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WHAT HAPPENED WITH MICHAEL & JESSICA'S PREGNANCY & 1000 SHOWS!!! CJ Liu & Michael Sandler | Health | Self-Help | Inspire: CJ Liu on Michael Sandler & Jessica's Challenges on Their Journey to Parenthood & 1000 Shows!!! Law of Attraction | Running | Parenthood | Spiritual | Spirituality | Meditation | Inspirational | Motivational | Self-Improvement | Self-Help | Inspire

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If you’ve ever wanted achieve BIG things, but had no idea where to begin, then do we have the mind-bending, mind-boggling, 1000 steps, show for you! Today we’ll talk about stumbling forward, finding your way, and taking 1000 little steps on your journey. That plus we’ll talk about our journey to baby-hood, the power of the shmorgasborg, running hills, skating snow, building processes, the power of baby-doping, chocolate smoothies, Mice in the closet, Jessica in Mexico, and how in the world, one not-so-tiny number, inevitably changes everything. 1000 Shows Self-Improvement & Self-Help Topics Include:  What happened on Michael and Jessica’s path to babyhood? What does it mean that everything happens for a reason? What Michael and Jessica have learned from automatic writing? What has been their healing process? How long have Michael and Jessica been waiting to have a baby? What it means to be in alignment and total flow? What it means to try the buffet of life? What it means to examine your programming? What it means to focus on the fun and go with the joy? What in the world is fell running? What are Luna Sandals? What are Inov-8 X-Talon 200’s? What is Ski-Mo, or Ski-Mountaineering? How we can get the body or mind to adapt to almost anything? Why boundaries and limitations can serve you? What are Northern Lite Racing Snowshoes? What it means to embrace where you’re at? How Michael and Jessica made 1000 shows? What was their humble beginnings? What are the lessons they learned while making 1000 shows? How to take 1000 little steps toward your mountain? How does a simple number change everything? What does it mean to think about your next 1000? What we can learn from Ajit Nawalkha of Mindvalley (who wrote “Live Big”) about doing things differently? To find out more visit:

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