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Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics, and a career in crises

Group 3B

Dynamic Displays
Founded in 1990,

1994, Launched a new division for travel and hospitality industry

Revenue was generated from Travel & Hospitality division 2007, captured 60% o the market share Customer base included Regional, National and international carriers, and hotels and car rental agencies

Why Dynamic Displays??

Reduced costs through various strategies like web check ins Improved customer services

Shortened passenger wait times

Provided valuable information to travelers

Thomas Green
Was recruited in 2007, for the position of executive in southeast territory

for travel and hospitality division

Had informal and intense connections with Shannon McDonald, the division Vice president

McDonald noticed his enthusiasm and work commitment

Later he was promoted to the position of senior market specialist, despite the lack of managerial experience which McDonald confronted to Green as his weakness


Green rebels against Davis, when he proposed unrealistic sales goals Davis gets upset with Greens open challenge in the meeting Davis complaints to McDonald that Green does not have a wider perspective


Frank Davis first feedback to Green

Green was not able to provide the information about the charts and other details that Davis required Not providing the information about the schedule to Davis

Role Incompatibility
Green thought that it was because of the questioning by him in the Budget Plan meeting

Identity Related differences

Davis emailed McDonald and Green the entire feedback and communication with Green

Frustration Conflict & Interpersonal Conflict


Three Months Later:

Green started working on project independently where he met different clients Thomas worked great when it comes to generating ideas, but weak when hard facts needs to be presented, the same problem Davis faced about Green Informally Green used to admit his uncomforts with Davis Green avoided interactions with Davis during work

Performance Feedback, Jan 28

Davis felt deficiencies in Greens work Emailed McDonald hi s issues with Green without putting Green in notification

What Next ?
Green got preoccupied in his job and meeting the expectations of his boss McDonald Could not focus on office politics Green felt he had no allies in the company Since McDonald supported his promotion, he feels that Davis wants to fire him

Compromising Approach (Assertiveness, Cooperative) Partial satisfaction for both parties Need to stop blaming each other

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