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David Kissack

David Kissack - Founder Of The Leaders In Structural Mechanical Design Engineering In Orlando, FL
David Kissack is a well qualified, diligent Structural Mechanical Design Engineer with expertise in Steam Turbine Engine. He has many years of professional experience spanning across multiple areas such as strategic planning, project management, staff training & development, process development, element analysis etc. Over the years, he has developed an exceptional ability to translate goals into actionable plans as per short and long-term requirements. He is the founder of the Leaders in Structural Mechanical Design Engineering in Orlando a professional networking group whereby industry professionals and leaders share their success stories and best practices with each other.

Academic qualifications
David Kissack pursued Associate of Arts degree in Architectural CADD from, National Educational Center, Tampa Technical Institute in 1987. He received his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Florida Atlantic University in 1997. He graduated with honors, GPA= 3.78 out of 4.0. At present, he is a well-respected member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers- a professional association that supports the art, practice and science of multidisciplinary engineering and allied sciences around the world.

Professional experience
Prior to founding the Leaders in Structural Mechanical Design Engineering in Orlando group, David Kissack was Structural Engineer with Lawn Care and Fencing, Vero Beach, FL. In this capacity, he applied the South Florida Building Code to layout and evaluated structural elements for many residential fence projects. From April 2007 to January 2008, he served as Layout Engineer at Aluminum Professional experience Railing Specialists, Pompano Beach whereby he undertook the responsibility for developing layout drawings to help shop manufacturing.

In addition to this, David Kissack spent six years (January 2001 to January 2007) at Siemens Energy working as Senior Engineer/Advanced Engineer. While holding this position, he supervised and monitored the engineering design and stationary parts calculation to support global modernization and upgrade of large steam turbines for power plants. Besides, he has Professional experience also held key positions at Weyant Engineering (Port St. Lucie, FL), Belcan (Jupiter, FL) and Pratt & Whitney (West Palm Beach, FL).

Hobbies and interests

Aside from being an experienced engineering professional, David Kissack is also an adventure lover who likes to involve himself in various activities such as motorcycling and skateboarding. He also has interest in flying radio controlled helicopter and writing FORTRAN programs.
Professional experience

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