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Pre-Marriage Counseling

You are all gathered here today for Pre-Marriage Counseling. We will be discussing about the usual concerns of married couples. Our interactions today would be more meaningful if you will actively participate in the discussions. We encourage you to ask questions to clarify things/issues which are unclear to you. Are you ready?

I see that you are now read, so lets start. By the end of this module, you will be able to: 1. Tell each others name, and 2. Appreciate the importance of Pre-Marriage Counseling

Content Outline
Following is the outline of the lesson. Write the topics on a brown paper and show the counselees. This module includes the following: a. Getting acquainted b. The PMC Program. Background and Rationale

Since we will be interacting with each other for the whole day, it would be nice to know more about each other first. And we will do this while singing Leron Leron Sinta to the tune of Those Were The Days. Please stand, everybody, lets put away the chair so you can have more space to move around. I will first sing and demonstrate the actions, then you follow. At the start, each couple will be facing each other and then you will switch partners by the end of each round song.

Leron Leron Sinta

Leron, Leron Sinta Buko ng papaya Dala dalay buslo Sisidlan ng sinta Pagdating sa dulo nabali ang sanga LA la la la la Humanap ng iba
Couple facing each other

hands raised and swaying

Put hands on the level of bossom like cradling a baby Raise right hand then drop it abruptly Turn around and exchange partners

When you are with a new partner, ask his/her name: the name of his/her fianc and from where the are. Try to remember as many names of your cocounselees as possible. The one who remembers the most names will get a prize. Are you ready? Ok. START..

The PMC Program: Rationale and Background

Now that we have been introduced, let us clarify why you are here. What do you know about Pre-Marriage Counseling.

Pre-Marriage Counseling or PMC is a one day orientation program for couples applying for marriage license. It is designed to provide pre-marriage couples with a realistic overview of what marriage is all about.
Why is this orientation important?

The obvious answer to why we conduct pre-marriage counseling is because we put a lot of value on Marriage.
Marriage is the initial step in the formation of families. Family is the basic unit of the society. Groups of families comprise communities and the country as a whole. Families, therefore, are building blocks of countries. Marriage is a crucial step in the sense that it marks the time when a man and a woman agree to live together, commit themselves and vow to love and cherish each other until death. Marriage also signals for the couple their entry into a new world and concomitantly, their assumption of new roles and new responsibilities.

Marriage is a lifetime career and vocation. Unlike other vocations for which individuals study and prepare for a period of ten to twenty years, there is no course which teach couples the how tos of marriage life. Couples are expected, instead, to learn from their marital experiences in a trial and error at best, with someone guidance and advice from some caring people.