whats going on? Look, for the past couple of weeks I have had dreams about Gwen and Christian. I do not like any of it one bit. The dreams I have end with me dying in some way, I explained. Dude, thats a bit scary, commented Geoff. Do you know why this is happening? Not one bit dude, I replied. Thats why I need your help. What should I do? How about we look at what your dreams mean? suggested Bridgette. How? I asked. From this website I look at, she replied back. She headed to my computer. Do you mind if I use it? Go ahead, I responded. Bridgette went on this website that can interpret a symbol in dreams. Trent, can you tell me some of the significant things that happened in the first dream you had of Gwen and Christian? she asked. Well, the dream was set at the local park and I kind of got lost, I stated. Bridgette typed in Park and scrolled through the page. Hmm, I found something, she called out. Geoff, DJ, LeShawna and I went up to the computer screen to read what is said. Park: To dream that you are lost in a park indicates your struggles with your career, relationship, or other problem. You may feel alienated by society. Trent, do you really feel alone? asked DJ.

DJ, I dont feel alone, I stated. I just feel lost. What happened next Trent? asked Bridgette. Well, I found the fountain that Gwen and I usually hanged out, I told. Bridgette looked through the website and found something about the fountain. Fountain: To see a fountain in your dream represents joy, renewed pleasure or increased sensitivity. Yeah, I dont believe that for one second, I confessed. Trent, you have become more sensitive since Gwen married that jerk, confessed LeShawna. You think he is a jerk? I asked. Hell yeah, replied LeShawna. Keep going Trent, told Bridgette. Gwen scared me; told me that her and Christian got a divorce and I was about to confess to her that I love her, I continued. Hmm, Ill search up crush, replied Bridgette. She looked through the website and found something about it. Crush: To see your crush in your dream represents your current infatuation with him or her. If you find yourself thinking about him during the day, then it is not surprising that his image will appear in your dream during the night. No surprise there, laughed Geoff. All four of them started to laugh a lot. Haha, very funny guys, I sarcastically told them. I suspected something that Duncan would say. Im sorry Trent, but, you do think about Gwen all the time, replied Geoff. What else happened? There was black smoke surrounding her, she disappeared and Christian appeared, I told. I cant really search anything about that told Bridgette. What else happened? Christian and I had a fight about Gwen; he punched me in the eye; pulled out a gun and shot me in the face. I looked to see a shocked facial expression from all four of them. Let me look up punch spoke Bridgette, awkwardly. She looked up punch and gave a shock expression. Punch: If someone is punching you, then the dream is highlighting your helplessness and powerlessness in some waking situation. Trent, whats going on with you and Gwen? asked LeShawna.

Ill tell you when we finish analysing my dreams and when Courtney and Duncan come here, I told. LeShawna gave out a huge sigh. Bridgette, search up gun in that website of yours, told LeShawna. Bridgette gave out a sigh and searched up gun. Gun: To dream that someone is shooting you with a gun suggests that you are experiencing some confrontation in your waking life. You feel victimized in a situation or that you are being targeted. Dude, is that true? asked Geoff, looking concerned. I dont know dude, I replied. There was an awkward silence lingering around the house. That was until we heard a knock on the door. That must be Duncan and Courtney, I stated. I walked to the door, while the others were still looking at the meaning of the gun. I went up to the door and opened it. What do you know, it was Courtney and Duncan. The both of them looked very pissed off at each other. Im going to guess something happened during their wedding preparations. Took your sweet time Elvis, remarked Duncan. Duncan, be nice, told Courtney. Shut up, Princess, he retorted. The two of them went inside and headed to the rest of the group. Alright, who made these peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? asked Courtney. I did, replied DJ. DJ, you know I dont eat these anymore since I threw up on the island, yelled Courtney. Gosh Princess, remember that was time we had our first kiss, reminded Duncan. Shut up, you pig, yelled Courtney. Good thing I bought myself a salad. Princess, I told you so many times that you dont need to lose weight, reminded Duncan. Shut up, jerk-face, scolded Courtney. Can we eat now? asked LeShawna. Yes, yes we can, replied DJ with a smile. All seven of decided to eat what DJ has made. So Elvis, what is going on? asked Duncan. Look, I have been having dreams about Gwen and Christian and in the end of each dream, I die, I explained. So, whats going on now? asked Courtney.

Well, we have been researching what each thing in Trents dream meant through this website, explained Bridgette. What has it said so far? asked Courtney. According to the website, began DJ. It seems that Trents first dream suggests that Trent he is struggling in a relationship or something like that; has an increase in sensitivity; feeling powerless in a situation and being targeted. Dont forget he is obsessed with Gwen, reminded Geoff with a smile. Trust Elvis to do that, remarked Duncan. Everyone started to laugh all over again. Guys, Im not obsessed with Gwen, I reminded them. Alright, we believe you, told Bridgette. So, tell us what happened in your other dream. Alright, I had this dream several hours ago, I began. I was at a church to witness Gwen and Christian getting married. Let me search up wedding, told Bridgette. She looked up wedding and found a whole heap of information about it. I think this one would be about right, pointed out Bridgette. Wedding: If you dream that you are attending a wedding, consider how you feel at the wedding. If you are upset or sad, then it means that you are unhappy about the current status of your life. If you are happy, then you are embracing a new change in your life. Trent, how did you feel about attending that dream wedding? asked Courtney. I felt sad and unhappy, I confessed. Well, this would mean youre a sad, young man, pointed out Duncan. Shut up Duncan, I yelled. What happened next? asked LeShawna. Well, there was a priest and he was asking us if anyone wanted to stop the wedding, I continued. Bridgette searched up priest on the website. Priest: To see a priest in your dream represents your spiritual needs, sense of morality and religious beliefs. You are looking for guidance. It also symbolizes chastity and abstinence. Perhaps, you are feeling sexually repressed. Duncan started laughing out loud. Oh God, I believe that Elvis here is sexually repressed laughed Duncan. Courtney gave him a slap across his shoulder. That really hurt, told Duncan. Shut up Duncan, I already had a bad day, I dont want it to be worse, hissed Courtney. Trent, Im guessing that you need guidance from us if you dreamt about a priest.

Thank you Courtney, I thanked. My dream continued with me confessing to Gwen that I still love her and I told her that Christian is cheating on her; she doesnt believe me and tells me to leave her wedding. Dude that is messed up, pointed out Geoff. Yeah, but it felt real, I confessed. I left the church; ran to a bridge; looked at the river and I fell in. Let me look up running, bridge, river and falling, told Bridgette. She started to look up all of those words. Running: To dream that you are running away from someone indicates an issue that you are trying to avoid. What are you trying to avoid Trent? asked LeShawna. I could see that she is getting really impatient. Just wait until we have finished interpreting my dreams I told her. Bridge: If you fall off the bridge and into the water, then the dream indicates that you are letting your emotions hold you back and prevent you from moving forward. Well, that kind of answers the bridge and falling into the water, explained DJ. You need to tell Gwen you like her. Not yet DJ, I replied. River: To see a clear and calm river in your dream indicates that you are just going with the flow. You are allowing your life to float away. Now can you tell Gwen that you like her? suggested Geoff. No Geoff, I replied. Falling: As with most common dream themes, falling is an indication of insecurities, instabilities, and anxieties. You are feeling overwhelmed and out of control in some situation in your waking life. This may reflect the way you feel in your relationship or in your work environment. Falling dreams also often reflect a sense of failure or inferiority in some circumstance or situation. It may be the fear of failing in your job/school, loss of status, or failure in love. Trent, I think you are still obsessed with Gwen, confessed Duncan. Shut up Duncan, I replied back. What does my dream mean? Trent, Christian wants to kill you, told Duncan.

Shut up Duncan, told DJ. You know thats not true. Well, Im going to guess that you are obviously still in love with Gwen, youre scared to tell you her that you still love her since you were sixteen; youre scared to go on with your life and that Christian is probably jealous of you, explained Courtney. Courtney, everything seems alright, but, I dont know about the last bit, told Bridgette. Bridgette, Im usually right, scoffed Courtney. Remember, I used to be a CIT. More like a B-I-T-C-remarked Duncan, until he was interrupted. Dont you dare finish that sentence Duncan, commanded Courtney. Whatever you say, Princess, smirked Duncan. Alright guys, I was talking to Gwen a while ago and I found out something that I somewhat dont believe, I told everyone. But, you guys have to promise me that you dont tell anyone, especially Gwen and Christian. We promise, the all said in unison. Look, Gwen told me that she thinks that Christian is cheating on her, I explained. They all looked at me, as if I was lying to them. As if, stammered Bridgette. But, why would he do that? I really dont know, I confessed. There was a bit silence until I heard someones phone ring. Im forbidden to say that I love you. I realised that is was my phone ringing. Nice ringtone, Elvis, teased Duncan. I could hear him snickering a little bit. I looked at my phone and I realised it was Gwen. Guys, its Gwen I told them. Dont make a sound. Everyone rolled their eyes and I answered my phone. Hello, I greeted. Hey Trent, its Gwen, she remarked. Hey, whats up? Well, I was wondering if we can meet up at the fountain in our local park. Are you alright? Not really Trent Are you there now? Yes I am. Please meet me there Trent, its really important.

Alright, Ill meet you there in a few minutes. Bye Gwen. Bye Trent. The both of us hanged up. Guys, I need to meet Gwen at the park. It seems that she is unhappy about something, I told the group. Then go to her bro, called out Geoff. Alright, Ill go, I told the group. You can stay here for a while and dont start a party. Geoff and Duncan gave a groan as I headed out of the door. *Ten minutes later* I was at the local park. Like the one where it was in my dream, it was surrounded my children. I looked around the park to find the fountain. After a few minutes, I have found the fountain and I noticed Gwen sitting on the ledge. She looked sad and gloomier than the last time I saw her. Gwen, I called out. Gwen looked up and I could see her eyes light up from where she was. She started to run towards me and jumped up to give me a hug. Trent, thank goodness youre here, she greeted. I hugged her very tightly. I didnt want to let go of her. The both of us let go of our hug and went off to sit at the ledge of the fountain. Tell me whats going on Gwen? I told her. Before I tell you whats going on, what is my least favourite colour? she asked. Pink? I answered. Correct Trent, she told me. Why are you asking me that Gwen? I asked back. She pulled out a pink perfume bottle that said Fantasy on it. Who gave you that? Christian did, she replied back. I dont get it. He knows I hate pink. Everyone knows I hate pink. I know Gwen, I consoled her. When did he give you it? Last week, when he came home around 6:45 in the morning, answered Gwen. Im guessing he was out late again? Gwen gave me a really quick nod. I lied to him saying that perfume smelt good and then he slapped me across the face. I noticed that Gwen started to cry a little bit after she told me what happened. Gwen, why would he do this? How the hell am I supposed to know Trent, she yelled back. I could see that her eyes were getting red. He is your best friend. Well, I havent talked to him for a very long time now, I told her, sternly. Trent, do you want to know something that no one else knows?

Go on. Well, you knew for a long time that I have had a lot of trust issues on the island. Yes, Im aware of that. Please continue. Well, it all started when I was fourteen. I was going out with this guy for about six months. He broke up with me because of my mother or something like that. Around four months later, I find out from my old friend that the real reason why he broke up with me was because he liked this girl during the time we went out. Apparently, he liked the girl since they became friends; which was about nine months before we started going out. So from that point on, I have always had trust issues; especially when it came to guys. Gwen started to cry even more. I wrapped my arm around Gwen and pulled her closer to me. Gwen, please stop crying and look at me. She lifted her head and looked me straight in the eye. Gwen, please remember that you are a strong woman and dont let this get to your head. Ill help you get through this. Gwen wiped away her tears. Thank you for always being there Trent, she thanked and gave me light and tender kiss on my right cheek. I smiled and blush a light pink. Well, I have to get going Trent, she told. Always keep me updated Gwen, I reminded her. Of course Trent; good bye. Good bye Gwen. Gwen and I started to walk into different directions. I got out of the park and headed straight home. *Ten minutes later* I arrived home and the gang was watching TV. Trent, what happened? asked DJ. Well, lets just say that Christian has gone too far, I replied. What are we going to do about it? asked Bridgette. I dont know Bridgette, I dont know, I remarked. Well, this is probably the longest chapter of Forbidden so far. Im sorry if there was a lot of dialogue in this story. I just needed a few characters from TDI in this. The dream interpretations are from this website I look up for my dreams. I do not own the rights of Dream Moods. The dream at the start of this chapter was based on a dream that my first ex-boyfriend had a few weeks after him and I broke up. While the Gwen backstory was somewhat based on my exboyfriend from last year. The last bit isnt exactly true. Trents ringtone is from this Korean song. Even though my friend on FanFiction suggested this title of this story, this song is also another reason why this story is called Forbidden.

There is a poll on my profile and Im asking you guys which story I should update next (that excludes this story). I would like to thank the following people for reviewing, alerted and have put this story as their favourite so far: coolgal13 Islanda JuniiorJessa Kool Broadway Reader MattyBlood16 MusicalWheaten pottagurl SleeplessGarden Sunshine-Midnight123 TakoBeatle xXBlueSariaXx Naruhinalov3 Anonymous Rex Won'tStopWriting TheOnePerson pieisdelicious sandra19 Mari Songstar1 Thank you for keeping me going to continue writing this story. You are all amazing. But, I would also like thank everyone else for taking the time to read this story. I really dont know what the next chapter will be about. Im thinking about making the next chapter in Gwens point of view. Or, Im going to focus a bit on Duncan and Courtneys wedding (its the sub-story of this story). The next chapter will be put up next month after I finished studying my exams. Anyways, I hoped you enjoyed reading Chapter 6: Dreams, Weddings and Trust Issues. I dont mind if you flame or criticise; but please review :) Love, Madim xx

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