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Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) is the premier company in the Indian upstream of Petroleum Sector. Born in 1956. ONGC was public in 1994. Its produces 77 percent of Indias domestic petroleum and 81 percent of its natural gas.

Company Details
Vision Statement

To be a world class Oil and Gas Company

integrated in energy business with dominant

Indian leadership and Global Presence.

Mission Statement
World Class Dedicated to excellence by leveraging competitive advantages in R&D and technology with involved people. Imbibe high standards of business ethics and organizational values.

Abiding commitment to Health, Safety and

Environment to enrich quality of community life.

Integrated in Energy Business

Focus on domestic and international Oil &

Gas exploration and production business


Provide value linkages in other sectors of

energy business.

Create growth opportunities and maximize

shareholders value.

Dominate Indian Leadership

Retain dominant position in Indian Petroleum sector and enhance Indias energy availability.

During pre- independence period the Assam Oil Company and Attock Oil company was the only oil company in India. After independence, the national Government realized the importance oil and gas for rapid industrial development.

Assam Oil Company was producing oil at Digboi

(discovered in 1889)

Oil India Ltd is a 50% joint venture between Government of India and Burma Oil Company. In West Bengal, the Indo-Stanvac Petroleum project is a joint venture between Government of India and Standard Vacuum Oil Company of USA. In 1955, Oil and Natural Gas Directorate was set

up which was later converted to Oil and Natural

Gas Commission in 1956 August..

Oil and Natural Gas Commission was later change to Oil and Natural Gas Corporation in 1994. In 1958, ONGC found a oil-well in Cambay now Khambhat which was a first well owned by Government of India only. ONGC went offshore in early 70's and discovered a giant oil field in the form of Bombay High, now known as Mumbai High.

Global Ranking
ONGC ranks 3rd Oil & Gas Exploration & Production (E&P) Company in the world and 23rd among leading global energy majors as per Platts 250 Global Energy Companies List for the year 2009 ONGC ranks 24th among the Global publicly-listed Energy companies as per PFC

Energy 50 (Jan 2008)

Finance Asia 100 list ranks ONGC no 1 among

Indian Blue Chips. Occupies 155th rank in Forbes Global 2000 list 2010 of the worlds biggest companies for 2010 based on sales, profits, assets and market capitalization. ONGC ranked 402nd position as per Fortune Global 500 - 2009 list;, based on revenues, profits, assets and shareholders equity.

ONGC PRODUCT DETAILS ONGC Ltd. has following product profile

Crude Oil Petroleum Gas oil Jet/kero Petrochemical Mixed Xylene Para Xylene Propylene

MS/ Naphtha


ONGC Ltd. Cambay production of Crude Oil, Natural Gas and Crude Oil processing & Transportation. Their customer are:
IOCL (Crude Oil) GAIL (Natural Gas) GSPC/NIKO (Processing of Crude Oil) HERAMEC Ltd. (Processing of Crude Oil)

Broad Function
Stacking of released locations and Handling over a Drilling & Oil Mining Land acquisition Preparation of approach roads and drill sites Preparation of GTO (Geological Technical Order) and other related technical data.

Collection of subsurface geological data during drilling

Monitoring of day to day drilling operations for

healthy/timely well completion. Planning, provisioning and inventory control of casing, well heads, floating equipments, centralizers etc. Co-ordination with other services such as Logging, WSS (well stimulation service), Cementing, Logistic.

Planning and monitoring production testing.

Planning and execution of work over jobs Documentation of the data for each well Budget preparation Well completion reports Cost reduction planning Other miscellaneous jobs related to DRILLING.

Corporate Social Responsibility OF ONGC

CSR is about how companies manage the business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society.

There are four aspects of CSR 1) Work Place:

Providing a safe and healthy work environment Adopting fair labor polices

2) Environment:
Protecting the environment

3) Market Place:
Being truthful in advertising Avoiding price discrimination

4) Social Welfare:
Donating to charity

CORPORATE LEVEL: ONGC s CSR programs at the corporate level focused on disaster relief management and water management projects. When a heavy cyclone hit the eastern state of Orissa in 1999,ONGC provided immediate relief like food , drinking -water, medicine, clothing etc.

ONGC was involved various community

development programs in India.

In 1983 ONGC formulated its Environment Policy for protecting Environment. For improving the safety, health, and environment standard ONGC set up the Institute of Petroleum Safety, Health and Environment management in 1989.

ONGC contributed to several socio-economic

developmental programs like building schools

and hospitals, developing agriculture and

cottage industry, building infrastructure



In 1994, the Nagaland government asked the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) to shut shop in the state. Because the state government claims to have resolved old issues but local people and militant groups dispute that. They have also raised the issue of pollution from oil wells.

ONGC Company has been facing hurdles in its efforts to invite global bids for high tech drilling operations as the local industry has been

obstructing the induction of foreign technology.

The jack-up drilling rig Transocean Nordic, which

was slated to be re-deployed from Bengal offshore

to the Mahanadi basin, got one of its legs stuck under the sea bed. The loss is estimated at $74,000 per day only on the hiring charges of the rig alone.

Ratio Analysis

Compare With Other Oil Exploration Company

Current Ratio
Mar07 Mar08 Mar09

ONGC Hindustan Oil Exploration ltd RIL Cairn India

1.4 2.23 0.77 1.77

1.56 1.98 1.01 0.16

1.45 1.11 1.08 20.48

Quick Ratio Company ONGC HOEC RIL* Cairn India


Mar 07 1.28 1.48 0.69 1.78

Mar 08 1.39 1.51 0.94 0.16

Mar 09 1.27 0.83 0.9 20.48

*RIL including Reliance Fresh,

# Crain India was public in 2007. There is a lack of information

Debtors Turnover Ratio Company Mar 07 17.61 5.24 28.29 Mar 08 16.87 11.29 26.87 Mar 09 15.16 17.18 26.29


Cairn India



Investment Turnover Ratio Company Mar 07 150.64 22.79 10.65 Mar 08 122.77 11.29 10.57 Mar 09 111.98 17.18 12.92


Cairn India




Inventory Turnover Ratio Company Mar 07 19.99 5.24 10.65 Mar 08 122.77 11.29 10.57 Mar 09 111.98 17.18 12.92


Cairn India




Net Profit Ratio in % Company ONGC Ltd Mar 07 25.79 Mar 08 25.93 Mar 09 23.5

RIL Cairn India

10.64 -494.77

14.45 -252.62

10.65 34.35

Earning Per Share Company ONGC Ltd Mar 07 73.14 Mar 08 78.09 Mar 09 75.4

RIL Cairn India

85.71 -0.17

133.86 -0.44

97.28 0.29

Finding The company having comfortable working capital position. The absolute liquidity of the ONGC Limited is in favors. The collection policy of the company is very good. Inventory turnover ratio is high in 2007-08 as compare to the previous year but in current year which is little bit lower than previous year but ONGC Limited had good Inventory Turnover Ratio in comparison with other industries


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