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#159: Mock Orals #9: Upper GI and Bariatrics with Dr. Arghavan Salles: Paraesophageal hernias, GERD, and Bariatric Complications

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Our 9th Mock Oral Episode.  A big thanks to Dr. Salles who takes us through complicated upper GI and bariatric scenarios. Dr. Salles is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery at Washington University in St. Louis. She earned undergraduate degrees in Biomedical Engineering and French at the University of Southern California. She completed medical school, surgical residency, and a PhD in Education at Stanford University. She has been at Washington University in St. Louis since 2015 when she arrived here for a fellowship in Minimally Invasive Surgery. Dr. Salles specializes in bariatric surgery. Her research interests including research related to obesity as well as gender equity and physician well-being.

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