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Apa itu “ISO 9000”?
ISO 9000 adalah suatu standar sistem manajemen mutu yang dikeluarkan oleh organisasi internasional THE INTERNATIONAL ORGANSIZATION FOR STANDARDIZATION. ISO diambil dari kata “isos” (bhs Yunani) yang artinya sama atau sepadan. Oleh karena itu disebut juga standar.

Apa itu “ISO 9001”?
ISO yang mempersyaratkan instansi yang memiliki sistem manajemen yang terdokumentasi. Terdokumentasi maksudnya tertulis dalam media kertas atau komputer yang memenuhi persyaratan ISO 9001. Dokumen Mutu

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Kebijakan Mutu & Sasaran Mutu
Pedoman Mutu Prosedur Mutu Petunjuk Kerja Dokumen Pendukung Rencana Mutu


Definisi Kebijakan Mutu : “Pernyataan resmi manajemen puncak (Top Management) mengenai tujuan dan arah kinerja mutu (quality performance) organisasi” (ISO 9001) 3 .

Kebijakan Mutu : (1)Harus terdokumentasi (tertulis) yg mengatakan bahwa dokumentasi system manajemen mutu harus mencakup:    Pernyataan Kebijakan Mutu (Quality Policy) Sasaran Mutu (Quality Objectives) Manual Mutu (Quality Manual) 4 .

(2)Kebijakan Mutu (Quality Policy) harus memuat kata "komitmen untuk memenuhi persyaratan dan terus-menerus memperbaiki efektifitas system manajemen mutu" organisasi (3)Kebijakan Mutu (quality policy) juga harus dikomunikasikan di dalam organisasi tsb untuk dipahami. selain juga harus ditelaah ulang (direview) untuk menjaga kesesuaian kebijakan mutu (quality policy) dengan perkembangan organisasi 5 .

W. Edwards Deming’s Quality Principles 6 .

PDCA 7 .

8 .

9 .

DEMING’S FOURTEEN POINTS "Create a constancy of purpose" Define the problems of today and the future Allocate resources for long-term planning Allocate resources for research and education Constantly improve design of product and service 10 .

DEMING’S FOURTEEN POINTS "Adopt the new philosophy" Quality costs less not more Superstitious learning The call for major change Stop looking at your competition and look at your customer instead 11 .

DEMING’S FOURTEEN POINTS "Cease dependence on inspection" Quality does not come from inspection Mass inspection is unreliable. and ineffective Inspectors fail to agree with each other Inspection should be used to collect data for process control 12 . costly.

DEMING’S FOURTEEN POINTS "Do not award business based on price tag alone" Price alone has no meaning Change focus from lowest initial cost to lowest total cost Work toward a single source and long term relationship Establish a mutual confidence and aid between purchaser and vendor 13 .

continue to reduce waste and continue to improve Putting out fires is not improvement of the process 14 .DEMING’S FOURTEEN POINTS "Improve constantly the system of production and service“ Quality starts with the intent of management Teamwork in design is fundamental Forever.

15 .DEMING’S FOURTEEN POINTS "Institute training" Management must provide the setting where workers can be successful Management must remove the inhibitors to good work Management needs an appreciation of variation This is management's new role.

DEMING’S FOURTEEN POINTS "Adopt and institute leadership" MBO's Work standards Meet specifications Zero defects Appraisal of performance Replace with leadership Leaders must: Remove barriers to pride of workmanship Know the work they supervise Know the difference between special and common cause of variation 16 .

DEMING’S FOURTEEN POINTS "Drive out fear" The common denominator of fear The fear of knowledge Performance appraisals Management by fear or numbers 17 .

DEMING’S FOURTEEN POINTS "Break barriers among staff areas" Know your internal suppliers and customers Promote team work 18 .

exhortations. and targets” They are directed at the wrong group They generate frustration and resentment Use posters that explain what management is doing to improve the work environment 19 .DEMING’S FOURTEEN POINTS "Eliminate slogans.

DEMING’S FOURTEEN POINTS "Eliminate numerical quotas" They impede quality They reduce production A person's job becomes meeting a quota 20 .

DEMING’S FOURTEEN POINTS "Remove barriers" Performance appraisal systems Production rates Financial management systems Allow people to take pride in their workmanship 21 .

DEMING’S FOURTEEN POINTS "Institute a program of education and selfimprovement" Commitment to lifelong employment Overtime and education Work with higher education of needs Develop team building skills in children 22 .

DEMING’S PRINCIPLE "Take action to accomplish thetransformation" Management must: Struggle over the fourteen points Take pride in the new philosophy Include the critical mass of people in the change Learn and use the Shewhart cycle 23 .

Mobility of management 5. Excessive medical costs 7. merit rating. Lack of constancy of purpose 2.SEVEN DEADLY DISEASES 1. Running a company on visible figures alone 6. Excessive costs of warranty. fueled by lawyers who work for contingency fees 24 . Emphasis on short-term profits 3. or annual review of performance 4. Evaluation by performance.

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