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Software Evaluation Criteria

By: Siti Hajar Nurhani Ahmad Firdaus Jaszianatul Ain

Information in the Program

This program shows a clear and concise information to the intended audience that is the Year 3 pupils. Most of the information are at its best sole purpose that is teaching the children English language. The software promotes unity in multiracial community. This software have not been updated since 2008 and now is the year 2012 which is almost 4 year now.

Career Development Process

This software shows little information for career development to the Year 3 pupils. Using this software in classroom can help the pupils to develop or integrate new skills, interests, and goals. The pupils also can learn many morale values from the lessons in the software.

User Interaction
It considers the users interaction with the program and whether it is user friendly. The organization of the lessons in the program is clear and easy for the Year 3 pupils to understand. The language used in the program is easy English which is suitable and appropriate to the pupils level. Glossary is provided. The teacher can change the steps of the lessons easily according to her own convenience.

Technical Aspects of the Software and Materials

The system uses standard equipment or software that is reliable, widely available and applicable to a variety of uses. The graphics, sounds and the colours are really appropriate and interesting. It provides teachers notes for the teacher to refer. Provides immediate feedbacks from the lessons in the software but it cannot be recorded.

Support Services
The site coordinator manual explains the content and process, not for updating information but to give and explain information to pupils and teachers. The instructions are mostly appropriate and effective. This program can be found in most schools website. The program is free for the teacher and the pupils to use.

Language Skills Focus in the Teaching

Courseware Content
Language Skills

Writing 30%

Reading 35%

Reading Speaking Listening Listening 25% Speaking 10% Writing

The colour choices of the background, pictures, animations and words are really interesting. The program has a lot of useful information. The program is easy to access and use. New way of teaching in classroom. Appropriate for the pupils level. To familiarize the pupils with the concept of ICT.

Teacher-centred lesson The teacher become too dependant on the software. The narrator voice is good but are monotonous . Provide immediate feedback for the activities but cannot record the results. The program is not up to date. The program focuses more on reading skills and the least on speaking skills. Not at the lesson teach grammar items.

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