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Retirement and You

Retirement and You

What You Need To Know!

Meyer J. Persow, US Office of Personnel Management

Eligibility for Federal Retirement
Benefits - CSRS
• 55 years old with 30 • “Early Out”
years of service • 50 years old with 20
• 60 years old with 20 years of service
years of service • Any age with 25 years
• 62 years old with 5 of service
years of service Other types include
• Also known as disability,
immediate or optional discontinued service,
retirement and deferred
Eligibility for Federal Retirement Benefits –
Minimum Retirement Age
If you were born Your MRA is
• Before 1948 • 55
• In 1948 • 55 and 2 months
• In 1949 • 55 and 4 months
• In 1950 • 55 and 6 months
• In 1951 • 55 and 8 months
• In 1952 • 55 and 10 months
• In 1953 through 1964 • 56
• In 1965 • 56 and 2 months
• In 1966 • 56 and 4 months
• In 1967 • 56 and 6 months
• In 1968 • 56 and 8 months
• In 1969 • 56 and 10 months
• In 1970 and after • 57
Five Years before Retirement
• Important because you must have health benefits and life insurance
coverage for 5 years immediately before retirement in order to keep it after
• You may also need some preliminary information to make decisions about
when you can afford to retire and make any necessary payments to get
credit for military or FICA service or repay any retirement contribution
• In order to keep health benefits after retiring you must:
– be covered when you retire
– have been continuously covered by FEHB, TRICARE or CHAMPUS for 5 years
immediately prior to retirement or during all of your Federal employment since
your first opportunity to enroll
– OPM can waive the five-year requirement under certain circumstances
Five Years before Retirement
• In order to keep life insurance coverage after retiring you must:
– be covered when you retire
– have not converted your coverage to an individual policy
– your annuity must begin within 30 days, or if you are retiring under the
MRA+10 provision of FERS, your coverage is suspended until your
annuity begins
– you were insured for life insurance for the five years immediately
preceding retirement or the full periods of service when coverage was

– You can keep your optional life insurance in retirement if all of the
following conditions are met:
• you were eligible to continue your basic coverage; and
• you were covered by the optional life insurance for the five years immediately
preceding retirement
Five Years before Retirement
Other Important Things to Do

• Review you OPF to make sure that all of your service has been verified
• Make any deposits for military service performed after 1956
• Make any deposits for any Federal service in which retirement contributions were not
withheld from your salary
• Make any redeposit of any funds that were refunded to you if you had a break in

And most important

One Year Before Retirement
• Confirm when you will be eligible to get a retirement benefit
• Decide when you want to retire
• Get information on other benefits you may be eligible for (TSP, SSA,
IRA, pensions from private industry
• Tell your supervisor about your plans
• Attend a pre-retirement counseling seminar
• Review your OPF
• Contact OPM’s Retirement Operations Center in Boyers, PA to
ensure that all of your Individual Retirement Records (SF 2806) are
on file. NOTE: The ROC will only have an IRR if you changed
agencies during your career or your payroll is being cross serviced
by a different agency such as GSA or NFC
Six Months Before Retirement
• Resolve any financial indebtedness to your agency.
Examples of causes for indebtedness include:
outstanding travel advances, overpayments of salary,
advanced leave.
• If you are receiving military retired pay, decide on
whether you want to waive it in order to receive credit for
your military service in your annuity.
• Start looking for that warm, sunny place to call home.
Two Months Before Retirement
• If you haven’t already done so, choose your exact
retirement date. Your benefit can be estimated based on
the exact date.
• Complete an application for retirement (SF-2801) which
is available for the OPM website or your HR office.
• If you made a deposit for military service, check with
your payroll office to ensure that they forwarded the
correct information to OPM.

• Make sure someone is planning a huge retirement party

for you!
Important Contacts
• US Office of Personnel Management,
Retirement Operations Center, Boyers PA
16017 or via email at
• DFAS, Cleveland Center, Retired Pay
Operations, P.O. Box 99191, Cleveland
OH 44199-1126
• Local Social Security Office (to check on
Medicare eligibility)
Happy Retirement