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EP045: In A Perfect World This Would Be Drew’s Daily Routine: Mornings are the best time to remove toxins from your body and mind.

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Today’s episode focuses on Drew’s daily meal plan, his ketogenic lifestyle and the natural supplements he uses to remain in optimum health. He consumes water throughout the day to ensure he is properly hydrated but also adds salt to his foods. He says meditation and daily positive affirmations are the two most important things he does for himself every day, but that he really enjoys his supercharged coffee too.    Key Takeaways: [5:38] First thing in the morning it’s important to flush your body and meditate. [11:13] Drew’s supercharged coffee recipe. [16:20] Half-way through his emails, Drew takes a full serving of Kegenix.  [18:19] Drew’s workout is basically a 20 min high-intensity interval training like the ones included in the Dollar Workout Club workouts. [22:24] Does Drew’s typical lunch include supplements? [29:13] Coconut milk, chicken sausage, and a bacon cheeseburger? Is this guy really in the fitness industry? [32:53] Integrate these two things into your daily routine to enhance your life. [33:42] Drew lives a keto lifestyle but if that’s not for you, try adding these 4 things to your diet.   Sponsors: Kegenix - Use this link for 15% off your entire purchase Quest Nutrition Dollar Workout Club   Mentioned in This Episode: Fit2Fat2Fit @fit2fat2fit - Drew on Social Media 2FitatHome @2fitathome - Lynn on Social Media Drew’s Dr. Oz ketosis clip Four Sigmatic - Medicinal Mushrooms

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