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It the present day world the information technologies have been successful in building a superhighway for communications.

Communication technology are found contributing substantially to the development processes. We find information management an integral part of the decision making processes. In the communication servuices we find the services of telecommunications playing a significant role. The department of telecommunications bears the responsibility of managing the communication services.

Telecommunication marketing a conceptual frame work

Telecommunication services play an incremental role in the multidimensional development activities. A well functioning telecommunications network is an essential component of economic infrastructure. The application of modern marketing principles in the telecommunication services would make way for the generation of profit and at the same time would also make the services affordable to the users at large. Telecommunicatoin marketing focuses our attention on marketing the services professionally and this makes it a managerial process. The planning, organising, staffing and directing procesees are found easier. This makes it a systematic approach to accomplish the organisational goals.

The following facts regarding telecommunication marketing are: TM is a managerial process that helps an organized development of the telecommunication services. It is an organized effort to formulate a sound marketing mix for the telecom services It is a planned development process that makes possible an optimal development of telecommunication services. It is a develop a new perception of services by offering innovative, competitive and profit- oriented services. The is a customer- satisfication-enginnering that makes possible an in-depth study of the changing behavioral profile of different categories of users and incorporates necessary changes in the services portfolio accordingly.

Rationale behind telecommunications marketing

To make possible qualitative improvements in services profile :it is right to mention that except a few almost all the services generating organizations are required to improve the quality of their services profile. To make possible quantitive improvements The cost-effectives is made possible Satisfaction to users Projection of a fair image A rational traffi structure

The formulation of marketing mix for telecommunication organizations

The formulation of a sound marketing mix is found essential to make possible an optimal development of marketing resources. The marketing professionals bear the responsibility of development of marketing resources. To do this we go through the different submixes such as the product mix covering the designing of a quality service profile, the promotion mix having more creativity and sensitivity, the tariff policy making possible the designing of a sound tariff structure, the place mix containing the problem of processing the services offered and the people mix containing the problem of processing the services with the motto of bridging over the gap between services promised and offered and the people mix for striking a balance between performance orientation and employee orientation.

Product mix
Telecommunication include a number of services, such as the telephonic services, telegraphic services, e-mailing services, fax services, inter-net services or so.
Telephone services, local,national,international Supporting telegraph service national international telecom Email e.Commerce facsimile Fax services data-point-to-point Internet Intranet Product mix

Define in short al the services

Promotion mix
Different constitutes of promotion such as advertising, publicity, sale promotion, personal selling, word-of-mouth promotion and telemarketing. Advertising: Three media Print media- advertising through this media, an organisation gets adquate space to inform and sense the users. The misuse the service to be a matter of concern We also aware of the emerging sex market with the help of telephone.

Broadcast media: we find almost all the area of the country on air transmission network which would help the telecom organisation in sensitizing the users. Here the professionals are required to take a decision regarding the transmission time, frequency and duration.
Telecast media : with the help of audio-visual exposure, it is possible to inform and sense the users and the prospects in a right fashion. They need to advertise not just with the motto of promoting the business but also to keep in their minds the message and slogans related to the misuse of services.

Another component of promotion focuses on publicising the business with the support of media personnel and opinion leaders. This is not to influence the promotion budget of the telecom organisations since we find publicity a non-paid relation officers form of persuasive communication. The marketing professionals or the public relation officers need to accept the responsibility of developing rapport with the media people , to arrange for them lunch or dinner and to offer to them some small gift to write news items or articles related to service and to place them at the eye- catching locations.

Sales promotion
Telecommunication organisation makes use of sales promotion measure for promoting the innovation services, specially used by the large-sized customers, promoting the innovation services, specially used by large sized customers. If the prospects are offered some small gifts, the motivation process would be switched on. In addition, they also need to offer innovative tools of sales promotion to some of high performers in the group of employees who instrumentalise the process of getting the profitable business. The departmental of telecommunication may use sales promotion for both parties such as the employees involved in the process and prospects or users likely to give more business

Personal selling
Here the personal selling is involved in the essence of promoting the business with the support and co-operation of sales people. Telecomunication organisations are required to promote its business to tap the sales potential or the sales potentials or market potentials which remain untapped or partially tapped due to a communication gap or insensitive persuasion process.

This is a component instrumental because the satisfied group of users would narrate to their friends, relatives, well wishers regarding the outstanding services they experienced as a customer. The support and cooperation of opinion leaders of vocal persons would also be effective in the process.

The telemarketing play here an effective role since their communicative ability. For removing the confusion and misunderstanding of the prospects and futher for bridgnging over the communication gap may use telemarketing. The queries of the user or the prospects are answered in such a way that they are found convinced. The large-sized prospects delay the process of buying the service due to some confusion and telemarketing will help them in the very context. In aditional they may also activate the process of lodging complaints and their proper and time honored redressal.

Price mix
Existing of the organisation in doubt if the mistakes are committed while making the pricing decision. In the context of telecommunication organisation , we find tariff charged for the services offered. It is well known that the different organisation is required to be more careful in setting the tariff structure. We have different categories of users but the services and therefore the telecommunication organisation is required to be more careful in setting the tariff structure3. The designing of tariff structure in such a way that generates profit while other hand also make the service affordable to the user. The telecommunication also charges liliscensing fee from the pay phone centres which is found to be a big source of revenue to the telecommunication organisation.

We are well aware of the fact that a discriminatory policy of pricing is adopted by the telecommunication organisation. The special category of users are given subsidised or concessional organisation such as the rural users, new or budding entrepreneurs , new institutions promoting welfare or so. We also find a provision for special concession on selected days and festivals. The Telecom Regulation Authority plays a significant role in making the pricing decision in the Indian context. The pricing decision and tarif structure also depend upon the nature and type of services offered by the telecommunication organisation.

The governmental interference in the process of making the pricing decision is to be checked to the extent it is found legitimate.

Place mix
In the place mix, we need to gravitate our attention on two important. It is essential that the employee behavioral profile is high as the place such as counter for the collection of bills complaints and enquires are efficient, submissive , value based and prompt. Beside the supporting technology engaged in the processing services are working satisfactorily. There must be the correlation between the technology evolved and the employee placed. Overcrowded counters, indecent behaviour of front-line-staff and abnormal delay in the processing of services invite dissatisfaction. Technology are eather faulity or the employees dont know how to manage the same. Some times the computer devlop a fault,sometimes the employee are not found at the counters and some times theres big crowd. We also find case of unplanned and inconvinent location.

People mix
Even the sophisticated technology fails in satisfying the users if the employees are not quality. Today we find a se of employees efficient but just for tomorrow they are found inefficient. They are required to be efficient, decent, honest and value based.

Telecommunication marketing in the Indian perspection