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The Atlantic
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Trump’s Interests vs. America’s, Republican Fundraisers Edition

By now, the myriad ways President Donald Trump may have profited from his presidential campaign, and could further profit from a 2020 reelection bid, are well-established. Holding rallies, fundraisers, and other election-related events at his hotels generated both publicity and paying guests, flying around the country meant that the Secret Service paid the president’s company for seats on his private plane every time he traveled, and housing his campaign headquarters in Trump Tower—and nearly quintupling the rent after becoming the Republican Party’s official nominee—guaranteed that some porti
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Breitbart News, Donald Trump’s Pravda, Is in Crisis

Earlier this year, reporter Lee Stranahan was in the White House press room when another journalist asked him which outlet he worked for. “Breitbart News,” Stranahan answered, recalling the exchange in a recent phone conversation. The other journalist laughed, thinking this had to be a joke. Breitbart, after all, was largely known, whether justly or not, as a hothouse where the alt-right tended to its most outlandish, paranoid creations: Clinton conspiracy theories, anti-immigrant fearmongering, garden-variety misogyny. One of its story tags was “black crime.” The tag is no longer used, yet it
New York Magazine
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Deluded Social Darwinist

LAST WEEK, DONALD Trump appeared before a rally in Iowa, where he regaled a crowd of supporters with stories of the great wealth of his inner circle of advisers. “When you get the president—this is the president of Goldman Sachs—smart!—having him represent us, he went from massive paydays to peanuts!” he boasted. The crowd applauded, as people passionate enough about a politician to attend a rally are wont to do. But the thing about Trump’s core supporters is that Trump doesn’t have enough of them. To win the election, he had to pry away some former Obama voters in the Midwest, and he did it
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Scale the empathy wall…

Is America really more divided than ever? To try to figure out what was going on with the far right in the years leading up to Donald Trump’s election, Hochschild spent five years with Tea Party supporters in Louisiana, and her reporting makes it easy to sympathize with those you may not agree with. This book topped many best-of lists and was a finalist for the National Book Award with good reason.