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Introduction lesson

Who are you and hows your English?

Goals of this lesson

- Getting to know you - Finding out how good you are at English - Learning new words - Revising grammar - Practising writing skills - Practicing the alphabet

Who are you?

1 Spell first and last name 2 and 3 - Favourite place in the world - Funniest hobby / possession / experience - person I admire 4 English is to me

How to reach Annemarieke?

Annemarieke de Wind

Facebook: English with Annemarieke Blackboard

1. Be on time! 2. No mobile phones unless I tell you its okay during an assignment 3. Dont talk when someone else is talking 4. No food, only drinks are allowed in the classroom 5. We laugh with each other, not at or about someone. We should all feel comfortable to speak English 6. Meet the deadlines 7. Waiting or doing nothing is not done; I always have loads for interesting exercises or assignments with me for fast students. 8. Speak English! 9. Always have your binder with your work for English with you 10. If you cant be present during a lesson, send an email before the lesson

How to impress your teacher:

By being very good at English By improving my English every week By revising what youve learned By studying well for tests By making impressive assignments By contributing to the lessons in a positive way

Language levels
A2 elementary Basic communication related to your life and work Understand and explain: tasks, manuals, instructions, small talk, basic information Communication doent have to be very fluent, but you have to get the message across

B1 treshold Daily communication related to your life and work Understand and explain: experiences, situations, problems, procedures, goals Communication should be rather fluent without mistakes that hinder communication
B2 vantage In-depth communication related to your life and work Understand and explain: ideas, complex problems, details, viewpoints, advantages and disadvantages Communication should be fluent, without searching for words and you should be able to express your opinion

Language levels
Test what your level is at:

Word list
Fill in10 new words per lesson!
It can be completely new words or words you would like to start actively using.

Reading: personality test!

Choose the answer that suits you most for all 10 questions. Then count you score and check if you agree with the result. Put new words in your word list.

Top 10 of terrible mistakes

1. I 2. a/an 3. I do / I am doing 4. shit happens 5. days, months 6. then / than 7. much / many 8. there / theyre / their 9. where /were / were / wear 10. if / when

Question 1 spelling Spell the word ............................... without any spelling mistakes Question 2 British vs American Gas station is an American word. What is the British variation? Question 3 general knowledge There are nine capital cities starting with the letter B in Europe. Name as many as you can. Question 4 news Astronauts have watched a big sports event in the US live in space last night. What sports event was this? Question 5 picture What is this?

Writing assignment 1
1 Write down topics which you are particulary interested in within your field 2 Write down things youd like to do or learn during the English lessons

Writing assignment 2: 2 options

1 A day at school 2 When Im 35 1: describe a day at school (could be any day this week or last week) in detail! 2: write down how you see you life at this age, especially your working life

- Make sure you know the information about the top 10. - Make sure you know the alphabet. - Write 10 new words on your word list (so, there will be 20 words on your word list next week).



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