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Improve the satisfaction of each patients hospital stay
Put the patient in the center of their hospital stay

Contribute to an organizational culture of hospitality

What It Is . . . What It Does

Enhances the patient experience by allowing patients to order what you want . . . when you want it! Modeled after hotel style room service A restaurant style menu resides at the patients bedside Patient ordering information is printed on the menu

Patients utilize their bedside telephone for placing orders

Patients may order any item (on their diet) at any time Food orders are entered into an automated computer system Meals are cooked-to-order and delivered within 45 minutes

Some Facts About: At Your RequestRoom Service Dining

The At Your RequestRoom Service Dining program was pioneered by Sodexo managers at DanaFarber Cancer Institute & Boston Childrens Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts in 1996.

Currently over 350 Sodexo clients are now using the At Your RequestRoom Service Dining program. Nearly of all Sodexo managed nutrition services departments in North America now utilize the At Your RequestRoom Service Dining program. Where does Sodexo currently provide At Your RequestRoom Service Dining?

41 States, DC and Canada

Our largest At Your RequestRoom Service Dining client 944 open patient beds. Our smallest At Your RequestRoom Service Dining client 18 open patient beds. Over 150,000 meals are served everyday utilizing the At Your RequestRoom Service Dining program in North America.

Program Overview
What you want, when you want it. Offers a personalized approach to patient care Provides a home-like feel and sense of comfort Foods are freshly prepared for the patient Flexible, just in time meal service Gives the patient control of the process in an environment where the patient has little control Improved meal intake, aiding in the healing process

The At Your Request-Room Service Dining program is dependent upon both Nursing Services & Nutrition Services staff to make it a success for our patients. Together, through clear lines of communication, AYR Room Service will be beneficial for everyone.

How It Works
A patient is admitted to your unit with a diet order. Upon your initial assessment of the patient, AYR will require that you do two things.
First, give a quick overview of how the program works and what the patient needs to do in order to place his/her meal selection. Second, assign the patient a classification from the follow list: APPROPRIATE: Patient will participate in Room Service. The Patient is capable of choosing his/her own meals and calling to place a meal order. APPRORIATE W/ASSIST: The Patient will require assistance for meal selections. The patient may have minor problems reading the menu or using the telephone. The patient will receive assistance from a family member, Nursing Service or a Room Service Associate. NOT APPROPRIATE: The patient will not participate in the Room Service program. The patient will receive a non-select meal based on the meal delivery schedule.

How It Works
Flow of Events
Nursing introduces program to patient and assesses patients ability to participate in Room Service. Phone Number, Menu, Hours of Operation, etc. Unit staff enters diet order and AYR classification as: Appropriate Appropriate w/ Assist or Not Appropriate Patient calls 2233 to place his/her order Name verified Diet Verified Selections entered

Patient selections are prepared and tray is assembled in accordance to prescribed diet.

Diabetic patients and patients with meals associated meds will be reminded to push their call light button to inform their Nurse they have ordered a meal.

Patients tray is delivered Within 45 minutes of order. Diabetic and

All patients will be checked to insure they received a meal.

Patients w/ meals associated meds will Push call light button.

Diabetics will not be allowed to skip a single meal.

Soiled trays will be removed from the Patients room and soiled utility rooms by Nutrition Service staff.

How It Works
Flow of Events Diabetic Patients & Meal Associated Meds.
Nursing educates patient as to med passing schedule, Insulin admin. /blood glucose checks. Call light discussed and Nurse and Patient agree on associated meal times Room Service Operator will remind all Diabetics and Patients taking meds with meals to push their call light button to notify their Nurse that a meal has been ordered.

Patient orders meals according to med schedule. Meals can be ordered at peak times or pre-ordered prior to meal time.

Diabetic and Patients with meals associated medications will be sent as priority trays.

Patients tray is delivered Within 45 minutes of order.

Room Service Associate passing trays will push the call light button for all Diabetics and Patients w/ Meal associated Meds to inform the Nurse that the meal has arrived.

Diabetic Patients will not be allowed to skip a single meal.

As a Nurse What's My Role?

Nursing should be certain to include the Room Service program overview in the patient/visitor/family orientation process. Please remember, if a patient is cognizant and can nod yes & no, they should be considered Room Service Appropriate w/ Assist. Help is available. It is important to include as many patients as possible in the Room Service program. Entering correct classification will be required along with the diet order in the Kean/Cerner system. Meals will not be sent without a diet order and Room Service classification. Verbal orders will not be accepted. Check the MAR for potential food/drug interactions Position patients needing bed rails lowered NPO, transfers, diet changes, Room Service reclassifications, etc. must be entered into Kean/Cerner in a timely manner. Disposables menus (English/Spanish) are placed on bedside table by EVS staff after cleaning up the room.

Nutrition Services Responsibilities

Process patient meal requests
Contact patients identified as Phone Assist Deliver trays to patient within 45 minutes of taking the meal order Collect trays from nursing units Deliver par stock to units Know which patients have/have not eaten

Inform nursing of patients who choose not to eat a meal


Patient must have diet order entered into Kean/Cerner before they can order food

Participation level must be entered with diet order

Participation level may change during the patients stay

Tests/Rehab & Procedures

Important to keep patient informed of upcoming procedures, tests, rehab sessions Will be events that are unanticipated If patient not available when meal arrives, a card will be left and patient can then call for another, fresh meal upon return Patients responsibility to cancel meals

Room Service Number & Hours

Room Service phone line number is DIET (3438) Phone lines will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Nourishments will be available for after-hours as usual Snacks will be delivered as usual

Specialized Diet Orders

All modified diets are available Diet Office Operators will direct patient food requests to fit into diet specifications This can assist in improved patient understanding of their diet

Food & Medication Interaction

Patients requiring insulin & BS checks

Identified in diet office as priority

Reminded by Diet Office Operators to notify nurse that meal has been ordered
Other potential food and drug interactions Patient educated by nursing on timing of medication and meal

Isolation Precautions
Patients in various precautions can participate as long as they are able to use the telephone Trays would be delivered to nurses station Nursing is responsible to deliver and pick up tray Menus are disposable

Avoiding Missed Patients

Patients (except those with diabetes) are permitted to miss one meal a day Call Center will track each meal order Operators will attempt to reach patient if a meal order has not been placed If Operator cannot reach patient, nursing station will be notified

Reaching the Department

Do not use the meal ordering line, DIET (3438 ), to address concerns Utilize the 4170 manager spectra line

Room Service Magnet

How the Magnet Works
This blue magnet will be used to identify WHEN a patient is eating. The magnet will rest inside of the door jam for each patient room. When a tray is delivered the magnet will be moved to the outside RIGHT on the door jam to indicate that the patient is eating.

When the tray is removed (by Nutrition Service or Unit Staff) the magnet should be moved back to the inside of the door jam indicating the patient has finished his/her meal and there is NO tray in the patient room.

Unit Room Number Screen

Room buttons include status icons.

Menu Screen

Nutrient Field

Item Buttons

Modifier Screen

Item Buttons

Patient Info Screen

Data is imported via the interface.

Patient Info can be easily edited

Patient Info Screen

Notes Field

Nutrient Intake Data

Meal History

Status Screen

Status screen is bar code activated


Scanners to Track Patient Tray

Tray Ready status

Left Kitchen status Tray Delivered status

Tablet Computer
Tablet PC
Used to assist patients with their meal order bedside. Wireless technology to receive real time patient information updates.

Working/carrying case