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Writing Just Enough Detail, But Not Too Much

In the late 1990s, when I decided I wanted to be a writer, I took part in a few writing workshops, and one common thread among them was the vital importance of detail, of describing things beautifully. But a lot of emphasis was also put on precision and economy. This translated to phrases such as “not wasting a single word,” “searching for the exact word,” and “trimming sentences as much as possible.” When choosing to describe something or include any detail in fiction, we should always ask ourselves whether it helps move the narrative forward, reinforces the character’s psychology, or serves
The Atlantic
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Why It's a Bad Idea to Tell Students Words Are Violence

Of all the ideas percolating on college campuses these days, the most dangerous one might be that speech is sometimes violence. We’re not talking about verbal threats of violence, which are used to coerce and intimidate, and which are illegal and not protected by the First Amendment. We’re talking about speech that is deemed by members of an identity group to be critical of the group, or speech that is otherwise upsetting to members of the group. This is the kind of speech that many students today refer to as a form of violence. If Milo Yiannopoulos speaks on the University of California, Berk
The Wall Street Journal
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Prepare to Deal With Difficult People by Finding Compassion Before an Encounter

It takes compassion to deal with the difficult people in your life. New research suggests the answer to avoiding the anxiety, high blood pressure and disappointment of interacting with a person that rubs you the wrong way lies in preparation. You can adjust your thinking about the person before an encounter and learn to feel compassion for him or her.Researchers say compassion has four components: You recognize another person’s suffering, are emotionally moved by it, wish the other person did not suffer and feel motivated to help relieve the suffering. Whether you actually help or not is up to
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13 reasons why you should read this…

If you’re jealous that your friends are more successful than you, that’s part of what’s holding you back from achieving your own happiness and success. Find out all the other thoughts you’re not supposed to give in to and how to build up your mental fortitude to overcome these roadblocks.