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According to ISO Surroundings in which an organization operates, including air, water, land, natural resources, flora, fauna, humans, and their interrelation.

Sustainability refers to the extent that an organizations operations and actions protect, mend, and preserve rather than harm or destroy the natural environment.

Human point of view sustainability of our planet

Fresh Air

Clean Water

Allow us to have high quality of life forever

Produce Food


Sustainability report
A sustainability report is an organizational report that reveals how the firms operations impact the natural environment.

Be supplied 100 Percent by renewable energy

Broad Sustainability Goals

Create zero waste


Few words from sustainability report of Wal-Mart

Sustainability continues to make us better company by reducing waste, lowering cost, driving innovation, increasing productivity, and helping us fill full our mission of saving people money so they can live better.

Obama Regulations
Imposing strict regulations requires firms to conserve energy Federal Govt buildings refitted with energy efficient improvements Investment in clean technologies Use of solar energy and wind energy Seattle-based verdiem corporation

Managing Environmental Affairs in the Firm

Managers must formulate strategies that preserve and conserve natural resources and control pollution Environmental strategies could include Developing or acquiring green businesses Divesting or altering environment-damaging businesses Striving to become a low-cost producer through waste minimization and energy conservation Pursuing a differentiation strategy through green product features

Advantages of sustainability
Use resources more efficiently improves productivity and enhances reputation Enhance customer, supplier and community relationships Low cost producer Create a competitive advantage through different green product features

Strategic Management Process

Make policies to achieve objectives Developing green businesses, Divesting or 1. Strategycorporate governance Create Formulation altering environment damaging business Is every thing going as results Give bonuses to achieve good planned? 2. Strategy Implementation values in mission Incorporate environmental Means are also important 3. Strategy evaluation statement Establish environmentally oriented objective Making strategies that prevent pollution