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Wide Area : 44,06 km2 Population : 505.153 (at the night), 1.

8 Miliion (at the day) Density : 1.599 people/km2 Resources : Services, Urban Heri tages, Cultures.

The Challenges: Solving slums, squatters and improving peoples welfare

for Housings (Private land)


In Existing Sites


Street Vendors & Shelters from restricted sites


(state land/public space) -illegal shelters - street vendors


IMPROVEMENT - Public toilets

- Infrastructures & Facilities -Public Spaces - Urban Forest

Waras : Kesehatan

Wasis : Pendidikan Wareg : Mata pencaharian Mapan : Ruang Publik Papan : Tempat Tinggal

1. Eco-Cultural City 2. The Future City is beyond the Past 3. The City of MICE (Meetings, Investments, Conventions and Exhibitions).

City Vision and Missions

City Vision : Eco Cultural City, City Missions :
1.To 2.To 3.To 4.To 5.To 6.To 7.To 8.To which means; Improve peoples welfare and develop city based on Spirit of Solo as Cultural City. (especially for Low income people) empower and improve peoples economy. develop ethics and cultural value. strengthen city character; improve and broaden education and health services. improve labour work access. create investment climates. improve City Infrastructures and facilities. promote City - Brand Images;

Social Services Improvements:

1. Education for All: Subsidy for Low Income Communities to education acces (from elementery High School), School Building Rehabilitasion, Develop Teaching Factory, Capacity Building for Teachers). 2. Health Services: Subsidy for Low Income Communities, Capacity Building for Community Health Center to reach ISO 9001:2000, Build Own City Hospital. 3. Micro Economic Empowerment: Generate New Jobs for Low Income People (Night Market, Cullinary Area, Trades Centers), Credit Access/Soft Loans, Free License, Capacity Building).

Monjari public park occupied by 989 street vendors in 2005

traffic jam and unorganized traffic

Garbages was around & inside monument

riot, violence, unclear target, less communication

Set up Vendors Area Set up Vendors Clusters Tents Relocation Shelters Pushed Charts

Availability of Space Type of Trades Time of Activities Size / Amounts of Trades

Provide the prospective area Create the street vendors zone Facilitate with a free kiosk Facilitate with equipments to run their business Issue free business permit and others Facilitate with soft loan

Vendors and Government Discussion

March of hopes and happiness ha

For automotive section, sales have increased up to 400% from sales in Monjari

Sheltering the vendors in more than 25 streets in Solo




free kiosks and uniform shelter


uniform cooking wear

unorganized street vendors & traffic jam

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Tahun 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

APBD 732.622.437.640 799.442.931.600 828.634.956.000 1.003.623.509.000 1.140.988.030.000

No 1 2 3 4 5

Tahun 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

PAD 96.199.901.000 110.842.157.600 159.164.782.000 189.736.947.000


Th. 2011:1,93

Chart Title

20052009, 2009, 5.9 2005 2009

20052009, 2005, 5.15

Economic Growth
(Th.2010: 5,94)
Th. 2011:5,95

Capital Income (Th.2010: Rp.16.352.463,41)

Th. 2011:Rp.18.514.567,61

2010: 77,49 2011: 77,86

Length of Education 10,32 th

Human Devt Index

Expenditures Affordability:
2010: Rp. 648.230,2011: Rp. 652.430,-