Episode 179: Raffy Big Scoops

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Episode 179: Raffy Big Scoops

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Rafael Devers has been playing some good baseball so it's time to get out the ice scream scooper folks. We open talking the new decorations for our studio highlighted by a phenomenal painting of Alex Cora walking over Big Papi bridge with a car blowing up in the background. After some miscellaneous nonsense we introduce a new segment called Stating the Facts, debate which starter between E-Rod, Steven Wright and David Price will slow down their hot stretch first, hit you with a brand new SeatGeek promo code for any MLB tickets (dub coupons bitch), break down the real meaning behind the name Red Sox, bring back Pete Blackburn to talk analytics, discuss the grasshopper nonsense that happened in Seattle, Benintendi's IG post with the GF dropped during the recording so yea that was a doozie, and close with your phenomenal Down in the DM questions.
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