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Roll No:- AH-500000 MBA ( Banking & Finance) 2ND Semester

Observation, Experimentation and simulation


Apart from the efforts of me, the success of this project depend largely on the encouragement and guidelines of many others. As well as thank the people who took the time to participate in this study.

Important Angles related to the topic Observation, Experimentation and simulation has been discussed in details. I chose Almaida Pizza Garden for particle study.

Important Sub Topics

Introduction Data collection methods Practical study of the organization

SWOT analysis
Conclusion Recommendation References


What is Observation
A method of data collection in which the situation of interest is watched and the relevant facts, actions, behaviors are recorded.

Types of observation
Participant and Non Participant observation Structured and Unstructured observation
Controlled and Non Controlled observation

What is experiment
An experiment involves the creation of an artificial situation in order that the researcher can manipulate one or more variables at the same time controlling all of the other factors and measuring the resultant effects.

Determine the problem

Formulation of hypothesis

Write the necessary steps

Observe the experiment's progress

Draw conclusions

A study in which the conditions of a system or process are replicated.

Data collection

1. Books 2. Internet 3. Meet with Saad Majd is a restaurant general manager of Almaida Pizza Garden branch

Practical Study of Organization

Almaida Pizza Garden

History of Almaida Pizza Garden

Started with one restaurant in Pakistan in 2003 has grown to more than 11 restaurants in Pakistan. They have variety of food items such as Chicken Deals, Burgers, Arabian Rice, Nuggets, French fries, pizza, and a refreshing drinks & More. There head office is situated in Karachi. They have 4 branches which are situated in Faisalabad, Sialkot, Bahawal Pur and Sargodha. There upcoming branches are under construction at Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Gujaranwala and Rahimyar Khan.

Observation & Experimentation in Almaida Pizza Garden

They set standards to monitor their performance. Almaida Pizza Garden should conduct timely observation by following the set standards through check list. The regional restaurant general manager compile and the evaluate result of check lists and implement the result according to current condition. Regional restaurant general managers decision are vary from branch to branch. They conduct experimentation in food items to maintain and improve the customer satisfaction level.

SWOT analysis

Almaida Pizza Garden done proper research work in market to increase the sale of their food items They conduct timely observation which plays a very important role in Almaida Pizza Garden s success Almaida Pizza Garden has a learning environment for employee development and customer satisfaction

Lack of proper and effective experimentation of different levels as compare to other restaurants Lack of innovative products research Late response of home delivery service

Low price of food items as compare to other restaurants so Almaida Pizza Garden has better position to increase the sale of food items

Increasing foreign pizza restaurants the country in

Stronger financial position of other pizza restaurants

After conducting detailed research on Almaida Pizza Garden , I concluded that Almaida Pizza Garden is maintaining its product quality according to the international standards. Almaida Pizza Garden know that observation and experimentation are important in running business successfully

Almaida Pizza Garden should focus on remote areas of the country
Employees need more training to improve customer services There is a need to conduct observation according to changing Scenario