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Store Layout & Design

Chapter 13 Dunne & Lusch

Chapter outline
Store layout management Store Planning Fixtures & merchandise presentation Store Design Visual Communication

1. Store layout mgmt

Intro Store environment Store environment objectives

Store layout mgmt: intro

Impacts initial perception
Bricks & Mortar & Clicks

2 primary objectives:
Store image Space productivity

Store environment elements

Visual Comm.
Retail identity Graphics POS signage

Store Planning
Space allocation Layout circulation

Store Design
Exterior Ambiance Lighting smell

Fixtures Mdse presentation Visual mdsing

Store environment

Encourage shoppers:
Browse Evaluate Buy

Store environment: objectives

Market image
Get customer into store

Space productivity
Convert them into buying customers

Do this in most efficient manner

Develop a store image

Store name Logo Signage Merchandise Promotions Customer service Cleanliness Sales force Clear prices Stocked shelves

Philanthropic activities Owner/manager

Space productivity
The more merchandise a customer is exposed to, presented in an orderly manner, the more they tend to buy

Space productivity
Traffic flow circulation Sales / sq foot Mdse placement
Avoid confusion to customers

In-store ads & display

Issue: shrinkage
Avoid hidden areas in store Reduce damage & loss

2. Store planning
Floor plan Space allocation Circulation Shrinkage prevention

Floor plan: types of space needed

Back room Office & functional areas Aisles, service areas, non-sell areas Wall mdse space Floor mdse space

Space allocation
Existing stores

New stores
Industry averages Kahns theory
Sales/sq ft = f(# customers) x time spent in store

Space productivity index 1.0 = ideal dept size

Allocating Space
Warehouse clubs are able to take advantage not only of the width and depth of the store, but also the height, by using large warehouse racks that carry reachable inventory at lower levels with large pallets or cartons of excess inventory at higher levels.
LO 2

Circulation: traffic flow

Free flow
P. 464 exhibit 13.4

P. 465 exhibit 13.6

P. 465 exhibit 13.5

P. 466 exhibit 13.7

Free flow design

Grid pattern



Fixtures: types
Hardline bins, baskets, tables, shelves Softlines bulk/capacity fixtures feature fixtures Wall fixtures

Merchandise presentation
Shelving Hanging Pegging Folding Stacking dumping

Merchandising stores: 3 key psychological factors

Value / fashion image Angles & sightlines
Vertical color blocking
Display in vertical bands of color
Visual swath See p. 471

Right, 45 degree angles

Customer sight line

Vertical color blocking

Using escalator for display

Store design

Store front Interior design Lighting Sensory marketing

Sounds & smells

Straight front with lead in

Look at store lighting here, too


Sensory marketing

Store fronts

Angled Straight Lobby Signage windows

Visual communication Name - logo retail identity Signage

Exterior interior POS signs

Lifestyle graphics

Lifestyle graphics

Directional signs

POS signage

E-commerce Websites: How Can these factor in?

Store layout management Store Planning Fixtures & merchandise presentation Store Design Visual Communication

What about Your CPR Store?

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