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Offshore Pipeline Installation Engineering

Vladimir Medio Sentosa Offshore Pipeline Engineer (Installation) SapuraAcergy Sdn. Bhd. August 30, 2010
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Offshore pipeline / installation engineering?

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Main Equipment

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Conventional laybarge: Using mooring to keep position Coverage area up to WD 50-100m Modern laybarge: Using DP (dynamic positioning) to keep position Coverage area more than WD 50m

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Process Overview

Start-Up / Initiation Loading and storage Firing Line Welding NDT Field joint coating Tensioning Laydown

Emergency Abandonment and Recovery

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Installation Analysis

Installation analysis: Start up, normal laying, A/R analysis, laydown Local buckling check Fatigue analysis Free span / bottom roughness Based on DNV OS F101 Section 12 K300, Simplified laying criteria Area: Overbend and Segbend Check: Stress and Strain Result of analysis is exceed the criteria? Environmental loads: Hs, T, current Optimizations: roller setting (barge/stinger), tension, trim, stinger Others: buoyancy tank

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S-Lay Method

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OFFPIPE Software

Static analysis: Start up, A/R analysis, laydown, free span / bottom roughness Dynamic analysis Normal laying: RAO, environment condition

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Vladimir Medio Sentosa
Offshore Pipeline Engineer (Installation) Desk : +60386572961 Mobile: +60173531041 Alternatively:

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