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Income rarely exceeds personal development.

To have more than youve got,

become more than you are.

Unless you change how you are, youll always have what youve got.
Jim Rohn

Public Speaking Scott Freedman Rule Nr 1 Speaking with an accent

Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand. Unknown

Manifest/ Manifester/ Manifestoo A quality or characteristic of a persons action or behaviour. Active act by a person to make something obvious or evident or real.
Lifestyle (and LD) is a manifestation of a number of behavioural actions (habits) such as motivation, beliefs, personality and culture Manifesto Written statement or document of policies, decisions or intentions (goals)

The trick to money ....... is having some Life was never meant to be a struggle

Abundance is your birthright

Life is energy Your body is energy

Thoughts and feelings are energy

Action is energy Find your personal power (energy field) and money (wealth) will flow to you by the flick of your hand

Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination
Oscar Wilde

I have never been in a situation where having money .... made it worse
Clinton James.

Money is nothing but a means to measure the exchange of value between people


Is a thought-form It is a symbol of energy It has no real intrinsic value It is neither good or bad It is not positive or negative It is impartial You cannot survive without money Without money you cannot be free

Money is not a zero-sum game it is an infinite game

If you believe you deserve great wealth then your mind will sort for great opportunities

Poverty is restriction Poverty is the greatest injustice you can perpetrate upon yourself Money is NOT the root of all evil It is the lack of money or the love of money that is the root of all evil

Abundance is your birthright. Abundance is never a factor of how much money you have It is how you feel about the money you do have.

Money is multiplied by the number of Ws you control in your life


= = = =

What you do When you do it Where you do it Whom you do it with/for

W = Wealth and freedom multiplier

It is not money that makes money Money is made by an IDEA Backed by a proper PLAN
Napoleon Hill. Think and grow rich


Is what you have left after loosing all your money

Wealth Wealth Wealth Wealth Wealth

is is is is is

a thought process an idea a plan an emotion (feeling) an experience of life/ of joy/ of abundance/ of gratitude

To believe in wealth you have to review your thoughts, your emotions, your belief system what are your thoughts about money?



Corruption Misuse of power Mismanagement Deprive the poor Disconnect from goodness Evil/Crooked Dishonest

Abundant Good Spiritual Love Compassion Find their voice God is boundless wealth

It is part of your spiritual journey to learn the subtle but eternal laws of money

Freedom comes from a rich mindset

Wealth living

Living rich, regardless of how much money you have Live with an open mind Thinking of life in a brand new way

Your impact on the world around you

The legacy you leave behind

The quality of your thoughts create the quality of your life

Get rid of the poverty mentality You get more of what you focus on Riches is to live your highest values

To be rich is:

Rich in gratitude Rich in happiness Rich in friendships Rich in health Rich in ideas Rich in thoughts ........................Rich in money too
I dedicate 40% of my time every day to new ideas Sir Richard Branson

Most fundamental level of cultural existence Freedom of expression Reaching your highest potential Living in lifes inheritance of abundance Freedom to contribute beyond yourself Shaping the lives of others out of gratitude
The Power of money is the power to give it away to make a difference

(Narayan Murthy)

We are all interconnected by one energy Carl Jung called it COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUSNESS (Spirit/Grace of God) All information is known to us through INNER KNOWING and the INNER MIND Money is only energy (Metaphysical) Energy is part of the God-Force Therefore it is free So in theory MONEY IS FREE

It is hard to understand why people take up poverty as a way of life It takes hard work to avoid the abundance that life offers naturally

Joy is a natural and God-given so is

abundance If you would carefully analyse the feelings of a tramp and a millionaire you will find it is slight difference in thought and feeling (emotion) about money

Making money is a skill Becoming rich is not an art Getting rich is an inside job Being rich is to live life on your own terms, according to your possibilities not your


All wealth is created in the human mind

What is the difference between rich and poor? The rich have learned to recognize the value of their thoughts

Riches/ Wealth Comes with

State of Mind Definitive purpose Little or no hard work

Art of turning time into money by following your flow

Wealth Retention
Art of turning money into more money

8th Wonder of the Modern World

Compound interest

Being wealthy and enjoying life is helping yourself and helping others Feel good about yourself and increase the greater good Add life after subtracting work

Passive + Portfolio Income

Total Expenses

Always remember that man was not created to just get by he was created to reach his highest potential

If another man can do it I can do it

Jared F Martinez.
The 10 Essentials of Forex Trading

Six billion people Sixty thousand thoughts per day per person Hundred needs/ wants per person per week 100 x 6 Billion needs you can fulfil per week Only with the flow and exchange of energy

Wealth = Volume x Leverage

With the flick of your hand you can hold onto money With the flick of your brain you can change your thoughts and you can hold onto wealth and support others Quantum physics: Everything exists in an ill defined hazy wave Observation by the observer changes it to a SOLID STATE To become wealthy = have to change the hazy wave energy state of money (ideas, wishing, vague maybes) to solid 3D state (coin in your pocket)

Definition: Success is the ability to go from one failure to another, with no loss of enthusiasm

Winston Churchill

There are no failures in life, only learning experiences There is no such thing as a failure, unless accepted as such by the human mind

Napoleon Hill

There is only one success... To be able to spend your life in your own way

Christopher Morley

What you say NO to To reach your full potential To do what you love (let others do what they hate ......... and what you hate !!!!! ) To help others to find there dream/goal/ passion/voice Success is power/control
The more money you need, the less power you have

Success is INNER POWER

Old paradigm for success Success is outer We are incomplete and lacking. We want success to complete us. Success as compensation We want success to get something We have to act on the world to make things happen Physical reality is all there is We are separate from the world around us

New paradigm for success Success is an inner experience We are complete Success as contribution Success is about giving our heart and receiving in abundance Our thoughts are creative. We are creative beings All physical reality has a non-physical essence We are all interconnected, part of the web of life. The basis of everything apparently physical and separate is consciousness

Its basically an unfriendly world The universe is friendly Not everyone can win, we have to fight and Every being can experience success . struggle Our success is achieved at someone elses Success can be graceful and is created expense and involves suffering Were limited Life is random Success is rigid Success is needed to prove worth and esteem Were totally unlimited Life has meaning and purpose Success is growth and expansion Worth and esteem are integral to our being

Always wanting more, more is better

Enough, satisfaction, contentment. Sometimes less is more

Avoid pain Gain pleasure Inspiration OR EMOTION


You are a little god in physical body -

HUGE, HUGE responsibility

Spirit in flesh Eternal Life expressed as YOU A cosmic being Power Wisdom Perfection Intelligence Magnificence Also a creator contributor on this planet

Can you stand up to this Challenge and Responsibility ?

The miracle is not to walk on water, the

miracle is to walk on this green earth, dwelling deeply in the present moment and feeling truly alive
Thich Nhat Hanh.

Be bold in what you do and don't worry what

other people think - they don't do it that often anyway

Timothy Ferriss.

People say that what we are seeking is a meaning for life I think what we are seeking is the experience of being alive

Joseph Campbell The power of myth

The world is round and is a place where there is no beginning and there is no end, only a continuation; an infinite marathon where the baton is passed from one generation to another. What might seem like an ending to some becomes the beginning to others. Either way, life needs to be about progression not regression. You either go forward, stand still or die...

It is not either or it is BOTH Make affording it your reality Never say I cannot afford it Always ask How can I afford it? Expand your reality Financially intelligent people think RISK AND REWARD With a plan and strategy you will always win in the end regardless of how many times you loose

Having a winning context (not content) Knowing you will win, even if you loose

Fear It makes you a prisoner Locks you in a cell Locks out the abundance of God If there is NO pressure there are NO diamonds


Linear Time


Circular time 12 year Cycles Flow of the world Personal Flow

1972 2008 Trend now be more human and to get robots to be more like humans Megatrend 2020 Spiritual Age Rather give than get 1 + 1 = 11 = Multiply money =Everything about money 0 + 0 = 00 = 8 Symbol of wealth

The more you have the more opportunities there are to loose wealth Wealth What you have left after you loose all your money

River and flow of water is in life the example of wealth and the flow of money Money = Wealth Exchange Wealth = Volume x Leverage Leverage = Volume x Speed Leverage = Widening the river = More water can flow Create value and money will follow

Money will flow from high value to low value

Water = Flow = Spirit Spirituality Humanity More Human Less Robot 8th Habit


It changes your energy field It changes the vibration in the room

Personality traits are the fundamental units that make up your personality Myers Briggs Personality Test 16 MBTI types

The Goldberg Five Factor Model was developed for personality traits to determine personality tendencies By applying this model, individuals fall into certain personality dimensions

Big 5 Types




Openness to Experience

There are 8 personal character profiles There are 7 energy cycles What is my river? What is your flow? What zone do you operate in? -Red -Yellow -Green -Gold Cycle and psychoanalysis started 5000 BC with Lao Tsus book I-Ching (Book of changes) Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung

2 Opposites: Yin and Yan

We are born opposites

You must return to what you were born to not what your parents, teachers or friends made you to be Do not let life force you into who you are not
You give yourself away by the energy signal that you send

Wealth dynamics focus on personal flow World flow Country flow personal flow

Why play the game of life

With doing (physical learning) Things come naturally (flow) Then the game becomes fun Become one of the 21/30/ 60/ 90 DAY CLUBBERS

Repetitio est mater studorium

A very negative emotion is to believe that life owes you something the world does not owe you anything you have to work, contribute, exchange energy and provide for yourself Dont blame the world Dont blame God Rather begin to own your own feelings and contribute to others .......... and wealth will come your way
Stuart Wilde

Dont blame others


Creator HEAVEN






Supporter FIRE




Accumulator WIND


Trader EARTH

Deal Maker VALLEY

The Wealth Frequencies

STEEL WINTER/ METAL Orderly, system orientated with a good eye for detail. Strong at completing, but finds it tough to start new things

SPIRIT TRANSITION/ WATER Connected tranquil and spiritual. Focused on the why behind everything

DYNAMO SPRING/ WOOD Energized dynamic creative, great at getting things started but terrible at getting things finished!




TEMPO AUTUMN/ EARTH Compassionate, great team player and reliable at getting things done with the team. Will often seek direction from others




Passionate, outgoing, great at networking and meeting new people. But easily distracted from task at hand









The Wealth Profile Square


















INTROVERT More likely to act on own initiative

EXTROVERT More likely to act through others

INTUITIVE Thought process from own idea

SENSORY Thought process reaction to events

1. 2. 3. 4.


Stone age Hunter and Gatherer Emperors age Kings and Queens Agricultural age Landlords Industrial age 1452 1989 (Robotic age) Information age Knowledge worker Spiritual age Age of wisdom, consciousness and spirituality (Human age)

Einsteins Law/ Rule E = MC

Information Age Moores Law
Amount of information doubles every 18 months

7 Natural laws of Life

2. 3.

The Great Law of Life

Law of Polarity

Energy is...

Everything is energy Energy is potential Vibration & attraction Everything has an equal and exact opposite ( Negative / Positive)

Law of Rhythm
Everything is moving in perfect rhythm and speed ( can you catch a wave)

Law of Relativity
Everything is relative Do not always compare with others

5. 6. 7.

Law of Cause and Effect

Cause / Effect Effect / Cause Action leads to Reaction

Law of Gender
Both male and female necessary for creation Giving / Taking

Law of perpetual transmutation of energy

Everything is forever moving Thoughts are most potent energy

Universe and you are one Rules of Universe apply to you as well There are certain rules of life by which you will succeed Rules of life are also the rules of the market place Daily psychology by which you live . will become your trading psychology by which you will trade There are clear reasons for trading failures (trading habits) You must have a purpose (much bigger than the markets and money) Your thoughts are everything You create your success and failure In the Thinking process, things can vibrate to you and away from you


Eternal energy field - not a finite body (9/12) You can never not be Creator of your own world A creator contributor of this Universe Every possibility already exits (and is available to you) Law of Attraction and thought, you create your destiny No limitation in the Universe, limits are in your mind Supreme Mind already holds all possibilities

Your purpose is what you say it is

Your mission is the mission you give yourself

You will be what you create yourself
Neale Donald Walsch Glen McQuirk MAP-4-Life

The Purpose Club

MAP your life


MAP your trading


Pray, ask for guidance

3. 4.

Meditate, become still, you listen

What do you love to do? What makes you most happy & fulfilled?


What causes you to get lost in time?

What do you read?

7 Bookshop; Which book shelve do you walk to first? 8 Which magazines do you buy? 9 Which movies do you watch? 10 What causes you to be emotional? 11 Radio / CD / music do you listen to? 12 As a child, what did you sing / play? What did you enjoy?

Discover your unique and precious talents and gifts

Discover your spirit again. What gives you the attitude

and consciousness of love, abundance and creativity? Follow your heart

Money is never the issue. What do you love to do?

What do you believe in? What is your vision, and gives

you lifes energy? What allows you to be ?

What allows your spirit to return to integrity and wholeness? What lets you contribute and do meaningful work? What allows you to transform yourself? What gives you the inspiration to create? What gives you a feeling of abundance and inner riches?

1. 2.

4. 5.


FIX exact amount of money (matter). Be extremely definite What will you give in return (Service/Product/Information/Energy exchange) Definite DATE (be precise) Create a PLAN (Plan your work / life, work your plan) WRITE out a clear concise statement (Manifesto) READ statement daily (loud/ visualize/ experience it)
Disciplined manifestation with all 5 senses

Taking control: HOW?



I Must I can

Pressure Cooker Principle

Leverage Emotional charge Interrupt current patterns/ habits

New conditioning/ Pattern/ Habit Empowering associations NLP NAC Rehearsing Anchoring new behaviour ST (Sensory Tapping) VL (Vibrational Living) State Change

Pain/ Pleasure RPM PLAN/ MAP 4 LIFE

Six human needs Fulfilment

1. 2. 3. 4.

Certainty/ Comfort Uncertainty/ Variety Significance Connection/ Love

5. 6.

Growth/ Development Contribution/ Serving/ Making a difference/ Leaving a


Self acceptance Self respect Self love Self honouring As you cultivate strong self acceptance and positive expectancy Life reflects back to you Level of skill Level of personal development Level of information you need

2 Criteria:
1. 2.

Continual learning Deliver service (exchange energy) Doing something that will improve life besides your own To contribute beyond yourself Service is an attitude

NR = New Rich LD = Lifestyle design Outsourcing your life Geographical arbitrage Remote control CEO MBA = Management by Absence Currency of the NR = Time and Mobility

Dealmaker Put DEAL together D = Definition E = Elimination of time management A = Automation

=Autopilot =Arbitrage

L = Liberation
=Luxury lifestyle and mobility

Eliminate W4W

Retirement is worse than insurance Mini retirements Less is not laziness The time is never right JUST DO IT Be a troublemaker Emphasize strengths dont fix weaknesses Money alone is not the solution Less competition for BIGGER goals Choose uncertainty over unhappiness

Dreamlining = dreams + time Existential vacuum = manifests itself in a state of boredom ADD = Adult onset adventure deficit disorder Living like a millionaire= doing interesting things not owning enviable things

The Zone

Accept market realities

Accept risk of life Eliminate potential to feel pain If there is no pain
Nothing to avoid Nothing to protect against No block Access to everything you know

Psychological state
You create the zone Focus / discipline / fully engaged You take a loss, you clear your head , you continue Dont get back at the market. Revenge = Ego

Let the trade happen, get out of the way

1. Totally focused = Time stands still

2. You are prepared to see things with zero resistance 3. Follow strategy flawlessly 4. Trading to plan 5. Experience no pain

Red zone:
Someone in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong people, doing the wrong thing Losers zone Life is negative Mood is low Future looks bleak

Yellow zone
Daily grind Only go through the motions Do not take risks Work only for security Boring / not rewarding

Green zone
Winners zone Right person, right place, right time You are living your dream Connecting people / doing what you love

Gold zone: Magic Human

Outside physical universe Full of Highest Free and positive life-force Spiritual self Ability to control time, space, form and objects


it comes to the time trade, it is between you and your bad habits... It was never meant to be between you and the market nor between the bulls and the bears anyway...!!!
Jared F Martinez Market Traders Institute

Do not focus on the fears


3. 4.

Being wrong Losing money Missing out Leaving money on the table

What do you focus on?

1. 2.

4. 5.

To be in the Now Moment/ Zone/ Flow Abundance Positive expectancy Probabilities Discipline/ Habits/ Money management



Buddhist concept of Nirvana Psychological state of the mind where there is no fear or desire It is the state of only the chance to exist Makes it possible to trade without reacting to sorrow or pain


Nirvana State

How do you surrender to the now?

Give up futile conflict Inner self/ Outer self Thoughts/ Feelings Internal/ External Like/ Dislike Spirit/ Ego Who you are/ Who you make Being/ Wanting (No success) Acceptance of unacceptable Give up the inner struggle

Surrender to the Now

Greater Intelligence act Inner transition from resistance to acceptance SPACIOUS AWARENESS


I am...... (being/not be). Know who you truly are sense of peace = Joy Joy = vibrantly alive peace Joy = Knowing yourself = Every essence (energy) before life takes form Joy of being = Being truly who you are


No desire/ No fear Desire = To add to Fear = Losing/ Diminished/ Being less


Step into Now = Step out of content of mind Gap between thoughts Grasp this spaciousness Grasp how deeper you are than your thoughts

I am not my thoughts/ senses/ perceptions/ experiences/ emotions/ feelings

I am not the content of my life

I I I I I am am am am am life space in which things happen consciousness now


Many moments (No) This moment Never escape this moment Always NOW Present moment always as it is ALWAYS!! JUST LET IT BE!! Past = Remember NOW Future = Experience NOW NOW = Where life is found Suchness of now Deeper than what happens in it it is the space in which it happens Deeper than the content in it

Fearless state of mind Mind is free Believe in probabilities Ideal mind set Stop avoiding risk and responsibility Accept/ determine/ shape/ control/ embrace the risk Uncover/ Eliminate contradictions and conflicts and paradoxes in your belief system (Financial blueprint)
No reality Only perception of reality

Ultimate ground/ state of being In the Zen Beginners mind State of emptiness and stillness In this state of your mind consciousness


You are left in the centre of your being

Beyond fear, judgement and desire

Ego says
Be afraid . Separation from everything Emptiness

Spirit says
There is nothing to fear Connection with all Fullness

Striving and becoming

Needs competition Look out! There is lack and scarcity

Already is now
No need for competition Look in! There is an abundance of all we need

Attack and defend Fight and compete Must have by getting

Sharing, extending and giving

No need to attack or defend No need to fight, argue, compare Have in our being, so give



Join minds in teamwork Networking Business cards Mastermind principle

Western world
o 1 + 1 = 11 (Minds together) o Multiple money o Humans move robotic

Eastern world
o 0 + 0 = 00 o Nothing but nothing = Infinity o Unlimited resources/ Possibilities o Unlimited personal power + potential o Robots to become more human

Understanding yourself Mental environment Personality profile Energy field Your flow (River) Wealth dynamics Life purpose (Legacy)
Your concern/task is YOU

Your work is to discover your work, and then with all your heart, to give yourself to it


Jumping to the higher orbit Do not see yourself through the small eyes that were born in time and lives in time, but through the eyes of the soul, this is our true self, our being Human Resource Development rests not in living, thinking, reasoning (intellect). Our ultimate destiny is to re-connect with our essential being and to express extraordinary divine reality and compassion in the moment, every moment of our lives.

Life self Your life Life is a miracle Every moment


Ever present One life beyond miracle forms of life that is subject to birth and death

Life is Eternal

Unhappy, deeply fearful self = only a fiction of the mind = Thoughts

If you want what others have STOP you already have it.

Peace/ Inner stillness/ Happiness/ Joy/ Gratitude Just silence the voices in your head Just quiet down the voices in you mind Just eliminate the conscious mind control and the subconscious (spirit) will bubble up to the surface and control you life

Free yourself from enslavement of the mind Enter into the enlightened state Spiritual state State of consciousness State of awareness Timeless state Intense presence in the NOW
I can not tell you any spiritual truth that deep within you dont know already. There is no reason to look for any truth, but inside yourself

Those who havent found their true wealth and the deep unshakeable inner peace that comes with it are beggars (despite great material wealth) Beggars for:
Pleasure Fulfilment Validation Significance Security Love

The great treasure is within us and it is greater than anything this world can ever offer

Not superhuman accomplishment (egos view) Simply the natural human state State of connectedness with something understandable and immeasurable

Something is you

And yet so much greater than you

Finding your true nature beyond name and form

Inability to feel the connectedness within Infinite Intelligence Mastermind/ Creator/ God Illusion of separateness Illusion of isolation Fear Inner conflict Daily suffering Buddha Definition of enlightment: End of suffering

Being Outer silence/ Inner stillness In the ever present ONE LIFE Deep within your every atom of your essence Deepest self Your true nature Attention is fully and intensely in the NOW Being can be felt but not understood Awareness of being
Feeling realization Enlightment

Biggest obstacles to enlightment or being Identification of the mind Ego/ Voices/ Noises False mind made self Descartes: I think, therefore I am Fragmentation of the mind State of NOT wholeness Not at peace with yourself Concepts of labels, images, words, judgements, definitions Separateness from yourself, fellow man, nature, God

Thinking has become a dis-ease Dis-ease = things are out of balance Compulsive thinking mind = Compulsive thinker, Extremely destructive Problems with the mind Not using it Use it wrongly Mind uses you Belief that you are mind The instrument takes you over Enslaves you/ Captivity Mind becomes your identity

Freedom of the Enslaving Mind Watching the thinker Notice, noticing your thoughts Enter a higher state of consciousness Superior level of awareness Realization of spacious awareness within you exists Sense of your own presence It is not a thought
It arises from beyond The Mind

Now moment/ Silent Watchers

State of inner connectedness High alert/ Aware/ Not thinking More awake Fully present Vibrational frequency of the energy field that gives life to the physical body Realm of the NO-MIND Gap between thoughts Feel your own presence Emotions/ Physical body/ Outer world becomes insignificant

Our habits control our lives

Jared Martinez The 10 Essentials of Forex Trading (p205)

Who and what you are is what you bring to the trading table You either control your destiny or someone else will We are not what we tell other people we are. We are not what we verbally promise We are what we do Our actions are our automatic habits

The The The The

voices in your head thinking in your mind ego logical mind

Self sabotage is always caused by beliefs in the unconscious mind, it is what you have programmed your subconscious to believe after all these years the good news is that

you can program your subconscious

First you must become aware of the status of your thought process

You must have awareness

You must become aware of your thoughts/ actions/

feelings/ emotions You must hear the voices in your head You must feel the space that you operate in You have to become STILL and observe INNER


You must feel the INNER BODY You must experience INNER FOCUS


The spirit The inner mind The knowing mind The habit system The non logical mind The belief system The subconscious or unconscious mind is the larger mind It is wisdom Memories Higher intelligence Stores and runs all the programs of automatic behaviour You must program or reprogram your unconscious mind for wealth

Our habits control our lives

Jared Martinez The 10 Essentials of Forex Trading (p205)

Who and what you are is what you bring to the trading table You either control your destiny or someone else will We are not what we tell other people we are. We are not what we verbally promise We are what we do Our actions are our automatic habits

Fear/ Trading

Divorced from true and immediate danger Many forms Always = something might happen You are in the here and now but your mind is in the future Creates anxiety gap Cope with the Now Not with mind projection (future) Ego Fears wrong, loose, failure, hurt, pain


Misidentify with the mind Compulsive deep need to be right (violence) disappear State what you think and feel No ego/ No self/ No fear/ Just being

The ability to stay focused and disciplined after being knocked down 100 times and then to get up the 101st time such a step can turn your whole life around

CHI Inner energy field of the body Bridge between the outer you and the source It is between the manifested (world of form) and the unmanifested Surrender Total and utter acceptance Yielding to the flow (not resistance) To find God through surrender means through total acceptance of what is. Forced into it by suffering. Pain = Self created

When your deeper sense of self is derived from being and not be, when you are free of a psychological need... Then neither happiness, nor your sense of self depends on the outcome... Then there is freedom from fear
Eckard Tolle

Best year of your life

Audio book

Love your Creator, Love Yourself, Honor yourself, Love


Guided visualization meditation

State of the NOW moment and directs you to the ZONE

Luck (Critical moments)

There is no such thing as luck, you work your own miracles
Napoleon Hill

Luck is where opportunity meets preparation

L = Location (Positioning/ Mobility/ Right place/ Right time) U = Understanding (SPD/ Play/ Not watch the game) C = Connections (Networking/ Player/ Not spectator) K = Knowledge (Information/ Experience/ How to kick the ball)
Follow your path Contribute Flow & Grow Luck will then happen

The law of autosuggestion, through which any person may rise to altitudes of achievement which stagger the imagination, is well described in the following verse: If you think you are beaten, you are, If you think you dare not, you dont, If you like to win, but you think you cant, it is most certain you wont. If you think youll lose, youre lost, for out in the world we find, Success begins with a fellows will Its all in the state of mind If you think you are outclassed, you are, Youve got to think high to rise.

Youve got to be sure of yourself before you can ever win a prize Lifes battles dont always go to the strongest or faster man, but soon or late the man who wins is the man WHO THINKS HE CAN!



could have the best opportunities

and resources in the world, but if

your psychology is flawed, you wont

make it.
Van K Thorp. Trade your way to Financial Freedom 2007

God gave us a right foot and a left foot. God did not

give as a right foot and a wrong foot. Humans make progress by first making a mistake to the right and then making a mistake to the left. People who think they must always be right are like people with only a right foot. They think they are making progress, but

they usually wind up going in circles

Robert Kiyosaki. Rich kid Smart kid

Competing in Life

Thoughts of competition ( with the markets ) come from lack of mentality That mentality, that beliefs there is lack in the Universe ( limited supply ) When you compete, you can never win .. even if you think you won

By the Law of Attraction

As you compete, you will attract many people and circumstances to compete against you, in every aspect of life .. and you will loose Everything comes from the Universe and with your frequency and harmonious vibration of energy with the Universe . you can attract anything to you

1. 2. 3. 4.

Fear of being wrong (worse than death - Dr D Paul)

Fear of losing money

Fear of missing out

Fear of leaving money on the table

It is not the strongest of species that survive, nor the most intelligent but the one that proves itself most responsive to change.
Charles Darwin.


No visionaries Most practices fail - Never fulfil their potential

Do you own a job/business? Practice cannot run without Doctor Doing it/ Doing it/ Doing it

E Myth = Founded 1977 Rethink purpose of Business How to fulfil purpose with innovation Transform practice with Big Ideas Not how to be a Doctor but how to be a great business person/ entrepreneur

How to put JOY back into your practice How to think

Doctors Entrepreneurial seizure No business background

Think/ Act/ Prepared/ Innovation

Victims/ Misused Frustration/ Dissatisfaction/ Malaise/ Dis-ease/ Depression Negatively affect their Being. It changes their person

Business successful/ Fail Founders (business owners)/ Technicians E Myth Marketing Work on business Founders/ Business owners Entrepreneurs/ Enterprise Management skills Develop product Systemize/ Automize Protocols/ ISO 9000

Verb: To E Myth your practice: Build internal systems and control processes Systemize - Automize - Franchise

E Myth

Thinking Strategic Thinking

Go to work = ON the Business Business must work APART from you Systems strategic thinking Value of life Not the Business Conflict practice. Business of Medicine Effective more than successful

Industrial Age to Information Age Worker knowledge Age Spirituality Live beyond the science of medicine
Time + mobility A Sage/ Teach more than medicine Person of family/ Serve Community/ Wealthy

Fully exemplify the spirit of medicine

Most practices do not work The Doctors/ Owners/ Technicians do work They own a job. Simply work for a living Medical schools fail to teach the

Enterprise of Medicine Business of Medicine Work of an Entrepreneur Work of a Manager

Schools and Universities do not teach SPD/ Time and personal management/ Financial planning

Strategic Thinking Plan work/ People/ Money/ Time Improve life of patient/ doctors Get life back through extraordinary practice Get a life that is yours Practice and Family are one and you are the link Every business is a family business Practice can add/ take away from family Do not allow practice to consume you

Strategic Planning
1. 2. 3. 4.

6. 7.


Money Planning Management People Growth Change Time Work Action

Strategic Practice Planning 1. Money

Staff = Owners Profit Centres Involve everyone


o o o o

Income Profit Flow Equity

Doing it.......... Doing it.......... Doing it.......... 17+ hours a day 7 days a week Running out of time, patience, energy, purpose and eventually of money
Paying the ultimate price Your life

These doctors are killing medicine...... And medicine are killing the doctors We have to correct this disaster If we dont we will be responsible for the demise of medicine as the managers who dont get it as entrepreneurs

Without vision + skill the enterprise is doomed Medicine is out of balance Medicine is failing Managers are interested only in bottom line
Working so hard So many hours

Life is so expensive
Others earn so much

Work People Money Time

Improving life

Patients Doctors Ourselves Get our lives back through extraordinary practice Get a life that is yours

Doctors see

Profession Practice = Not part of Family Business

Family + Practice are inextricably LINKED The practice and family are ONE and you are the LINK Keep it apart create two worlds that never serve each other and split each other apart Every business is a family business

Each business either give to the family or take away form the family To free yourself admit your vulnerability Let go of the EGO (spirit) Only a business/ Not your life Do not let the practice consume you

1. 2. 3. 4.

Money Planning Management People -Employee Doctors Growth Change Time Work Action
-Employees -Patients

5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Money Teach your staff to think like owners They operate like personal profit centres Involve everyone with the topic of money
-Income -Profit -Flow -Equity

Practice Money + Spiritual Enlightenment

1. Income

Zero to do with ownership Zero to do with employee ship

Doctors-as-employees Income is important Doctor-as-owner Income least important Conflict: Paralyzing conflict in a doctors life Resolving this conflict will set you free


Profit Left over after a practice has done its job effectively and efficiently Intentional Accidental Replicable (again and again) Profit = Practice action x High returns (Energy exchange) Profit = Practice purpose (Not your purpose) Profit = Fuels the forward motion of the practice

Profit Investment capital (Feed and support growth) Bonus Capital (Reward people for exceptional work) Operating capital (Shores up money shortfalls) Return on investment capital (Rewards doctor-owner)

Profit is the fuel of progress Profit abuse/ misuse


Flow What money does in practice (Not what it is) Erratic pinball movements Flow is critical to practice survival Positive profit but still short of money = Profit on paper Know where the money is and where it will be

Rules of money flow

1. Income statement is static Snapshot Analyze after fact Poor management tool How much you spend/ where How much you receive/ where 2. Flow is dynamic (Real time) Moving picture Managing in heat of moment Where you spending (going out) Where you receiving (coming in)

Flow is Income statement moving in time Want it daily/ hourly

Flow of money never weekly/ never monthly Must be able to forecast flow Flow plan (vision budget plan) Flow is always in the NOW Managing flow = Attention to detail Managing flow = You are in charge Swimming with current In the flow

Rule 2

Money flows different from what you expect Power to change Youre in control Outside

Money flow

Investments Loans

Payables Taxes Capital investment

Money flowing out of practice is a source of Money

4. Equity

doctors value equity. (2nd most valuable asset any doctor will ever posses)

Equity = Financial value placed on your practice by a prospective buyer

Practice = Most important product (Not your services) Practice has the power to set you free

Most become a product True business True enterprise Product income/ profit/ flow and equity Product must become Systematically Predictably Respectably Consistently McDonalds Hamburger

Ray Croc McDonalds System dependant practice (Not a people dependant practice)

McDonalds Metaphor To Rethink Medicine McDonalds System is the only way to inject Humanity into medicine

Turnkey System Same dependable result Predictable Systematically Effortlessly Time and mobility
Turnkey system = Successful reproduce

Way your practice does business Practice systematically. Do what you want to do Develop a turnkey system System that works in hands of ordinary people (doctors less experience) Build Equity = Work ON Practice Work on practice = Build totally integrated Turnkey system delivers exactly same promised service every single time

Work ON your practice Package it Value Equity Directly proportional to how well your practice works = Effective systems Money/ Equity/ Wealth/ Happiness/ Life = How well your systems work Not how well you work Not how hard you work Not how many hours you work

Doctor with no vision just goes to work every day No purpose Busy, Busy, Busy Doing it, Doing it, Doing it Vision = Plan = How do we do it here Practice Management You/Doctor/Technician Visionary Planning Thinking like an entrepreneur Vision Practice (doctor) Company (people and systems) Enterprise (replicate)

The Planning Triangle

Operations Manual Tactical work Textbook manual

Completion plan

Practice Plan What you do/ Practice Business Plan Who you are/ Business/ Vision/ Mission/ Purpose/ Process

How you do it Fulfilment plan Realistically managed Operations manual

1. 2. 3. 4.


Financial Emotional (impact) Performance Patient (who they are?) Employee (How do you grow people)

The spiritual awakening The 8th habit

Practice relies on Doctor Business relies on people and systems Doctors = control freaks = 99% = Practices

People are impossible to manage Manage the process Process becomes systems Process On time Answering phone Organizing files
Management Not who But HOW Extraordinary systems

E Myth Management system = Method

Manager to -Innovate -Quantifies -Orchestrates -Monitors

Work on system

Manager -Invent systems -Owners vision -Manifest in outcomes

Working with people JOY or Huge frustration Doctors not prepared to use others to get results Doctors not business people Technicians Load will double you over (Doctor/ Books/ Organizing/ Planning/Buying/ Ordering/ Scheduling/ Debt collecting
People law People allow you to be everywhere Time and mobility

Estimating Are you on time? Can you eliminate your waiting room? Will you pay fee back if patients must wait? If you do not know how long work will take you build a practice on LACK OF KNOWING and LACK OF CONTROL Enlightened Doctor doesn't estimate Exact/ Not inexactness

Going to work everyday knowing you will be late will make you sloppy a ship that will sink and suck you down with it. Sloppiness is thought and action Root of all frustrations Solution Clarity
How do you create exactness in an inexact world? Discover the exactness by refusing any work that cannot be controlled exactly

If you make estimates you are seen as unclear/ inexperienced/ inexact

System solution

Make a promise Intend Attention detail Integrity Consistency Consistency Results Results Hoped for Pride of ownership /Equity Freedom Life Back

Without Change No hope No true joy Not getting better Focus on what we have

Negative threat of loosing it

3 Types of people
1. Make things happen 2. Let things happen 3. Wonder what happened

We all received 24 hours TIME = Another word for your life TIME = Gift at birth = Ultimate asset What DO I want to do with my time (Life) Doctors = No preparation as managers = No time thinking, planning, new ideas

Just do it Just do it...........

Create a separate sense of self Understand your tasks as doctor/ manager/ entrepreneur Be open to change Do things differently Build Turnkey systems that you can franchise Connect the business entrepreneurial side with the practical medical side Failure leads to hate Nurses hate the system Doctors hate the nurses and nurses hate the doctors No one respects anyone

Tactical work Strategic work (Questions)

Why am I a doctor? What will my practice look like when Im gone? How must practice functions to compete successfully? What are the key indicators of my practice? What systems are in place?

Strategic Questioning Work What do you plan to do to create an exceptional business

Youre always reacting Something outside of you Practice runs you Employees run you Your patients run you Your life runs you No intentional decision No aim/ No purpose/ No vision No design for practice No design for your life

Act in advance You run the practice/systems You run your employees/ patients You control time You run your life Intentional decisions Everything from outside starts to serve you Design practice/ Life Market your product Product = Practice = YOU

Sir John Templeton and Gratitude

Mark Douglas Trading in the Zone

The market does not create the ways in which

you perceive it, it merely reflects what is going

on inside of you at any given moment

Makes you face what is inside you on a moment to moment basis

The market merely reflects your mental state and does not create any mental condition

Purpose of life Compelling future Job dissatisfaction First heart attack Worst situations Best Whatever happens You are larger than any situation Start saving a life today Enjoy life Not too serious Why do Angels fly? Because they take themselves lightly !!!

Maximizing your own potential What are your underlying thoughts

Subconscious perceptions
Psychodynamic underpinnings of your work

GREED comes from the limiting belief that there is never enough That there is lack in life and in this world.

To get back at the market

Anger Adversary/Non objective Market = Opponent Against market/ No inflow The market cannot take away from you what you do not allow

Do not sit in the wrong job for the rest of your life. Most people arent ________ enough to get fired and die a slow spiritual death over 30 - 40 years of tolerating the mediocre Timothy Ferriss. The four hour work week


Spiritual trading o (opposite of centered egoistic trading) Tummo trading


Tummo The art of inner fire/heat control

Tibetan men practice the art of inner heat

and cold control

What you feel and act on in these successions of movements put you directly into the moment. Now you act in the NOW moment

Successful trade Disciplined thoughts Disciplined rules Disciplined action

To apply Quantum hearing Multiply by dividing Intelligence/ Knowledge/ Learn quickly Industrial age
Einsteins Law E = mc

Information age

Law Information doubles every 18 months

You recognize pain and anxiety as part of trading

When you expect pain, anxiety and risk you transcend those feelings when you accept the risk (set your stop loss and determine the

risk) then you enter the state of NO MIND

Maximizing trading Recognize repetitive patterns and behaviour Let go of defences, denial, rationalization

Let go of EGO
Develop trading purpose (set goals) Commit to a vision Let go of self limitating beliefs



3. 4.

6. 7.

Desire Faith Love Sex Enthusiasm Romance Hope

3. 4.

6. 7.

Fear Jealousy Hatred Revenge Greed Superstition Anger

You live in the creative gap between your vision and where you are now Minimize your imperfections Maximize your potential You have a strategy You have a set of rules Trading is so simple. It is a fools game. You only have to follow a set of rules

The market is self fulfilling. You will always find what you are looking for Good or bad.

What is the Holy Grail of the market

When to get in and why? When to get out and why?

1. 2. 3. 4.

Trade without fear Perceive what market is offering Focussed in the Now moment

Enter the Zone flow

Making yourself available. Open yourself to all possibilities, the will happen next

Mental space
Collective consciousness Complete harmony

Ask Believe Receive

Positive Expectancy

Ask Written/precise/ clear/ no uncertainty/ no confusion Believe already yours/ childlike unequivocal/ unwavering belief (your faith is your greatest power) Receive Already received. Feel/ smell/ touch/ hear/ see ..... it with every fibre in your body/ gratitude

Inspired action = Manifestation/ Nature/ Time

Now moment/ Silent Watchers

State of inner connectedness High alert/ Aware/ Not thinking More awake Fully present Vibrational frequency of the energy field that gives life to the physical body Realm of the NO-MIND Gap between thoughts Feel your own presence Emotions/ Physical body/ Outer world becomes insignificant


Independence Trade independently Continuous ongoing process

Trading offers

Succession of moments in which you can

choose how to behave

Monetary gain is secondary To make the right call is primary then to execute the plan flawlessly time after time (over and over again) is paramount and a MUST Commitment Concentration Recovery Preparation for the next day Trust yourself Counter intuitive action

Proactive trading

Actively participate to loose and do nothing to stop loosing

Actively participate to enter a trade and actively participate to stop losses. To do nothing potential to loose everything Bet on a known outcome (stoploss) Need substantial information/ knowledge Preparation Active participation Limited predefined, predetermined risk Serious Planning Extreme discipline

Bet on an unknown outcome No information/ knowledge No preparation Passive participation Unlimited risk No planning No discipline

Mental trading 3rd level of trading Get rid of past memories Commit to a future goal by surrendering it When you surrender you trust a higher power

You refocus You give up the goal to nature and infinite intelligence You gain freedom

Thoughts Imagination Visualization Expectation Action Gratitude (Give thanks)

Do not focus on needing money = Lack of money


Sincere spiritual inner investigation/ analysis = Methodical discipline

Elizabeth Gilbert

Japa Mala = String of beads

108 Beads Perfect 3 = digit multiple of 3 Components add up to nine which is 3 x 3 3 = Supreme balance

Find balance Every japa mala has an extra special 109th bead = outside the balanced circle of 108

108 = 36 x 3 (12 x 3 = 36 )

E.g. 1

No potential to associate an opportunity with the past (that already exists in your mental environment) No past experience to

Get into Get out of Add to Detract

From a trade/ position

In the Now Moment

No suffering No fear/anxiety (future) No neurosis No comparisons (past) Start of being (not be) Eternal (no time frames) Still mind/ Preset/ Body

How do you put yourself in the now moment?

Zen Master: Rinzai

What at this moment is lacking If not now, when?

There is no greater obstacle to God than time Great Poet:


End of the mind as your MASTER This is the end of the false God You It is not finding God He was never lost Great stillness/ Sense of peace With peace/ Joy/ Love

Forgiveness is to offer no resistance to life... To allow life to live through you. The moment you truly forgive, you have reclaimed your power from the mind. The alternative of Non-forgiveness leads to
Pain Suffering Greatly restricted energy flow Depression Physical disease

The Devils workshop Old man/woman Worry Syndrome Disastrous Destructive Thinking 6 Losts of fear

Poverty Criticism Ill Health Loss of Love Old age Death

3 Aspects of nature

Measure Devotion Worldly enjoyment Devine transcendence

New Buddhists believe 2 forces that create an oak tree at some time First force


Second force

=Seed =Holds the promise and potential

Future tree itself =Wants so badly to exist =Pulls the acorn out of the void into being =Guiding the evolution from nothingness to maturity E.G 2

What is your QQS Rating?

Q Quality of service

Q Quantity of service
(All the service/All the time/Masses)

Spirit of service
(Habit/ Cooperation/ Constructive/ Pleasing/ Contribution/ Harmonious Conduct/ Love/ Compassion)

1. Perceptions of Market (Thoughts)

2. Opportunity perception (Positive Expectancy)

3. Discipline Development (Habits/ Your life)

4. Executing Flawlessly (Action/Manifestation)

Out of your belief system Financial blueprint (your world) Creation in your mind Many possibilities/ Alternatives You choose one in particular Thoughts, Feelings, Perceptions Environmental information Attention Focus You are powerless to change the market you can only change your mind... And the way you perceive the market

Fulfil your needs/ wants/ goals/ desires Express yourself/ creativity Freedom of expression Interact with the environment Grateful for your existence Create your life Relate your interdependence with Human Kind Define value system Rejoice cultural existence Security Personal ego boost Accumulate wealth

Reasons are irrelevant. Why? Express your -creativity -thoughts -need/ wants/ desires/ goals Flow of money in markets

Energy flow exchange of goods and services Highly specialized services Highly intellectual information expression and transfer Energy flow from the high to low

The most fundamental mental and cultural existence Money = Freedom of expression

Unlimited potential (Profit/ loss) Prices are in perpetual motion

River flow

Markets have no beginning and no end Unstructured environment Freedom = Unlimited environment Structure

Less accountability Less responsibility Less control

Free unstructured/ Unlimited market Structured/ Organized/ Responsible self


Lack of skills

Information Knowledge Apparatus Software Access

Limiting beliefs
Psychological make-up Financial blueprint Ego/control/fears

Lack of self discipline

Beliefs Emotions/Feelings Habits


No control over you No power over you



No expectation of your behaviour

No regard for your welfare Do not owe you anything



You cannot control the market BUT You can control yourself

You have the power to take away form the markets OR To give your money to the markets

Focus Money Management

1. 2. 3.

Position sizing Psychological Management Risk management (Stop losses)


of the mind as your master That is the end of the false god You It is not finding God He was never lost Great stillness/ sense of peace With peace/ joy/ love

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

The The The The The

Accredited Investor High income Qualified Investor Outside investor Sophisticated Investor Inside Investor (The Rich ____ money) Ultimate Investor Selling Shareholder

Is Investing/ Trading Risky?

Biggest risk is to be out of control of your mental state

To have liabilities No Assets Whos only source of income is their labour

If you try to avoid losses and risk and being wrong you create those losses because you focus on the negative

New Thinking Methodology

Not to avoid loss Create/ control/ determine the loss No guilt/ shame/ inadequacy/ pain/ fear/ psychological damage

Thoughts = Cause Everything Else = Effect Trade while you have positive joyful thoughts/Positive Expectancy Learn how to exchange your conscious mind to think positively Eliminate the conscious mind control over the subconscious mind and autopilot will take over

Taking control of yourself (myself) because it is the only place that investing really takes place anyway

Investing ultimately begins and ends with

taking control of yourself

It starts with a very personal decision a

mental choice

How to Master the Mind

Become aware of your thoughts (awareness process) Notice, noticing the thoughts (Spacious awareness) Quiet your mind (Inner stillness) Meditation (Listen) Control/ Master your thoughts (Habit formation) Let your thoughts become your vision (Visualize) Let your vision become your life (Manifest)

Negative thinking Negative expectancy Focus is on losing Dominant thought rules the day Like attracts like You can become what you think about Fear blocks your rational way of thinking Fear blocks your observation and objectivity Vibrations of mental forces are the finest and most powerful frequency of energy in existence

Risk and reward

Gambling = Betting on the unknown Investing = Betting on known possibilities Difference = Knowledge Quality of Information Planning Counting Experience Discipline Perfection execution
Known outcome (Predetermined profit/ loss)

No fear of loss

Investing is a PLAN Not a product/ not a procedure Setting Rich (wealthy) is automatic If you have a plan If you stick to the plan (discipline)

The market tends to be self fulfilling You will always find what you are looking for Medicine and Wealth Whether it is good or bad

The battle of the 2 wolves

Which wolf wins?

Analyze your personality Do not bring bad habits to the trading table The market will magnify it for you

Second step in Trading

To be disciplined

-Rules -Action

Trading =10% Skill 90% Emotion Left Brain Logical/Intellectual brain Knowledge stored Educated/ Learned/ Positive/ Productive Right Brain Creative brain Feelings/ Emotional brain Reprogram your brain to cut out the Right side with emotions. Trade with your Left brain Learned price movements against time

Everybody wants CONTROL

YES get your CONTROL Financial education Sources of information Your plan Your thoughts/ inner self Your mental state/ emotions Action/ execution

Do not even try to control the market

You could have the best trading plan,

information and execution systems, but if you bet to big youll blow out
Van K Thorp. Trade your way to Financial Freedom 2007


= = = = = = =

Current earnings Annual earnings Something NEW Shares outstanding Leader Institutional sponsorship Overall Market

Protective stop = Red Light You can go through it but not safely
Protective stop has 2 functions 1. Sets up maximum loss 2. Sets a benchmark to measure gains Risk: Reward: Ratio

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

7. 8.

Dollar (money) value stop Percent Retracement stop Volatility stop Channel breakout stop Moving average stop Support and Resistance stop Time stop Discretionary stop

Scientists say it only takes three repetitions to form a habit. If

you trade one, you will feel you know the market better than
the market knows itself. With pride, you will start to feel that you have now harnessed the market and figured out how it moves. You will start to feel happy, confident, and proud of your new trading breakthrough. A costly mistake most traders make is that they enter the market, instead of placing an actual protective stop-loss order to protect them in the market. Congratulations, you have just formed a new self destructive habit. WHY?
Jared Martinez.

If you follow your methodology

...and still you loose money... Then you are out of control Your emotions run your trading


Quit if things are tough Quit to cut losses Flexible with ever changing information Listen / follow the market Do not control

Never quit Losing is bad To be decisive Take control and charge To dictate

Stamp out uncertainty Want to be right all the time. Snatching profits

OK with uncertainty OK with risk OK to be wrong


3. 4. 5. 6.

The thought process How to evaluate yourself and understand and develop yourself How to respect and honour yourself How to plan/harness the mind and manifest money How to implement all these principles into trading Your relationship with life/ wealth and money

If you believe that you have to work hard to make money then you will only sort for jobs that involve a lot of effort Some people even believe they have to sacrifice their time, their health and their family to the cause of making money at all cost For some a MB degree is hard work for others it stands for Management by Absence
Timothy Ferriss. The remote control CEO.