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Tonights Agenda:
Introduction History of Light Therapy Light Energy and BioPhysics of Light Therapy Who uses light and How do we use it? Research and Testimonials A little more about why and how Avalon works The product Q&A

Naturopathic Medicine
First Do No Harm Treat the Whole Person Identify and Treat the Cause Use the Healing Power of Nature Doctor as Teacher Prevention A discipline of medicine requiring a doctorate level education similar to degree programs in allopathic medicine, but with a different world-view that focuses on healing rather than suppression of symptoms. Unlicensed in North Carolina, which means we are free to practice Naturopathic Medicine, but not to diagnose or treat any condition.
Licensed in 15 States (and D.C. and P.R.) as Primary Care.

85-90% of all dis-ease is caused by stress.

-National Institute of Health, 2009

95% of all dis-ease is caused by stress.

-National Institute of Health, 2010

We are all light deficient and this deficiency may be the source of our physical and emotional problems.
- Dr. John Ott
Light Therapy Pioneer

History of Light Therapy

600 B.C. - Ayurvedic Physician, Charaka Healing Using Sunlight
400 B.C. - Plato 300 B.C. - Euclid of Alexandria Theory of Light, Straight Line- measurable 965 A.D. - Al Hazen Scientific Work- Optics Basis for European Optical Research

1253 1619

Robert Grosseteste, Bishop of Oxford Wrote Cosmogony of Light- All matter is light

Descartes Theory was that light was motion later called, The Wave Theory of Light

1700- Isaac Newton Dissecting Light- Body of Light

1858 - Max Planck First to suggest Light=Photons=Energy Quantum Theory

1860- Michael Faraday Modern Field Theory 1876- Augustus Pleasanton Blue Light- relax glands, nervous system, organs

1878 Edwin Babbitt Developed Chromadisc for delivering light to body

1887- Seth Pancoast Red, Blue Light to stimulate and relax autonomic nervous system

1890- Nils Finson UV Light- TB 1904 Nobel Prize 1920s- Royal RIFE light and frequencies for bacteria, virus 1920s Dinshah Ghadiali Spectrachrome and Tonation system for the body Womens Issues Polarized Developed delivering light to

1920s Harry Spitler Developed 19 Syntonic Principles or effects of light on body & mind. His system delivered light to the eyes and brought whole autonomic nervous system into balance

1930 Dr. Auguste Rollier TB, Ulcers 1940 Emmitt Knott Blood *1950s Dr. Paul Nogier, M.D. 1960 Russian Space Agency Cosmonauts, Sleep, Bones, Muscles

1967 Endre Mester *1980s Semmelweis Univ., Budapest Mice-Cancer- Cells *1972 Dr. Thomas Dougherty Cancer *1974 Fritz Albert Popp Biophoton Field

1980 Marta Fenyo Immune system, Cellular, Acne

1983 Veterinary Medicine

1987 Theo Gimbel Color Therapy

*1989 Tiina Karu Cellular, DNA

1990 Stephen Vasquaz, PhD Psychotherapy *1997 Mary Bolles Autistic, Dyslexic children

1998 A.K. Gupta Leg Ulcers

*1998 T.L. Thomassen Tendonitis, Myofascial Pain

*1998 Dr. Kira Samoilova Cleaning Blood

2000 NASA, Marshall Space Center Hard to heal wounds, burns, ulcers, musculoskeletal injuries, human growth tissue

1990Present Light Therapy World Trials Pain, Burns, Wounds, Ulcers, Cell Benefits, Health & Well-Being *Today Harvard Medical School Cellular

Light Energy and Biophysics of Light Therapy

Energy is Everything! Everything is energy! Conservation of energy: energy is not created or
destroyed, only transformed

Matter is condensed light: E = Mc2 Light turns from a wave to a particle when it strikes the
atom, energizing it

Avalon pulses its lights at resonant frequencies that the

body uses to communicate on a cellular level.


E = Mc2 Matter = Energy / Speed of light Matter = Condensed Light


Matter = Energy = Vibration = Communication

All Matter Originates and Exists only by Virtue of Force which brings particle of the Atom to Vibration and Holds this Most Minute Solar Sistem of the Atom together. We must assume behind this that Force the Existence of a Conscious intelligent Mind. This Mind is the Matrix of All Mater! -- Max Planck


Electromagnetic Spectrum

Electromagnetic Radiation: Visible and Non-Visible


What we think an Atom looks like:


Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on Electrons


Light Usages Frequency Continuous and Pulsed

Continuous Pulsed

Avalon pulses its lights using a solid-state device. Lights pulse at the rate of Nogier Frequencies, Solfeggio Frequencies, Shumann Frequencies, Zeropoint Frequencies.

Frequency Specific
Nogier -- seven octaves of the musical note D that
are proven to activate cellular communication

Solfeggio -- octaves of the harmonic sounds tuned to

Gregorian Chants. Found to be incredibly healing.

Schumann -- resonant frequencies of the Earths bioelectric field. Floods our body with a coherent matrix.

Zero-Point -- aka Quantum frequencies that promote

healing and regeneration.


What is Light Therapy?

Medical/Veterinary Devices LED or Laser Diodes Hand held, portable or stationary Visible colorsblue, red, violet, green InvisibleUV, Infrared Can Shorten time to reach health goals Most researched: Infrared, red, blue

Who uses LED Light Therapy?

On every continent except for Antarctica, light therapy is being used on humans as well as animals. Just a sampling of who is using it:

Uses for Light Therapy

As well as

The hole was three quarters of an inch in diameter and to the bone. The second picture was after using light therapy equipment for three days, three times a day for 5-10 minutes each. The third picture was taken one week later!

A Young Mans Ankle Heals in 1 Week

A clients finger was black as death. After picture is 4 days after using light therapy for 30 minutes daily.

A 54 year-old housepainter was suffering from chemical and environmental exposure. Used light therapy twice per day for 20 minutes each. This change occurred after 3 days!

This patient had a fall from a ladder causing severe trauma to his nose. Progressive treatments were made using two light pads, with two 30 minute treatments per day for 4 days. The last photo is 8 days after treatments stopped.

This patient had suffered a stroke and was wheelchair bound. When her doctor took off her socks, he was shocked. Her feet were purple, deep cyanotic purple! This lady was going to lose those toes for sure! After one treatment, those same feet are depicted in the next frame. Note the indentations from the LED's.

The Navy Seals found that LED Light therapy pads assisted them in getting back in the field 44% quicker.

QuickTime an d a YUV420 codec decompressor are need ed to see this p icture .

QuickTime an d a YUV420 codec decompressor are need ed to see this p icture .

We direct our cells towards healthor illness.

-Dr. Bruce Lipton Cell Biologist

Anatomy of a Cell

hondria: The Cells Powerhouse

Light Activation on Mitochondria producing ATP



Stress Reduction - Neutrality Supports (Re)Generation of Blood

Vessels and Lymphatic Tissue


Clears Emotional and Energetic

Patterns - Cell Memory

Increases Circulation Promotes Overall Cell Regeneration Speeds Up Healing Process Detoxifies Body Systems

Increases ATP Production Stimulates Tissue Granulation

& Connective Tissue Projections

Stimulates Acetylcholine Release

Reduces Excitability of Nerve Tissue Decreases Local Pain & Numbness Reduces Inflammation

Increases Cellular Vibratory Level

Enhances Cellular Communication

Activates/Balances Glands of the
Brain & Lower Glands

Supports Release/Balanced

Rebalances Nerves, Entire Body,

Shifting Cell Polarity

So then
How does Light Therapy Reduce Pain and promote Systemic and Localized Benefits?


8-10 mm 3-4 mm


RED 640 nm


BLUE 430 nm

Pediatric Research: March 1996- Volume 39 Issue 3 pp 470-476

Visible and near infrared light pass through human bone and tissue in small amounts, and the emerging light can be used to form images of the interior structure of the tissue and measure tissue blood flow and oxygen utilization.

How do we know Nitric Oxide is involved?

Simple, we measure it.

Human Plasma Response to Light

(dose dependent; more diodes = better response)

University of Colorado School of Medicine

Vascularization Testing
Tests conducted by the manufacturer with a scanning Laser Doppler, which measures circulation at 1 to 2 millimeters (microcirculation). These tests demonstrate local circulation increases of 400% to 3200% after just one 20 min. session.

Red & Infrared Light Release Nitric Oxide from the Blood

Improves Circulation Increases New Capillaries

Stimulates Collagen
Increases Lymphatic Activity

Increases RNA-DNA Synthesis

Stimulates Fibroblastic Activity Increases Phagocytosis

Does Nitric oxide directly decrease pain? Nitric Oxide and Pain Relief
Ferreira SH, Duarte ID, Lorenzeti BB

The molecular mechanism of action of peripheral morphine analgesia: stimulation of the cGMP system via nitric oxide release.
Eur J Pharmacol 1991; 201: 121-122

Aspirin for pain!

Taubert D, Berkels R, Grosser N, et al.

Aspirin induces nitric oxide release from vascular endothelium: a novel mechanism of action
British Journal of Pharmacology 2004; 143: 159- 165

Who says nitric oxide may be important in wound healing?

Schaffer MR, Tantry U, Gross S., Wasserburg HL; Barbul A

Nitric oxide regulates wound healing

J Surg Res 1996 63: 237-240

Powell MW, Carnegie DH, Burke TJ.

Reversal of diabetic peripheral neuropathy with phototherapy (MIRE) decreases falls and fear of falling and improves activities of daily living in seniors.
Age Ageing, 2006; 35: 11-16

Overall, reversal of peripheral neuropathy in a clinicians office and subsequent use of light therapy at home was associated with a 78% reduction in falls, a 79% decrease in balancerelated fear of falling and a 72% increase in ADL (P< 0.0002 for all results)

Flu is caused by a virus and to date there are no known medications which directly influence propagation of viruses!

Nitric oxide and viruses (and pain) (you pick the virus)
Colasanti M, Persichini T, Venturini G, Ascenzi P.

S-nitrosylation of viral proteins: molecular basis for antiviral effect of nitric oxide
IUMBM Life 1999; 48: 25-31

Persichini T, Colasanti M, Fraziano M, Colizzi V, Ascenzi P, Lauro GM

Nitric oxide inhibits HIV-1 replication in human astrocytoma cells.

Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1999: 254: 200-2

Nitric oxide modulates fracture healing.

Diwan AD, Wang MX, Jang D, Zhu W, Murrell GA. J Bone MinerRes 2000; 15: 342-51

Modulation of tendon healing by nitric oxide.

Murrell GA, Szabo C, Hannafin JA, Jang D, Dolan MM, Deng XH, Murrell DF, Warren RF. Inflamm Res 1997; 46 19-27.

Infrared therapy releases Nitric oxide, locally, from RBC and endothelial cells
Nitric oxide
stimulates OSTEOBLASTS

Increases bone

Fibromyalgia Pain
Jeschonneck M, Grohmann G, Hein G, Sprott H

Abnormal microcirculation and temperature in skin above tender points in patients with fibromyalgia.

Rheumatology (Oxford) 2000; 39: 917-921

In addition, evidence strongly suggests a reduction in blood flow in the prefrontal cortex for ADHD individuals. This region can be likened to a braking region in the brain, in which inhibitory judgment and control of behaviors is thought to occur.
Therefore, under activity in this critical brain region, either via deficiency in blood flow or chemical signaling agents and processes is thought to reduce the ability of the individual to inhibit unwanted responses and behaviors. As a result, impulsive behavior, which is a hallmark characteristic of ADHD is more likely to occur if this brain region is underactive.

Static charge clumps RBCs together. Low NO levels.

After treatment, RBCs flow smoothly. 64


The Quantum Series Personal Wellness Pack

Eye Mask- Local Pad- Body Pad 6
Port ProController

Additional Straps Sanitary Liners- Protective

Eyewear Attractive Rolling Case Operations Manual

Professional Manual for Practitioners


Pain, Muscles, Soft Tissue, Gums, Wounds


Bones, Inflammation, Pain, Joints, Tendons, Teeth


Skin, Anti-Aging,

Rejuvenation, Moods


Structural issues

Energy production
Lymphatic congestion Vasodilation

RED= Stimulate Energy



Low Energy

BLUE= Soothe Calm



EYE MASK - 52 Red + 52 Blue = 104 LEDs AntiAging, Skin, Aches, Mood

LOCAL PAD - 60 Red + 72 Infrared = 132 LEDs Smaller Areas

BODY PAD - 120 Red + 144 Infrared = 264 LEDs Larger Areas


Quality and Quantity

1. Irvisium

Superflux Diodes-custom made Super Luminous Light Emitting Diodes 200,000 hours operating life- 22-23 years

2. Number of Diodes- 500 LEDs 3. Coverage Area-107 square inches-all 3 pads 4. Power ratings/diode: Red-5mw, Blue-5mw, Infrared-72 mw Total of 16,972 mw

ProController Channels
1) Cellular Balance, Hormonal Functions
2) Inflammation, Infections, Scar Tissue 3) Body Openings, Skin, Nerves, Pain, Ear, Eyes, Brain (All Tissues of Ectodermal Origin) 4) G.I. Tract, Liver, Lungs, Stomach, Pain, Mouth Lining, Gums, Teeth (All Tissues of Endodermal Origin) 5) Heart, Blood Vessels, Ligaments, Lungs, Lymphatics, Pain, Muscles, Bones, Joints, Reproductive Organs (All Tissues of Mesodermal Origin) 6) Lymphatics, Circulation, Plateaus 7) Pain, Calcifications

ProController Settings



Simple, easy to use controls Automatic and manual override settings A variety of frequencies to choose from for different applications.

Flexible pads with unlimited positioning

Portable; Travels well Soft, comfortable materials; Conforms easily to any body type Designed for specific body areas- Each pad is designed to be
used together at once

Supplies body with non-invasive healing light

Affordable; financing also available



Avalon Effect Products


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