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By Mahua 4B

Amelia was a female pilot. Her full name was Amelia Mary

Earhart. Amelia Earhart began taking flying lessons in January of 1921 and later that year bought her first airplane with money borrowed from her mother, father and sister as well as earned from her job as a telephone operator. When she was young, her little sister Muriel used to call her Meelie so Amelias nickname was Meelie.

In October 1922, she set a world record of flying

14,000 feet, the first time any woman had flown so high, which was later broken by Ruth Nichols. On January 11, 1935, Amelia Earhart became the first woman, to fly alone across the pacific. Another famous flight was her nonstop solo flight across the Atlantic, May 20-21, 1932, the first for a woman.

She was born at her grandparents home in Atchison,

Kansas July 24th 1897. Her mom and dad were Amy and Edwin Earhart. Her father was a German-American. When she was very young she was a tomboy.

Here are some of her achievements :January 3rd

1921She began flying lessons with Neta Snook when she was 24 yrs old June 17-18 1928First woman to fly across the Atlantic ocean 20hrs 40min she used a Fokker F7 plane.
(of course June 18th is my birthday )

June 25, 1930Set women's speed record for 100

kilometers with no load, and with a load of 500 kilograms

Here are some more of her achievements : Summer

1928 -Bought an Avion, a small plane with wings that would fold in so as to fit in a garage. September 1930 -Helped to organize and became vice president of public relations for new airline, New York, Philadelphia and Washington Airways. June 1, 1937 - Began flight around the world June 1937; first person to fly from the Red Sea to India

Amelia Earhart suddenly disappeared on July 2, 1937 as she flew

over the Pacific Ocean (some say July 5th ) It is unknown what exactly happened to her but there are many ideas on her disappearance. The top 2 ones I like best are : many scientists believed that she ran out of fuel and the plane crashed on a little island. Many people believe that she landed safely but died before she could be rescued, In August 2012 (75 yrs after she disappeared) some people found some freckle cream jar and some type of glass from a plane that she may have used. Maybe It might be from her plane!

See if you can answer these questions!

Some are easy, some are hard!!!

Where was she born?

A) her grandparents house B) her moms bedroom C) in the living room of her house

Who broke her record of flying 14,000 feet? A) Lauren Johnson B)Ruth Nichols C) Arianna Brown

That was the last question I hope you liked the quiz!

THANKS FOR LISTENING I hope you liked my presentation!!!