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Introduction On HiArc EHR www.hiarcehr.

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HiArc EHR Software

High-powered web-based EHR Improve your practices efficiency Save you time, hassle, and money

Powerful and easy-to-use EHR

Meaningful Use incentives

Optimize your work flow.

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Features Provided By

HiArc EHR Software

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Innovative Health Record

EHR System with Integrated dictation and

transcription feature.

Experience new levels of efficiency and

productivity with our integrated dictation

and transcription feature.

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EHR Meaningful Use

Meaningful Use Incentives HITECH Act, the federal government created extensive cash incentives to encourage medical practices to switch to an Electronic health record with 2009s HITECH act. HiArcs team of experienced medical language specialists in the medical transcription business help to typein patient information. Meaningful Use Requirement HiArc EHR is ONC-ATCB certified and guaranteed to help you satisfy 15 core Meaningful Use objectives and 5 of 10 possible menu objectives and grant you your incentives.

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HiArc EHR is Affordable

Free EHR services are ad-supported, and are able to stay profitable by selling anonymized patient data for targeted ads. HiArc EHR system has no installation or hardware fees and will never sell any of your data to advertisers. HiArc is software as a service (SaaS), which means that our system is on-demand. There are no contracts to sign, no commitments, and all of our services are included in our simple $100/month fee.

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HiArc EHR Reduces overhead Eligible hospitals must meet 14 core objectives and 5 menu objectives. HiArc EHR is ONCATCB certified and guaranteed to help you satisfy these objectives and grant you your incentives.

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Intuitive Other EHRs force users to pay extensive fees for initial hardware setup and sign lengthy contracts that cost thousands. Free EHR services are ad-supported, and are able to stay profitable by selling anonymized patient data for targeted ads. Simple

HiArc is entering the market at a crucial time as stimulus incentives

begin to go out. What this means for you is that HiArc has been built on a rock-solid foundation. Other EHRs tout their long history,

but these systems had to be hastily updated to conform to new

standards, leaving them bloated and clunky.

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HiArc is software as a service (SaaS), which means that it is entirely web-based with cloud

What SaaS means for you ? No software installations No servers or hardware to buy or maintain No IT staff to employ

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Cross-platform HiArc is entirely cross-platform and available on all operating systems and browsers. Accessible anywhere, all you need to use HiArc is an internet connection. Each HiArc user will have their own separate, safe, and secure url to access their EHR. HiArc can be used from anywhere, anytime, allowing you to access crucial information away from the office or on the go.

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HiArc is a fully-featured, multi-use system designed to improve your efficiency and propel your practice forward. HiArc does so much more: - Tracks patients from appointment to discharge - Access and share schedules and calendars - Transmit prescriptions by fax or e-prescribe. - Electronic lab ordering and lab result retrieval - Send and receive lab tests

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- Track lab order status - Electronic faxing to providers and patients - Works with speech recognition software Created with the latest technology HiArc has been developed atop the latest technologies like Web 2.0, JavaScript/AJAX, and was built using JAVA6 architecture. What this means for you is that HiArc is the fastest, most advanced and flexible EHR on the market.

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Money Saver
HiArc has been designed not only to earn you incentives, but to save you money by improving

your efficiency and speed and giving you more time for more appointments.
Integrated dictation and transcription capability

Spend your time the way you want with HiArcs dictation and
transcription feature. Instead of typing in patient information by hand or selecting from templates, simply dictate your notes.

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Intuitive interface

Our system has been refined and built from the ground up on a solid foundation. HiArc is intuitive,
user-friendly, stable, fast, and ready to help you work most effectively and efficiently.

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Strong foundation, flexible future


HiArc has been designed and built upon the newest federal requirements and regulations. HiArcs development on the newest technology also allows us to customize your HiArc experience. Free updates and support HiArc is fully supported and will be delivered updates at no extra fee. HiArc know how important it is to keep up with rapidly changing rules and regulation and are happy to deliver updates and tech support at no extra cost.

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Ultimate security, ultimate reliability HiArc is fully HIPAA complaint and complete with advanced security and encryption measures so ensure a safe and secure experience online.

HiArc works with HTTPS in conjunction with 128 and 256 bit encryption. What this means for you and your practice is that

you and your patients data will be safe and secure in our servers.

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Easy interfacing One of the main benefits of adopting an EHR is the standardization of records. What results is

more efficiency, less medical overlap, improved patient care and coordination, and fewer
expenses for unnecessary procedures. Standardized medical records

A uniform standard for medical records, care and patient services

between medical service providers will be coordinated, reducing unnecessary procedures, saving money, and safeguarding against

medical errors.

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HiArc Standards Conformance

HiArc has been certified by the ONC-ATCB after rigorous testing to satisfy Meaningful Use objectives.

HiArc also conforms to:

ANSI X12 (EDI) Translation protocols for transmitting billing data for insurance eligibility CDA R2 HL7 Clinical Document Architecture for recording and displaying patient charts CCD HL7 Continuity of Care Document standard CPT4 Procedure Codes CVX Immunization Codes HL7 2.3.1 Messaging and text communication between EHR and hospital record systems HL7 v3 Terminologies ICD9 Disease coding, ICD 10 ready

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LOINC Online lab orders PQRI Submitting quality measures NCPDP Online E-Prescriptions NDC Drug codes RxNorm Drug terminologies SNOMED CT Clinical terminologies

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