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“Atheism and the Alt-Right, with Chris Stedman and Diana Butler Bass”

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“Atheism and the Alt-Right, with Chris Stedman and Diana Butler Bass”

Dari With Friends Like These

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This week, Humanist chaplain and community activist Chris Stedman joined Ana to discuss the unique relationship between movement atheism and the Alt-Right. Chris wrote a piece on the trend from prominent atheists like Bill Maher, Sam Harris, and Richard Dawkins to promote some liberal social policies while putting forth critiques of social justice policies that amount to an “alt-light.” Ana and Chris delve deep into the atheist movement, investigating why and how atheists have found common ground with Christian white nationalism in the broader Trump coalition.

Historian Diana Butler Bass joins Chris and Ana to answer a listener question about finding forgiveness for Christians in the age of the Trump, as well as for a discussion about the many roads that compassion and forgiveness can lead down.


Get in touch with us at withfriendslikepod@gmail.com, and @crooked_friends on Twitter.

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