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FWD Project TOGAF 9 - Core Diagrams

Business Footprint Diagram

Phase B Business Architecture

Business Footprint Diagram

C0 Orderto-Cash Order

Business Process Integration Layer


Receive Order


Process Order

Distribute Goods / Services



Invoice Customer

C5 Manage


Accounts Receivable

Store Operations

Support Services

Supply Chain Mgmt

Functional Services Layer

User Management Layer

Buyer Portal

Employee Portal


Supplier Portal

Customer Portal

Partner Portal


Business Footprint Diagram

SC1 Plan & manage the demand SC2 Plan sales & operations SC3 Establish inventory plan SC4

Define manufacturing plan

SC5 - Plan goods movements and resources in the distribution network

SC6 Schedule & execute goods movements, storage and transportation decisions SC61 Warehouse Management SC62 Long Distance Transportation SC63 Short-Distance Transportation GFB57- Process steps traceability SC65 Transportation administration GFB58 Product Traceability

SC11 - Monthly Forecast Generation SC12 - Monthly Forecast Collaboration SC17 Forecast Weekly Update SC16 Demand explosion for assembly SC13 Planned demand consumption by customer order SC14 Allocation Definition Rules for ATP (monthly) SC15 Allocation Definition Rules for ATP (daily)

SC22 Cross-UOT Demand & Supply Balancing and LP S&OP validation SC21 UOT and LPS Tactical Supply Planning SC32 Inventory Management Rules Parameter Definition SC42 Multi-Plant Planning

SC51 Logistics Capacity Planning SC52 Distribution Supply Planning midTerm SC53 Distribution Supply Planning shortTerm SC54 - Distribution shortage management

SC41 Plant Production Planning

SC55 Deployment SC56 Intra-group exchanges management SC57 Procurement exchanges management

SC70 - Inventory Management (physical and planned inventory including internal transfer orders) SC04 - Inventory Norms Definition GFB64 - Supply Chain Costs & Margin Referential GFB62 Supply Chain Referential Production Process Model GFB61 Supply Chain Referential Logistics Resource

SC0 - Referential

GFB63 Demand Planning Referential

GFB65 - Supply Chain Referential Production & Distribution & Ship to Customer Network GFB59 Product & Services Client Catalog GFB50 Product & Services Referential GFB51 - Client Referential

SC9 - BI

SC91 Demand BI / Reporting

SC92 Tactical Planning BI / Reporting

SC93 Inventory BI / Reporting

SC94 Plant Planning BI / Reporting

SC95 Distribution Planning BI / Reporting

SC96 Logistics BI / Reporting

GFB70 Global Cross-Domain Reporting & Analysis

Business Footprint Diagram