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Fotogrametri Dasar Tujuan Pembelajaran: Mahasiswa mengenal ruang lingkup pekerjaan fotogrametri untuk pemetaan dan non pemetaan,

bermacam-macam foto udara dan manfaatnya, dapat membaca peta foto, memahami dasar pembentukan model stereo secara analog, serta mampu membuat mosaik dari foto udara Deskripsi singkat: Pengertian fotogrametri, ruang lingkup fotogrametri, aplikasi fotogrametri, jenis-2 foto udara, geometri foto udara, kamera udara, dasar-2 stereoskopis dan paralaks, pengolahan foto tunggal

Praktek Fotogrametri Dasar Tujuan Pembelajaran: Mahasiswa dapat membedakan bermacam-macam jenis foto, dapat melakukan interpretasi foto untuk identifikasi obyek, dapat menghitung skala foto dan membuat peta foto untuk berbagai keperluan dan membuat peta garis dari sumber foto udara Deskripsi singkat: Pengenalan berbagai jenis foto udara, menghitung skala foto, penentuan ketinggian obyek dengan pengukuran paralaks, rektifikasi grafis, membentuk model 3D di bawah stereoskop

(Liberty Island)

Photogrammetry Photos = light / Gramma = to draw / Metron = to measure

The science and technology of obtaining spatial

measurements and other geometrically relevant information from photographs. Photographic analysis, using basic equipment and simple geometric concepts, provides adequate approximations to: Distances and areas Elevations Sophisticated digital raster images and analytical techniques yield precise Digital Elevation Models (DEMs): Thematic GIS data

ogrammetric topics: etermining the scale of a vertical photograph and estimating rizontal ground distances from measurements made on a ve otograph. ing area measurements made on a vertical photograph to termine the equivalent areas in a ground coordinate system uantifying the effects of relief displacement on vertical area otographs etermining object heights from: Relief displacement measurements. Measurement of image parallax. ing ground control points. apping with aerial photographs. eparing a flight plan to acquire aerial photography.

Traditional Analog System
Scanners Analog Stereo Ploter Film Processing B/W or Color Vexcel Ultra Scan 5000 Zeiss SCAI

DTM Othophotos Line Map Update Revision 3D Images

Printer LAMBDA 130

RMK TOP Camera


Digital System
LIDAR or Digital Camera

Analysis DSM GIS

Digital Cam

Temporary Mass Storage



Raw Data process INPHO Suites Altexis TopIt

Archive System


Digital WorkStation Summit Evolution

Aerial Photography (Activities):

Flight Planning Kinematic Aerial Photography Black & White Color Negative / Positive Color Infra-Red

Aerial Photography is executed based on the requirements of the clients, such as the required map scale, contours and accuracy of the deliverables.

Execution of Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography (Aircraft):

Beechcraft KING AIR C90 (Pressurized Cabin Aircraft) Max.Flight Duration: 5 hours, Ceiling: 30.000 feet, Speed : 90-180 Knots

Aerial Photography (Aerial Camera):

ZEISS RMK TOP 30 Aerial Camera ZEISS RMK TOP Film Magazine with FMC CCNS Navigation Unit with Airborne GPS AEROCONTROL II (Inertial Measurement Unit) Gyro Stabilised Mount Omnistar FUGRO Airborne DGPS Ashtech Z Ssurveyor GPS Base Receiver World Wide Mission Planning (WWMP) (IGI Gmbh) Aerooffice (IGI Gmbh)

Photo Laboratory (Activities):

Film Processing: Black & White Color Negative/Positive Color Infra red Printing: Diapositives Contact

Multi Purpose Roller Transport Film Processor Roller Transport Paper Processor

RMK TOP Camera


Film Processing

B/W or Color

Toward Digital Process (Scanners):

Scanning is the bridge between analog to digital process.

Analog System
Vexcel Ultra Scan 5000

Digital System


B/W or Color

Archive System Zeiss SCAI

Digital WorkStation Summit Evolution

Printer LAMBDA 130

DTM Othophotos Line Map Update Revision 3D Images Analysis DSM GIS OPS

Toward Digital Process (Scanners):

Currently using ZEISS SCAI scanner in the production facility, however we are also the authorized dealer of Vexcel Ultra Scan 5000 and the DeltaScan.

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ZEISS SCAI High Precision Scanner

Vexcel UltraScan 5000

Digital Camera & LIDAR:

The Vexcel UltraCam-D large format digital aerial camera system delivers digital imagery that is radiometrically and geometrically superior to that of conventional film cameras at Click image for significant savings

Temporary Mass Storage


Raw Data process INPHO Suites Altexis TopIt

Archive System UltraMap Server

FALCON II is An airborne LIDAR (Light Detection & Ranging) system for the acquisition of digital elevation models (DEM) and ortho images. It comprises an on-board sensor system (hardware) and a modular software package to process acquired data

Archive System:

Archiving is the artery of the digital processing. This is where the data reside and distributed to any part of the process.
Vexcel UltraCam Vexcel UltraScan 5000

Vexcel UtraMap Server is a powerful


Falcon II

Archive System UltraMap Server

Digital WorkStation Summit Evolution Printer LAMBDA 130

digital image catalog and archive system with integrated distributed process management. UltraMap Server is the link between the UltraCam and the potogrammetric stereo processing software, making it the solution for implementing a fully digital aerial mapping workflow.

Photogrammetric Equipment (WorkStation):

Authorized dealer, distributor and agent of various equipment of digital photogrammetric process:
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Summit Evolution WS

Archive System UltraMap Server

Digital WorkStation Summit Evolution

Printer LAMBDA 130

Delta Photogrammetric W/S

Photogrammetric Equipment (Digital Printer):

Durst Lambda 130: Direct digital printing with unsurpassed image and text quality

Analog Stereo Ploter DTM Othophotos Line Map Update Revision 3D Images Analysis DSM GIS OPS Click image for details

Archive System Digital WorkStation UltraMap Server Summit Evolution

Printer LAMBDA 130

Photogrammetric Activities (Digital Process):

B&W Orthophotos

Line Map

Color Orthophoto Hard Copy or Digital

Summit Evolution WS Click image for details

GIS Application

Contour map

Special Services involving Aerial Survey:

Northwest POV

Eastern POV

Airborne LIDAR Survey

Southwest POV Southern POV

Airborne LIDAR Hydrography (SHOALS)

Oblique Photogrammetric Solution (OPS)

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Special Services (LIDAR Survey):


Multi sensor system operated on-board an airplane or helicopter. Scanning the survey area strip by strip the position and altitude measurements are also recorded. Falcon II are made of the LIDAR and the Optical Scanner.
Virtual Reality

3D City Models and Urban Planning Monitoring and Protection of Coastal Zo Corridor Mapping, Pipelines and Transm Forest Inventory and Precision Management Surface Mining and Deposits Flood Protection and Hydraulic Simulations Power lines