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Customer Satisfaction, Retention and Engagement strategy for Apollo Hospitals Dhaka.


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Company Background Apollo hospitals

Launched through the association between Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited and STS Holdings Limited Started its operation on April 16, 2005 Mission -To bring healthcare of international standards within the reach of every individual.
Committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in education, research and healthcare for the benefit of humanity.

Vision To be recognized as a health care industry leader,

Valued by patients and healthcare providers, Respected by the health care community, Sought after as an employer and admired by competitors.

Customer Satisfaction

Champions & Desperados

Corporate Patients Business executives who prefer paying more to get more, Price insensitive patients Patients who could not get the service in any other hospital e.g. Neurological patients

Patients who are forced to have tests at the hospital at a higher price which are sometimes unnecessaryusually very price sensitive patients Wrongfully diagnosed patients Who think they are being charged more than they should be.

Sources of Dissatisfaction
Very expensive
Unannounced raise in price of pathological tests
Better service to the Corporate customers than the ordinary ones.

Patients are sometimes put to ICU even though its not necessary
Patients are not discharged by the hospital easily (by the hospital authority) Doctors pressure to get the tests done from the hospital labs instead of having them done elsewhere
Some patients also complain that the doctors do not come on time

Satisfaction Action Plan

Different packages and facilities according to the affordability of the patients

Informing the patients beforehand through a phone call or an SMS if a doctor is supposed to be late

Flexibility in recommendin g places to get any tests done (without affecting the patients health)

The rate for the tests should be matched to those of the other hospitals and any increase in the fees should be justified by the authority

Strict regulations and instructions on at what conditions patients should not be released with doctors permission

Customer retention

Customer Retention Portfolio

Desperado Stay Prisoner Passive Settler Champions Loyal

1. Neurological patients 2. Who cannot afford to go abroad 3. Bashundhara people who are bound in emergencies 4. For some specific doctors who only see patients at Apollo
Defect Runaway 1. People faced with wrong diagnosis and mistreatments from the hospital, switch to other hospitals since it is a sensitive service

1. Bashundhara people who find it convenient to stick with Apollo 2. Top executives from various companies who get subsidized treatment offers of Apollo from their organizations
Switcher 1. When the settlers move from Bashundhara 2. When top executives switch their organization.

1. Corporate patients 2. More for more value seekers, who do not care about the high price

Adventurer 1. Sensitive sectors: patients always seeking more reliable service e.g. orthopedics patients 2. For a specific doctor serving at another hospital

Retention Action Plan

Prisoners & Settlers to Loyal Ensure the best quality of service and treatment not only in Bashundhara but also in the city. Make sure patients do not have to wait long for doctors especially the critical ones. Try to cut down the price without compromising with the service quality Develop branches of Apollo Hospital in areas outside Bashundhara Hospital employees and doctors will be penalized for any mistake in diagnosis or treatment and the patients fees will be returned and served again free of cost Research and development emphasis on departments like Bones & Joint Centre for which patients prefer other hospitals

Switchers to Loyal Runaways to Loyal

Adventurers to Loyal

Customer engagement

Customer Engagement Portfolio

Negatively Engaged
NonCustomers Customers

Positively Engaged Advocates




Customer Engagement Portfolio

Dissatisfied customers with the service or treatment Those who think Apollo charges much higher in comparison to their service provided



Whose relatives or acquaintances were mistreated and they badmouth about the hospital Those who do not prefer Apollo as they think treatment is highly expensive and they are vocal about their opinion

Customer Engagement Portfolio

Loyals of the hospital Who value the good environment regardless of the high cost usually patients insensitive of the price Corporate Patients



Whose family members or relatives received good quality treatment Who have had good experiences while visiting friends and family Those who appreciate the international level atmosphere and reputation of Apollo even though they have never been patients

Action Plans for Customer Engagement

Getting feedback from customers about how to improve their service experience

Creating membership cards for loyal and regular patients

Additional services for patients who stay for a long time

Action Plans for Customer Engagement

Providing treatment to poor patients free of cost by opening booths outside the hospital once a week

Foods at a discounted price from the cafeteria for the family members of the patients

Creating awareness regarding high quality healthcare among people

Make sure that no mistreatment should occur to the patients.

MDC framework


Mobilize our employees from top level management to lower level employees by providing them with a shared objective which is keeping our commitment while serving people.

Holding meeting once in every three months to remind every employee of the objective and make sure that the objective of satisfying, retaining and engaging customers is being fulfilled.

We have to make sure that whoever is involved with this organisation shares the same objective to serve customers.

MDC framework


We have already detected the sources of dissatisfaction to the customers.

We can lower the price of our service so that we can serve a large number of people.

If any doctor comes in late then we would like to provide 50% discount to the charge that has been made to get the service on time.

MDC framework

We will have open communication where the customers can share their point of views and so that they get a chance to have a direct conversation with us.

We would have hotline or let them fill up a comment form through which the customers can tell us what they dislike about our service.

MDC framework
We will train the employees to pay attention to the complaints made by the customer and try to solve it immediately so that we can have loyal customers.
We can also do some CSR activities i.e. providing poor people with clothes in winter and giving the poor children free medication so that we engage both customers and non-customers which very important for any type of organisation.

Though Apollo Hospital has already been an established hospital in the town, yet they can attract more patients by implementing specific customer satisfaction, retention and engagement plan. These plans will bring good for both the patients and hospitals resulting in higher revenue for the hospital and creating higher values to patients.

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