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Restructuring organization
Employee Involvement Work Design

Restructuring Organization
Structural Design Organization structure describes how the overall work of the organization is divided into subunit &how the subunit are coordinated for task complition.
Organization structure should be design to fit with at least

five factor :-environment,organization size,technology,organization strategy,& worldwide opration.

Functional structure The organization usually is divide into functional unit ,such as marketing ,operation ,R &D,H.R, finace
This grouping facilitates communiction within department

& allowes specialists to share their expertise.

Division structure Division structure also help to coordinate technical interdependencies falling across functions & are suited to goals promoting product or services specialization & innovation. This structure provide emloyee with opportunities for new skills & knowledge.

Matrix structure Matrix structure maintain consistency among department & project by requiring communication among manager.
Matrix structure now are used widely in manufacturing,

service ,nonprofit .

Process structure The process structure few hierarchical level & the excutive team is relatively small typically consistig of chair, the chief operating officer,& head of few key support service such as strategic planning,human resources & finace.
Slow decision making & task performance.

Network structure A network structure manages the complex & dynamic relationships among multiple organizations or unit .
Network structure fit with goals that emphasize

organization specialization & innovation.

Employee Involvement
Employee involvement seeks to increase member input

into decision that affect organization performance & well being.

Four key element that promote worker involvement.

1.power 2. Information 3. Knowledge & skills 4. rewards

Total quality management Total quality management is most recent along with high involvement organization. Quality is achieved when organization processes reliably produce products & services that meet or exceed customer expectations TQM increase workers knowledge & skill. Quality improvement processes were popular in the 1990. Ex-xerox , boeings motorola.

work design
Creating jobs & work groups that generate high level of

emlpoyee fulfillment & productivity.

Formal structure & supporting changes in goal setting

,reward system & work environment , performance management.

Engineering Approach The engineering approach scientifically analyzes workers task

This approach sevaral benefit :-learn task rapidly, reduce

Engineering approach two kinds of work design

Traditonal jobs 2. Traditional work groups


Motivational approach The motivational approach to work design views the effectiveness of organizational activities primarily as a function of members needs & satisfaction ,improve employee performance .
Motivational method provides to people

responsibility,performance feedback.

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