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Construction Documents - Best Practices: With Rand Soellner and Marilyn Moedinger

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Today I welcome two guests to the show. First we have architect Rand Soellner, the owner and principal of Home Architects, a nationwide practice specializing in custom residential architecture. Rand is also on the executive committee of Architects Creating Homes, an American organization of Licensed Architects focusing on residential architecture. Also joining us today is Marilyn Moedinger, educator, architect and founder of Runcible Studios, an architecture firm located in Boston, Massachusetts. In today's episode we are talking about construction documents. In this episode you'll discover the career route Marilyn Moedinger has taken that has given her a powerful advantage as an architects as well as how to make your construction drawings more understandable and clear so that you can minimize jobsite errors and questions....and with that, here's today's show....  
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