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K CHAITANYA (O7915A0210)

In India about 75% of electricity is produced by thermal power

By 2020 the power requirement will be doubled by 4000,000mw. The coal may completely disappear in few more years. So, in order to over come this power generation problem in future

250kW-1000kW power can be produced by Bio Mimicking method.

In general, wave power Captures mechanical waves & converts

it into electrical.
Wave system may be up& down motion and some may be

rocking motion.
Other use variations in water pressure.

In general, underwater plants swings front & back path at the

time of waves.
So, this bio wave power is produced by mimicking movement

under water plant.

using this method 250kw-1000kw of power is produced by

each unit.


Power is extracted from ocean waves &converted to electricity within each

bio-power unit.
The unit is about 20-25m tall &it will supply renewable energy power.

It consists of 3 buoyant blades which are constantly oscillating to

motion of sea.
The hydro dynamic interaction of blades with the oscillating flow

field is designed for maximum energy consumption.

The consumed energy is used to press the piston provided at

The high pressure is created at bottom cabin.

This pressure is carried out

through pipes to turbines.

the system automatically ceases

operation & lays flat on the sea bed during extreme wave conditions.
The device swings like a sea

Multi units are installed for high


Bio-wave power unit

Multi bio wave units for high power production

Proto type Bio-wave power generation

It is non-fishing threaten power generation that is less prone

to damage from adverse ocean conditions.

More easy generation than ocean bases renewable energy

No corrosive parts involved in power generation&

constructed with composite construction & high strength.

Generation efficiency is good.
Self protection against extreme waves.

Wave power is available at low speed& high force but mostly

generators work at high speeds &steady flow.

Difficult to transmit the pressure energy efficiently to the

outside of ocean .
Its installation cost is high needs high technology.

This method of power generation underwater plant

mimicking method can over come power problems.

As, this method do not have pollutants it is eco friendly in


This method is the best method to replace coal based power

plants in future.
Waves generates about 2700GW of power of that only 500GW

can be used with current technology this can be expanded in future.

The 250KW project is being carried out in Kings Island,

Tasmania which is scheduled to operate by may 2010.

So, let us hope that technology will be available in few years

Thank you