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Violence against women in India

United Nations definition of

Violence against Women
Any act of gender-based violence that results in or is likely to result in physical, sexual, or psychological harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or private life."

Situation of violence against women in India

Gender discrimination, including physical, sexual, emotional and economic violence, son preference, unequal resource distribution and unequal decision-making power (in both private and public spaces) Caste discrimination, especially (but not restricted to) women from specific castes Communal violence against women Neo-economic policies impacting womens lives in diverse ways (specific kinds of jobs for women, market impacting men leading to increasing violence against women)

*Source National Crime Record Bureau

*Source National Crime Record Bureau

*Source National Crime Record Bureau

Womens Movement in India

Growth in autonomous womens organisations over the past three decades Increased awareness of womens rights Demand for special cells of women police officers for investigation Change in womens status: stronger political voice; visibility in the economy (including in non-traditional professions); more number of girls in education Campaigns about violence against women (from the individual to the community level) JAGORI as an example

JAGORI vision and objectives

Vision: Bringing feminist consciousness to a wider audience using creative media Objectives: Consciousness raising Production and distribution of creative material Dissemination of information on feminist concerns Advocacy on womens rights and gender equality

Perspective and capacity development on feminist principles and strategies The Resource Centre Violence Intervention The Safe Cities Initiative Piloting new approaches and supporting womens leadership

Recent activities by Jagori

One Billion Rising Delhi
o On 14 Feb 2013, Jagori organized this event wherein thousands of people joined in solidarity to rise and renew commitment to create a world free of violence for women and girls. o Location Parliament Street

16 Days Activism to End Violence Against Women 2012

o Started on Nov 24 with the launch of One Billion Rising Campaign in Delhi. o Ended on Dec 10 with About 10 organizations in Delhi are coming together in solidarity with Kashmiri women.

Recent activities by Jagori (Contd..)

Film Festival became a part of OBR campaign action Oct 1, 2012: As part of the global One Billion Rising campaign to end Violence against Women, Jagori and IAWRT India along with several partners including Action Aid India, launched a film festival. Beginning November 25, 2012, the festival showcased a range of films from classic to contemporary spotlighting the lives of women world-wide.

Some of Jagoris publication

Hum Sabla Dekhi Suni Notebooks/Diaries Info Packs Training Resources Campaign Materials Handbooks Research reports Case Studies Booklets

Advocacy Products

Cultural mindset about women Superiority of men versus inferiority of women (both within private spaces like the family, and public spaces like the workplace) Public domestic violence (honour killings, community courts) Myth of male marginalisation used to support withdrawal of progressive legislation (like reservations)

Way ahead
Increase in womens participation at all levels: social, economic and political Awareness of womens rights by the State, civil society organisations, as well as the public at large Gender budgeting and gender mainstreaming within State agencies and civil society organisations