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Framework Development for Productization of Service Offerings

Satyam 2009

Task Force Composition

SAP Sohil_Mehta Oracle Hemalatha_Vema BI/PM Debashis_Parida HLS iDecisions Rameshkumar_Koona RCTLI IES Chetan_Desai IMS Rishi_Ranjan, Pravin_Bolar CUPM Rajeev_Sundaresan, Narayana_Murthy P2PR BK Kumar
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BFSI Hariprasad_Subramaniyan Manufacturing Jaganmohan_Raajkumar UK/Ireland Verticals

Continental Europe

Energy & Utilities

APAC Verticals

Public Services IMEA Verticals TME

Definition & Qualifiers

A Productized Solution contains reusable assets (that can be a combination of methods, tools, templates, processes, services, frameworks, technologies, products) that are repeatable, flexible, scalable in nature, when deployed solve business problems and deliver value to all stakeholders.
Market Opportunity GTM Capability Do we have in-house knowledge, skills and experience in relevant domain/vertical. Ability to leverage existing external product partnerships and/or horizontal capabilities within Msat Does MSAT have capabilities/track record in the business domain or solution area (which provides a critical mass for building and taking the solution to market) Productization Scope for Productization (Time to Value) Potential of solution to be delivered consistently across markets

Is there a Do we have Sales contemporary business Sponsorship? need for the solution?


Is there a market segment, cluster that we can go after?

Do we have Vendor Sponsorship?

Are there enough prospects that we can reach through our existing channels?

Can we sell with defined pricing/business models? Is there a business case? (Covers Breakin period, Revenue Projections etc.) Time to Market

Potential of Solution to be delivered profitably

Quantifiable savings that the Legal implications of Shared customer can IP with Vendors realize with productized offering

Satyam 2009

Challenges Ahead
Issues with respect to Standalone V/s Bundling with other partner products

What will be the pricing models?

What are the legal implications?

What are IP related precautions? (Patent Management etc.)

Who will own which part of the product?

Modes of delivery

Investment Approvals

Collaboration with Sales & Delivery

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Thank You
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