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Made By Dr . Durga Surekha.

Report Writing
To produce a good report requires effort. The content must be clear , concise and accurate : Above all it must convey an image of total professionalism. Great effort goes into the preparotory work but the look of the document should not be forgotten. We cannot write your report but help you to produce a document which is worthy of all your hardwork.

Report needs a good format and structure. General Introduction [ of your N.G.O in 500 words ] Project - [ Challenges about,problem etc. in 1200 words. ] Methodology [1200 words ] Recommendations [600-800 words ] Learning Experience [600-800 words]

Heading Page
Leave the report heading page till last. It needs a lot of thought and first impressions count when looking at a report. It is the secret to making a simple report look absolutely brilliant. Header is fun to create. Think about the layout of the front page

Contents Page
Another page you will leave until you have compiled the main body of the report. Page number should be entered. It should convey professional image.

General Introduction
Background of the NGO . { a section that set the scene for the reader.} It should contain the details , location and the overall activities of the NGO.

The problems that have been identified and the effect of such problems is the content of your report.

Methods and study design have to be described as they are being used. This section should explain how the information and the action has been exercised. The actual process [how did you go about] Detail the results of the exercise- the facts. Depending on the content these can be presented in text or tabulation format.

This section should allow you to make recommendations based on the findings of your report. The recommendations could be for : Change Improvement New Ideas It should focus on the assignment done.

Learning Experience
Assessment of the outcomes . Evaluation of the benefits. Implementation of your ideas and recommendations would improve service and performance. Its your chance to sell your ideas. Your views. Make your own comments on the subject of your exposure to NGO assignment.

Appendices : [ Spreadsheets , forms , questionnaire. ] Simple words and simple sentences. Jargon is unnecessary, omit it.

Guidelines For Writing

Ms-word format . Times New Roman. Title of the project-14. Subtitle-13. Body text-12. Spacing-1.5 lines. To be submitted (group report) in 15 days after the NGO assignment.[ Soft copy mail, hard copy after editing.

Hope this presentation has given some good ideas. Impress your readers with good content and a professional style.(please write the report in third person) Good Luck