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Framework for Developing Web Applications

AppPress Value Proposition

AppPress is a framework for rapid development of Web Applications for businesses

Cut down development cost by upto 70% . Faster Prototyping Easier change management Optimal use of resources

The aim of this is not to replace programmers but to better leverage expensive programmers and let the routine work be done by the framework, business users or non programmer resources. Another core goal is to let application developer provide controlled built in functionality within the application so end user/ support engineers can safely extend the application themselves.

AppPress Technology
Application Management Users will go to and signup User will create a new project on site, which will in turn create a GitHub project Users will use app building interface on the site to create and test the application User can go to GitHub and download the solution to local and upload back to GitHub Application Development User Interface Domain independent page, forms and field definition Prebuilt action functions + provision to use custom built action functions HTML/PDF UI auto generation + provision to edit the html in editing tools like DreamWeaver SQL Schema generation + ability to use existing database

AppPress Technology Page Life Cycle

AppPress Terms
fXML XML based definition of Forms, Fields and Actions. Headless Domain Functions Server side .Net functions to execute the action. All functions have a single parameter containing complete client side data. fHTML HTML with embedded field markers, row markers and scripts. fHTML is rendered by AppPress engine into HTML. Field Marker marks start and end of fHTML for a field Row Marker marks start and end of fHTML for a grid row Minimal Binding Only id, onclick, onchange attributes are scripted in fHTML. Leaving the rest of attributes open for designer to use. Super Submit Every action by user which results in server function call, fomaba client side framework collects all the client side input data and submits it to server in a structured form. Client Actions actions that the server side function can send back to client for execution which results in UI changes on client side.

AppPress Development Cycle

AppPress Structure of Application

AppPress A Sample Application

Employee Portal is an AppPress based Web Application to manage employees

Personal Profile Relationship with company Leaves Salary Project Management

AppPress Sample Application Development

Page Design of Portal Management Page using AppPress Page Designer


AppPress Sample Application Development

Working Portal Management Page

AppPress Sample Application Development

Finished Page after HTML Designer work

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