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We commonly express a condition using an if-clause with a main clause.

Conditional sentences often categorised as:
Zero First Second: if condition (past simple) + result (would+ base verb) Third

The second conditional is a structure used for talking about unreal situations in the present or in the future. The important thing about the second conditional is that there is an unreal possibility that the condition will happen.
Unreal situations


A second conditional sentence consists of two clauses, an "if" clause and a main clause:
If Clause Main Clause

If I had a million pounds,

I would buy a big house.

If the "if" clause comes first, a comma is usually used. If the "if" clause comes second, there is no need for a comma:
Main Clause I would buy a big house If Clause if I had a million pounds.

If I had a million pounds, I would buy a big house.

I would buy a big house if I had a million pounds.

We use different verb forms in each part of a second conditional:

if clause
if + subject + simple past verb*

main clause
subject + would*+ verb

*Note Verb To Be:

that this "simple past" form is slightly different from usual in the case of the verb TO BE.

Whatever the subject, the verb form is usually "were":

Ex: If I were rich, I'd buy a big

Modal verbs:
Instead of would we can use other modal verbs such as might, should, could:
Ex: If I knew her name, I should tell you.

The second conditional is used to talk about things which are unreal (not true or not possible or unlikely).

In the present or the future - things which don't or won't happen:

I am not you, If I were you, I This is unreal. would drive more carefully in the rain.

Jan will not leave, Paula would be sad if That's not going Jan left. to happen.

Dogs don't have If dogs had wings, they would wings, be able to fly. That's impossible.

If I lost my job, I don't lost my I would find life job, very difficult That's impossible.

1- If he were a young man, he ________ able to walk faster.

A - is B - Was C - will be D - would be

2 - We'd be on the beach if we ________ in Mexico!

A are B were C will be D would be

3 If smoking were allowed, I ________ a cigarette.

A have B had C will have D would have

4 If there ________ no mosquitoes, there would be no malaria.

A is B are C was D were

E would be

5 If her hair were black, she ________ completely different.

A look B looks C will look D would look

6 If I ________ a penny for every can of Coca-Cola I've drunk in my life, I would be rich!
A have B had C will have D would have

7 He's so stupid! If he ________ an animal, he would be a sheep.

A is B are C was D were

E would be

8 We don't mind camping, but if we ________ enough money, we ________ in a hotel.

A would have ... stayed B have ... stayed C had ... would stay D had ... stayed

9 We would learn a lot from dolphins if they ________.

A could talk B can talk C talk D will talk

10 If the weather ________ better, we ________ to the park.

A were ... will go B were ... would go C is ... would go D was ... go

If I were a carpenter by Johnny Cash and June Carter...

Johnny Cash: If I were a carpenter And you were a lady, Would you marry me anyway? Would you have my baby?

June Carter: If you were a carpenter, And I were a lady, I'd marry you anyway. I'd have your baby."

If I were a Sail Boat by Kati Melua is full of second conditionals:

We are now going to listen to this song and complete the exercises