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Michael Jackson, being an African American found it really hard to receive TV coverage on MTV.

However, with the pressure that CBS records were giving MTV they began showing his first solo music video was the first music video that Michael Jackson aired on MTV. It is the second single from the singer's sixth solo album, Thriller. It was written and composed by Michael Jackson and produced by him and Quincy Jones.
The last music video made from the Thriller album was The video was released on November 30, 1982, it was a short film that often memorable because of the chorography and the zombies. Also it has been named the most successful music video ever by Guinness World record.

Followed by which was the produced by Quincy Jones and Jackson. It is the third single from the singer's sixth solo album, Thriller.

These two .. Videos help other black American musicians become more noticed and additionally help MTV grow.

After the success of the album Thriller, five year later was an 18 min music video directed by Martin Scorsese. This video featured actor Wesley Snipes, it may have added to why the song was number 1 in billboard 100 and remained top of the chart for another two weeks

was a song and video that was released outside of the United States and Canada. Yet it was still a success as it was number one and two in Spain and the United Kingdom. Additionally the video was nominated for 4 billboard awards and won three, along with the Golden Lion award for special effects. Lastly in 1990 he won the a Grammy for best music video. Additionally, he made music videos for Man in mirror and The way you make me feel. These two videos were also a success.

was when Michael Jackson introduce his new dance known as anti-gravity lean. The single alone sold over 7.5 million copies.

Black and white. This video was shown in 27 countries with an estimated 500 million people, this is potentially know as the most viewing ever music video. Being the first video to use morphing it developed the use of such technology for music videos.

In the closet featured model Naomi Campbell who was at the peak of her profession at the time. Their courtship dancing made this video Michael Jacksons most sexiest music video. It was banned in South Africa because of that.

Remember the time is a 9 min music video, also known as a short film. The video was set in locations in Egypt and featured celebrity guess such as Eddie Murphy Iman and Magic Jackson. It is often remembered because of the visual effects used.

Scream. This was the first video that featured

Janet and Michael performing together since his solo career, also it is known as the most expensive music video Michael Jackson ever made. In 1995 the video was nominated 11 times for MTV video music award, which is was more than any other music video. However, it won best dance video, best choreography and best art direction. A year later it won a Grammy for best music video and was in the Guinness world record for the cost of the video ($7 million)

We are the world. This charity single was written by Michael and Lionel Richie. Numerous awards was won such as three Grammy awards , an American music award and a people choices award.

Earth Song. Released in 1997 but was premiered in 1996s Cannes Film festival. The video used special effects and won a Grammy nomination for best music video.

Ghost. This is the longest music video music and holds the title in the Guinness world record, it lasted for 38 minutes. It is recognised for it special effects and fantastic choreography.

You rock my world. The video, which is fourteen minutes long, and features Chris Tucker which added a sense of comedy and therefore make the video memorable.

Hold my hand. Although the song was recorded by Akon and Jackson, they did not appear in the music video instead they hired fans of all ages who were seen hold hand to show a sense of togetherness. The song was an international top 20 hit in nations such as Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom. This was the last music video that MJ record before his death.