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Smoke, Mirrors and the Disappearance of Polio.

Suzanne Humphries, MD

The limited vista of human beings

Center For Disease Control and Prevention. Department of Health and Human Services, USA. Polio disease in short.
Polio Virus Morbidity

asymptomatic 95%

minor symptoms +/stiff neck 4-8%

paralysis less than 1%

Suzanne Humphries, MD

dorsal **

Anterior horn

Poliomyelitis = inflammation of the gray matter of the spinal cord Polios = gray myelos = marrow itis = inflammation


The Fear Element

Many doctors of the 1940s were aware that the pitchmen of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis (NFIP) and March Of Dimes were responsible for the expanded terror that swept the nation.
~Cohn V, Sister Kenny,The Woman Who Challenged the Doctors. University of Minnesota Press. 1975, Page 5 with reference to Interview with Dr John Pohl. Page 125.

Worst of all

Disease incidence

MV strain escape Rockefeller Labs

Polio definition cast a wide net

Breastfeeding DDT, arsenic Tonsillectomy Defining disease Refined sugar and flour

Source: Hirschman 1981; Trends in differentials in breastfeeding Demography



Breast milk
Inactivates pathogens, orchestrates immune system. (Hanson 2007,
Newburg 2005 Isaacs 2005)

Probiotics and microbiome- (Beatty 2010)

Stem cells to the infant (Hassiotou F 2012)*
HAMLET folding protein patrols a baby's body, nuking cancer wherever it is found. Svanborg 2010 FEBS journal

Higher IQ neuronal connections (Isaacs 2010)

70% lower type I DM (Rosenbauer 2008)

Read more on biology of breastfeeding at


Susceptibility: Xavante Tribe Brazil

Brazilian Xavante native people: immune to all three types of polio and had no disease.
The paradox of a virtual absence of paralytic poliomyelitis among such heavily infected groups as this, despite high antibody titers, is well known...
~Neel JV et. al, 1964. Studies on the Xavante Indians of the Brazilian Mato Grosso.Am J Hum Genet, Mar;16:52-140 PMID 14131874


What did the white man bring to Synergy, added circumstances

native cultures?

Injections- antibiotics and vaccines (provocaion polio)-Gray 1954, Gromeier 1998 Tonsillectomies- Faber 1949,Top 1939, Southcott
1943,Wilson 1952, Weinstein 1954, Ogra 1971

White sugar-Van Meer 1992, Sandler 1951 DDT, arsenic and lead


Time magazine 1947


Image from courtesy of Jim West


DDT poisoning: a cause of polio-like * illness.

Sprinkled in drawers Sprayed on window sills Lunch boxes, directly on sandwiches In water to rinse clothes, bedding, mattresses Painted on walls of childrens rooms


Children sprayed with DDT


Children sprayed with DDT


This WWII-era Army poster from the collection of the National Museum of Health and Medicine at Walter Reed Army Medical 21 Center instructs how to delouse an incoming recruit with DDT.


DDT as a sole cause or an added circumstance of poliomyelitis

Induces symptoms that can be indistinguishable from poliomyelitis - even in the absence of a virus ~Biskind M., 1949. DDT Poisoning and the Elusive Virus X: A New Cause For Gastroenteritis.Am J Dig Dis. Vol 16 Num 3. Pp 79-84. DDT tox. Anterior horn spinal damage, respiratory failure, spasm, flaccid paralysis. ~Burgess F and Cameron GR. The Toxicity of
D.D.T. Br Med J. 1945 Jun 23;1(4407):865-71. PMID 20786134

Enhances the release and intracellular multiplication of poliovirus. ~Gabliks J, Effects of insecticides on mammalian cells and virus
infections. Ann NY Acad Sci, 1969, 160(1):254-271.



DDT poisoning description

Acute gastroenteritis occurs, with nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea usually associated with extreme tenesmus. Coryza, cough and persistent sore throat are common, often followed by a persistent or recurrent feeling of constriction or a "lump" in the throat; occasionally the sensation of constriction extends substernally and to the back and may be associated with severe pain in either arm. Pain in the joints, generalized muscle weakness, apprehension and exhausting fatigue are usual; the latter are often so severe in the acute stage as to be described by some patients as "paralysis.
Biskind M., 1949. DDT Poisoning and the Elusive Virus X: A New Cause For Gastroenteritis.Am J Dig Dis. Vol 16 Num 3. Pp 79-84. PMID:18113629

potent, effective and safe ? generally agrees very well with children?

~Bartrip P 1992 A Pennurth of Arsenic for Rat Poison The Arsenic Act, 1851 and the prevention of secret Poisoning. Medical History 36:53 69, pg 55 second paragraph. Bartrip quotes several medical texts of the times.



Other uses of arsenic..

Paris Green and Scheeles green dyes in lung problems, doctors would prescribe arsenic, added to tobacco for smoking. used in cholera on the basis that a greater poison would destroy the lesser poison Dentists used arsenous acid to kill nerve endings in decayed teeth



Arsenic in Rx
Tryparsamide 1939
Merck, Rockefeller

Syphilitics, 100 Injections to a single patient.

Another patient who had previously received thirty-four injections of arsphenamine, twenty-three injections of bismuth and seventy-six mercury rubs had a paretic type of serologic relapse after I04 injections of tryparsamide.
~Cormia F., Tryparsamide in the treatment of syphilis of the central
nervous system. Br J Vener Dis. 1934 April; 10(2): 99116. PMCID: PMC1052955


Was arsenic benign?

Dr. Popow concluded that arsenic, even in a few hours after its ingestion, may cause acute central myelitis or acute poliomyelitis.
~Scobey, Ralph. The poison cause of poliomyelitis and obstructions to its investigation. Statement prepared for the Select Committee to Investigate the Use of Chemicals in Food Products, United States House of Representatives, Washington, D.C. From Archive Of Pediatrics (April, 1952)

A very agitated father of seven children came to me with the appalling announcement that his ten-year old son and his four-year-old daughter had been taken with what he called the cow disease and neither of them could stand or walk. They went lame yesterday, just like the cattle have been doing for the past two or three weeks, he explained, and today they cant move. ~Sister Elizabeth Kenny And they shall walk,
Dodd, Mead and Co. (1943)


Where did polio go?

Advances in physical therapy.


Sister Elizabeth Kenny


Where are the contracted limbs?

Before she came If you could have visited the hospital, you would have seen little kids lying stiff and rigid, crying with pain, even though as she saw they were not necessarily paralyzed. Wed take the children to the operating room in those days, straighten them out under anesthetic, and put them in plaster casts. When they woke up, they screamed. The next day they still cried from the pain. That was the accepted and universal treatment virtually all over the world. I saw it in Boston and New York City and London. She said, Thats all wrong.
~Cohn, Victor, Sister Kenny, The Woman Who Challenged the Doctors. 1975, University of Minnesota Press. Page 5 with reference to Interview with Dr John Pohl.


Immobilization and surgery = deformity

orthopedists believed in the "extreme fragility" of poliomyelitic muscle. Many victims of this disease were cast in plaster for 6 months or so, and their deformities were operated on in due course. Not even massagemuch less, vigorous exercise of the affected muscle was countenanced.~ Mead S.,A century of
the abuse of rest. 1962 Oct 27;182:344-5. PMID:13934298


Where polio went contin.

Advances in physical therapy. The power of the pen


Dr. Bernard Greenberg

Prior to 1954 physicians reported polio to subsidize the cost of hospitalization, and report communicable disease. The criterion of partial or complete paralysis of one or more muscle groups, detected on two examinations at least 24 hours apart was all that was required. Laboratory confirmation and presence of residual paralysis was not required
Ratner H. et al., 1980The Present Status of Polio Vaccines, 1960 Child and Family 19;195-213.Statement by Dr. Bernard Greenberg, a biostatistics expert, chairman of the Committee on Evaluation and Standards of the American Public Health Association during the 1950s. He testified at a panel discussion presented before the Section on Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the 120th annual meeting of the Illinois State Medical Society in Chicago, May 26, 1960. 34

Greenberg contin.
1955 was the year Salks vaccine was licensed and marketed New diagnostic criteria: Two exams 60 days apart with paralysis The change in 1955 meant that we were reporting a new disease, namely, paralytic poliomyelitis with a longer-lasting paralysis[60days] Paralysis had actually increased 50% from 1957-8 and 80% from 1958-9. The new defs. helped hide that.

Ratner H. et al., 1980The Present Status of Polio Vaccines, 1960 Child and Family 19;195-213.Statement by Dr. Bernard Greenberg, a biostatistics expert, chairman of the Committee on Evaluation and Standards of the American Public Health Association during the 1950s. He testified at a panel discussion presented before the Section on Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the 120th annual meeting of the Illinois State Medical Society in Chicago, May 26, 1960.


The undead virus in Salks vaccine

Paved way for todays unquestioned compliance with the absurd.




Redefining polio

Polio epidemic used to be 20/100K population, but moved up to 35/100K per year after the Salk vaccine release. Redefined length of paralysis from 24 hours to 60 days in order to be called paralytic polio as of 1955.(most paralysis of 24 hours resolves, the minority persists to 60 days) Any polio within 30 days of vaccination was not logged as vaccineinduced but as pre-existing. This ignored vaccine failures and vaccine-induced cases. July 1958, non-paralytic poliomyelitis with meningeal signs was renamed ASEPTIC MENINGITIS. This eliminated a large portion of non-paralytic polio.
Even if polio virus was present non-paralytic polio was no longer reported as its used to be, after 1958.

Defined polio by diagnostic testing that had not been required prevaccine.

Where polio went contin.

Advances in physical therapy. The power of the pen Increased use of diagnostic testing.


Post-vaccine vigilance
Concerted effort to distinguish polio cases with wild polio virus from cases without virus and to label them as . . . Transverse Myelitis, viral or aseptic meningitis, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, spinal meningitis, post-polio syndrome, acute flaccid paralysis(AFP), enteroviral encephalopathy, traumatic neuritis, Reyes syndrome etc.




Michigan polio epidemic 1958

fecal specimens = 869
Unidentified Cocksackie 3 73

Echo virus 100

No virus 401

no virus poliovirus ECHO virus

Poliovirus 292

cocksackie virus


Michigan polio epidemic 1958

Antibody changes blood tests, 191 patients
ECHO 14 Coxsackie 6

no antibody change Poliovirus 48

No antibody change 123

ECHO virus cocksackie virus


24 hours to 60 days

Aseptic meningitis Totally removed

asymptomatic 95%

minor symptoms +/stiff neck 4-8%

paralysis less than 1%

Suzanne Humphries, MD


Did FDR have polio?

According to a team of modern doctors who analyzed FDRs extensive medical records assessing the liklihood of FDR having polio. They determined the paralysis was Guillain-Barre Syndrome, not polio. ~Goldman.2003.What was the cause of Franklin Delano Roosevelts paralytic
illness? J Med Biog, 11:233-240 44

Polios makeover complete.

Advances in physical therapy. The power of the pen Advances in diagnostic testing. Advances in life support.


Todays iron lung.


One example of todays polio

Infants as young as five months old can get Transverse Myelitis, and some are left permanently paralyzed and dependent upon a ventilator to breathe my colleagues at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and I hear about or treat hundreds of new cases every year.~ Dr Douglas Kerr, Johns Hopkins.
Forward to The Autoimmune Epidemic.

India today.

48 48

Acute Flaccid Paralysis

non-polio enterovirus like Coxsackie, ECHO virus, vaccine-associated poliomyelitis (which can include polio vaccines) cytomegalovirus, rabies virus, varicella zoster virus, Japanese encephalitis virus Guillain-Barr syndrome sciatic neuritis from injection = provocation polio transverse myelitis epidural abscess, spinal cord compression, exotoxin of corynebacterium diptheriae, toxin of clostridium botulinum, Karwinskia, tick bite paralysis, Lyme borreliosis, myasthenia gravis, polymyositis autoimmune, viral myositis, trichinosis, toxic myopathies among others.
Marx et al. Differential Diagnosis of Acute Flaccid Paralysis. Epidemiol Rev. 2000;22(2):298-316. PMID: 11218380


Vashisht and Puliyel, 2012

In the states which have pulse polio rounds nearly every month, the non-polio[non-wild polio] AFP rate is 25 and 35-fold higher than the international norms The non-polio AFP rate correlates to the cumulative doses of vaccine received in the previous three years children who were identified with non-polio AFP were at more than twice the risk of dying than those with wild polio infection
~Vashisht, N and Puliyel, J.,2012. Polio programme: let us declare victory and move on. Indian Journal of Medical Ethics Vol IX No 2 April-June pp. 114-117 50

NPSP Polio surveillance data on Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP) and non-polio AFP
National Polio Surveillance India data 2000 -2010.



Solution: More polio vaccines?

Response by WHO and GAVI is to ramp up the current oral polio vaccination campaigns in recent years Some children are reported to have received 32 vaccinations for polio by 5th birthday
At a vaccinators' meeting in Sultangunj Referral Hospital held Tuesday, supervisors reported a "new" resistance coming from the "educated middle class people" who were getting tired of several rounds of immunisation: one family claimed that their five year old child had received pulse polio vaccination 32 times.
~Times of India. Multiple doses of pulse polio vaccine irritate people. Aug 25 2002. 52

Cuba 1992-1994 epidemic

Thought to be polio. 50K people affected. Vitamin/nutrient deficiency: methionine, vitamin B-12, riboflavin, and niacin. Coxsackie virus and smoking also had a role. Guantanamo area was unaffected by the virus. Blood riboflavin status, carotenoid, and selenium concentrations were significantly higher in Guantanamo smokers. Intake of plantain banana, pepper (Capsicum spp.), bovine meat and milk products were higher. Implications for polio and all infectious disease are huge.

Polio of the late 1800s-1950s was not just a single viral illness, therefore a vaccine could not have eliminated it Immobilization treatment of polio resulted in the images we know and fear Poison cause of polio never investigated by government, though it surely contributed to epidemics of poliomyelitis. Reversed with vit C and chelation. Polio is still here, renamed after implementation of much more stringent diagnostic criteria


Did anyone have poliovirus paralysis?

Yes, I am NOT saying that poliomyelitis was NEVER viral in nature.
However, more than half of viruses isolated in epidemics were not polio viruses Many cases of poliovirus paralysis CAME FROM THE VACCINES THEMSELVES. If your grandmother had polio she could have gotten it from the polio vaccine OR from someone elses polio vaccine. This goes on even today.

There were added circumstances that led any virus to affect the CNS.
Some of those circumstances were injections including vaccines such as DPT, smallpox etc. Other susceptibility factors; tonsillectomy, refined sugar/flour, toxins eg.

Many cases of poliomyelitis were poisonous in nature and involved no virus at all.

The treatment of polio by orthopedists led to many of the physical deformities. 55

History of smallpox and polio that was never publicized, but is well supported by data Show you why smallpox and polio were not eradicated by vaccination. Over 50 graphs of worldwide disease and mortality data Documentation of natural treatments with far more success than vaccination Poor sanitation, child labor, disgusting living conditions were the norm when death rates were highest Unsafe infected vaccines were common

Disease, vaccines, and a history you dont know Suzanne Humphries, MD and Roman Bystrianyk