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Navin Kumar Loganadan, MClinPharm (UKM)

Patient Counseling Service

A type of pharmacy service where the qualified pharmacist gives counseling on medications to the patients
Provided in a separate room and not at the dispensing couner

Objectives of Medication Counseling

To improve patients understanding on medication usage To ensure patients compliance to medication regimen To obtain optimal therapeutic outcome from the medications

Types of Counseling
Correct method of administering drug
Side effects of drugs Importance of medication compliance Proper usage of medication devices

Correct method of drug administration

Correct methods of administering:
Tablets, capsules, syrup etc. (before or after food) Injection (sites of injection, correct technique) Eye/ear/nasal drops or ointments Suppositories Pessaries External preparations (lotion, cream, ointment, gel)

Side effects of drug

Tell the patient about the possible side effects of taking the drug, eg.
Drowsy Palpitations Frequent urination Rashes Diarrhea

Tell the patient to inform the doctor or pharmacist if encounter any serious or intolerable side effects

Importance of medication compliance

Explain to the patient that complying to the medication regimen (taking the medication as prescribed) will ensure that the patient receives optimal benefit from it Explain methods of remembering to take the medications

Importance of medication compliance

Reasons for poor compliance:
Forgetfulness (busy work schedule, old age) Poor understanding on the importance of the medication Thinking too much of the expected side effects Poor understanding on the correct method of drug administration (insulin pen, inhaler, etc.)

Importance of medication compliance

Suggest patient to use pill boxes to improve medication compliance if necessary
Pill box
A box where medications can be kept in different compartments based on;
Different times of the day (morning, afternoon, evening, bedtime) Different days in a week (Monday to Sunday)

Daily Pill Organiser

Weekly Pill Organiser

Monthly Pill Organiser

Proper usage of medication devices

Counsel the patient on the correct techniques of using medication devices:
Insulin pen Asthma inhalers
Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) Turbohaler Easyhaler Accuhaler

Nasal spray

Insulin Pen

Metered Dose Inhaler


Nasal Spray

Tips for effective counseling

Using a 2 way communication Using open ended questions Paying attention to non-verbal cues of patient Avoiding technical jargons Providing written information Demonstrating the technique of using the medications in front of patient Asking the patient to repeat the information counseled

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