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OSH16 Is In The Books. GA Cleared For Takeoff, July 31, 2016: SimpleFlight Radio - Defining Your Aviation Lifestyle

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Congratulations to all of us, as SImpleFlight Radio celebrates its 4th anniversary with this show.  And what better way to celebrate and kick off our 5th year, than by talking about the current state of the market and a vision of what's to come.  As usual, we welcomed Janine Iannarelli of Par Avion LTD ( to lead us through the goings on in the business jet market.  From there we talked to the piston side of things.  Of special note, was the high energy associated with OSH16 and the feel good vibe that was evident from start to finish.  The air was filled with a sense of innovation, energy, and optimism.  That combined with what looks to be record crowds, puts a big stamp of approval on our current and future state. As always, Al and Marc would like to thank each of your for your continued loyalty and active involvement with the show.  We are proud of what we've built over the last four years, and look forward to making year five, the best one yet. Blue Skies and Tailwinds!  

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