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1. Business Registration & Permits

Registration with Dept. of Labor
Rule 1020Occupational Safety & Health Standard (OSHS)

Mayors Permit & Barangay Clearance

Tanauan City Hall & Brgy Ulango

2. Prescribed no. of Safety Officer(s) & Health Personnel on site

2.1 Dept. Order #16 (issued by DOLE)
Number of Workers 1-50 Number of Safety Officers 1

201-250 251-500 Every addtl 250 or fraction thereof

4 5 1 additional

NOTE: A Safety Officers must have attended 40 HR. Basic Occupational Safety & Health Training & with 3 yrs prior Work Experience

2.2 Dept. Order #13 (issued by DOLE)

Number of Heavy Equipment For every 10 units Number of Safety Officers 1

2.2 Dept. Order #13 (issued by DOLE) Section 8 HEALTH PERSONNEL

Number of Workers 1-50 or less 51-200 201-300 Excess of 300 Written contract with the nearest hospital Number of Health Personnel 1 First Aider 1 Nurse 1 Nurse; 1 Part-time Physician & Dentist; Clinic 1 Nurse; 1 Full time Physician & Dentist; Clinic Within 5 km radius or can be reached within 25 min.

3. Pre employment Requirement s

3.1 For all Workers--Pre employment requirements
Medical fit-to-work Drug test clearance NBI or Police Clearance Bio data with Pictures Attend Safety Orientation (1 hr. session)

3.2 For Skilled Workers -- Certification Workers from TESDA accredited agencies
Heavy Equipment Operators Forklift Operators Boom Truck & Crane Operators Riggers Welders Electricians

4. Heavy Equipment Certification

Ensure that appropriate certification is obtained from DOLE duly accredited organizations Heavy Equipments Backhoe DumpTruck Lifting Equipments All types of Crane Boom Truck Forklift

5. Personal Protective Equipment

Every employer shall, at his own expense, furnish his workers with protective equipment. The equivalent cost for the provision of PPE (life span, depreciation, replacement, etc.) shall be an integral part of the project cost. Hardhat
Whiteall supervisors & managers Blue/Green/Yellowall workers Redall Safety Officer

Safety Glass Luminous Vest

Orangefor all supervisors, managers & safety officers Yellow greenfor all workers

Safety Shoes Body Harness Welding Shield Dust Mask Welding Apron

6. Documented SH&E Program / Plan for Scope of Work

Note: The Safety Program must be approved by DOLE Regional Office IV as required by DO#13


Must be provided to warn the workers and the public of hazards existing in the workplace Shall be posted in prominent positions at strategic location and, as far as practicable, be in the language understandable to most of the workers employed The signages include but are not limited to:
Mandatory requirement on the usage of PPE. Areas where there are potential risks of falling objects. Areas where there are potential risks of falling. Areas where explosives and flammable substances are used or stored. Areas where there are tripping or slipping hazards. Approaches to working areas where danger from toxic or irritant airborne contaminants/substances All places where contact with or proximity to electrical/facility equipment can cause danger. All places where workers may come in contact with dangerous moving parts of machineries or equipment.

8. IMPLEMENTATION & COMPLIANCE Ensure that its subcontractors, if any, strictly comply with the same requirements