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To review the IMC planning process

To understand the role of research in the context of marketing and advertising planning

Each step builds the foundation for future decisions and may provide feedback for decisions made in earlier steps
Research supports risk-avoidance and decision confidence

Company Analysis Product/Brand Analysis Competitive Analysis

Product-focus sections

(Macro-)Environmental Analysis
Social Legal Economic Political Technological
External variables

Situation Analysis
Summarizes the brands current circumstances Identifies factors that might affect future marketing/advertising success Generally, information gathered through secondary research

See Fig. 1.1, Ch1

Situation Analysis Questions:

Industry Trends
Market size and growth trends Sales by category type

Competitive Environment
Who are the leading companies? What is their share? Sales? Distribution?

Consumer Analysis Market Analysis

Target Market/ Consumer facts

Note: Text

Target Audience Analysis


General consumer trends The targets relationship w/ product/brand

The Consumer
(Target Audience Analysis) What are their usage behaviors in the product category? What are their purchase behaviors? What are their attitudes/beliefs/perceptions about the brand? Changes in last 5 years?

Problems and Opportunities

Brand Positioning
A statement of the niche the brand can most successfully fulfill How should we distinguish our brand from our competitors?

Essential Message
Otherwise known as the IMC strategy What is our message?

Creative Evaluation
Communication testing designed to identify strengths and weaknesses of advertisements prior to production What is the best means for communicating the message?

Media Analysis & Placement

Research conducted to ensure that the target audience sees or hears the message Where should advertising be concentrated? In which media? National or regional placement? How should it be scheduled?

Campaign Tracking

The evaluation component of the plan Assesses our success or failure in achieving planned objectives Did we accomplish IMC objectives? Did the media plan deliver on levels of exposure?

Product naming
Packaging design Distribution strategy determination

Analyze sales trends, marketplace performance

Information Users
Brand managers
Internal research departments of companies

Research specialists
Advertising agency research departments

Research suppliers
Customized research: retained on a project-byproject basis Syndicated research firms (A.C. Nielsen, SMRB, etc.)

Field services
Data collection specialists Sub-contract labor who may specialize in any one or all of the following:
Research design Project management Qualitative site selection Recruiting Training Data collection Etc.

Support Services
Data management (editing, coding, data entry, etc.) Data interpretation Reporting General consulting