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Why We Need to Talk About the F-word (Feelings) in Negotiation, with Jamie Lee: Emotion has a place in business conversations.

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When preparing for a negotiation, especially about money, people are often told that their feelings don’t matter. We are warned to not get emotional at the negotiating table. Women are seen as emotional while men are seen as rational thinkers and therefore better negotiators. But are your feelings truly a weakness when it comes to negotiations? On this episode of the Find Your Dream Job podcast, Jamie Lee helps us understand why we should pay attention to our feelings and why emotion has a place in business conversations. About Our Guest: Jamie Lee Jamie Lee ( is a leadership and negotiation coach. She has led hundreds of workshops on negotiation, self-advocacy, and transformative leadership. Her clients include leading organizations in technology, finance, and diplomacy. She also hosts the weekly podcast, Born to Thrive ( Resources Shared in This Episode: Jamie’s free webinar series: Bolder, Braver, and Better Paid ( Recommended Reading: Jamie encourages our listeners to check out this book written by psychiatrist turned negotiation trainer, Mark Goulston, “Just Listen,” ( More from our guest: To learn more about Jamie and access her free resources, go to

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