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Course on

Automobile Engineering for

Mechanical Engineering Semester - VIII

Term Work requirements

Experiments and Assignments:
Assignments and laboratory experiments of ( any Eight )
1. Study of engine components 2. Study of clutches 3. Study of gear boxes 4. Study of rear axle and differential 5. Study of ignition and charging systems 6. Study of starting systems, lighting systems and battery. 7. Study of brakes 8. Study of suspension system 9. Study of basic dimension and vehicle layout 10. Study of computer control engine Report on factory visit

Term Work Evaluation

Term Work: Term work shall consist of minimum 08 experiments, assignments and written test. The distribution of marks for term work shall be as follows: Laboratory work (experiments/assignments): ...... (15) Marks. Test (at least one): ............... (10) Marks. TOTAL: ..................... (25) Marks.

Text and References

Text Books:
1. Automotive Mechanics by William Cruose 2. Automotive Mechanics by Joseph Heitner 3. The Automobile Engineering by T.R.Banga & Nathu Singh 4. The Automobile by Harbans Singh Reyat

1. Automobile Engineering by Kirpal Singh Vol I & II 2. Automobile Electrical and Electronics by Tom Denton 3. Vehicle Body Engineering by J Powlowski 4. Computerised Engine Control by Dick King 5. System Approach to Automobile Technology, Jack Erjavec Cengage Learning 6. Light & Heavy Vehical technology, M. J. Nunney , Elsevier

Course Content
Clutch Transmission systems Drive Line Components and systems Brake systems Steering systems Suspension systems Automobile Electrical systems Chassis and Body Engineering Automobile Electronic systems

Module - 1

Module - 1
Automotive Clutch systems Automotive Transmission systems Drive line systems and components Final drive systems

Automotive Clutch systems (Overview)

Necessity of clutch system Why do we need clutch in Automotive applications Requirements of clutch Types of clutch Clutch materials Design of clutch Fluid coupling Trouble shooting and remedies

Overlay of Clutch in Automobile

Longitudinal engine Clutch arrangement

Operation of Clutch

Components of clutch assembly

Cut-view of Coil spring clutch

Exploded view of Diaphragm Clutch

Exploded view of Diaphragm Clutch

Details of Friction Disc

Diaphragm Clutch working

Detail view of Coil Clutch Working

Clutch Linkages

Fluid Coupling Principle of Working

Fluid Coupling Schematic