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Google AdWords Advanced Training

Day 1

Agenda - Morning

Introduction to online advertising & Google AdWords

- Who are we all? - Types of online advertising - Intro to PPC AdWords, Bing, YSM - AdWords vs FB vs Linked In, etc - Basics of pay-per-click advertising - Introduction to AdWords - Features - Benefits - Basic terminology

Managing Your Account

- Creating an account - Creating a campaign, step-by-step - Understanding campaign, ad group, and keyword statistics - Editing Campaign Settings - Editing CPCs

Developing Quality Keyword Lists

- How to Develop a List
- Using the Keyword Tool - Creating Compelling Ad Text - Developing ad variations - Ad writing workshop

Creating Your AdWords Account

- Starter vs. Standard edition - How to create an account - Proper account structure - Account organization options

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Agenda - Afternoon

Tracking ad performance
- Conversion Tracking - Google Analytics

Beginning Optimization
- Using the Report Center - Campaign Optimizer - Location targeting - Demographic bidding

Optimizing to:
- Increase conversions - Increase traffic - Increase Quality Score - Improve landing page quality

Best Practices
- Organise by Theme/Product/Service - Keywords Research - Include Keywords in Advert - Use Correct Landing Pages - Enable Tracking/Conversion

Using the Google Network

- Ad types (Image Ads, Local Business Ads, Mobile Ad, Click-to-Play Video Ads) - Placement targeted campaigns - CPM bidding

Quality Score Billing & Reports

- Understanding Billing - Billing Cycle

Open Q&A
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Who am I Who are you?

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Types of Online Advertising



CPA Affiliate

Pop-ups Text Ads Video

What is Online Advertising?

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Free/Organic/Natural Vs Paid Ads

Natural / Organic / FREE Website Listings

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What is PPC?

Pay per click (PPC) is an Internet advertising model used on websites in which advertisers pay their host only when their advert is clicked.

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Setting PPC Objectives

Critical to decide clear cut-off points before starting What is your objective in numbers? How much can you afford to pay for a sale / lead Whats your current conversion rate on enquiries? Are you willing to pay 10 for a lead? 50? 108?

What countries are you geo-targeting? Eg - Can you handle Spanish-language enquiries?

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PPC Overview
Reason Google worth $170B

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PPC Overview

Bid for your position against the competition Higher your bid, higher your position. (1st not always best) Greater competition = greater cost
No charge if user sees your ad Only pay if user visits your website Clicks charged direct to credit card Simple way to test if your website can work for you Requires lots of testing to maximise ROI

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Main PPC Players

Slide 11

MSN AdCenter
Slide 12

MSN AdCenter Ads appear on

Slide 13

Yahoo Search Marketing
Slide 14

Yahoo Search Marketing
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Adwords Example

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Why AdWords?

Targeted Results

You have Total Control You set the Budget

Campaigns are Measurable Pay only for results (ie when your advert is clicked)

Criteria for Success with Adverts

Solid and Expansive Keyword Research Deliver Compelling Adverts that Cause Click-Through (CTR) Creating Effective Landing Pages (that initiate a conversion)


PPC CPC CTR Impression Conversion Quality Score Adgroup

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Creating Your AdWords Account

Starter versus Standard Editions Creating an Account

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Google AdWords Account Structure

Account Level Campaign Level Adgroup Level Keywords Adverts Structure your campaign to mirror your website Manage multiple accounts with My Client Center Create separate campaigns for multi-region advertising Use AdWords Editor to manage your campaign
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Google AdWords Account Structure (Example)

Account Level
- Travel Company

Campaign Level
- France - Spain - Portugal

Adgroup Level (Spain)

- Malaga - Costa del Sol

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AdWords Structure

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Creating Your Campaign

Plan, plan and plan some more! Complete Keyword Research Decide on your campaign structure
- Does your campaign reflect your business/website?

Develop your campaign BEFORE going to AdWords

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Keyword Research

Foundation of your online marketing campaign (for both SEO and PPC)

Example Global Warming vs Climate Change

Draw up your Keyword List
Study your web stats program Brainstorm Competitors web sites Use Online Tools to check frequency of use

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Google Keyword Tool

Slide 26

Create Compelling Ad Text

Be Concise, To the Point Relevant, accurate text Targets specific keywords Clear & Accurate display URL Working destination URL

Support claims on landing page Repeated punctuation allowed No double-serving from multiple accounts No superlatives/hyperbole allowed No inappropriate language Use direct calls to action No pop-ups on landing page

Use Proper Grammar

Capitalise First letter of words

Follow the Searchers Thought Process!

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Ad Variations A/B or Split Testing

Slide 28


Example (Someone in the class?) OR

- Cahernane House Hotel - Create (short) Keyword list

- Develop campaign
- Create Advert copy - Landing Pages?

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Conversion Tracking

Slide 30

Google Analytics

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Optimising Your Adverts

Title Benefit Feature


Make Changes!

Test Various Adverts

- This one rolls off the tongue! - It has RYTHM

Reverse the Order of the Features and Benefits

Feature / Benefit Order Reversal

Always Use Capitalisation


Tennis Shoes

Quality Score

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Quality Score

Slide 38

Quality Score


Advertisers want to show relevant ads so that users will click on their ads and land on their site Users want to see relevant ads so they can easily find what they're looking for in the shortest amount of time. Google wants the best experience for both advertisers and users so that advertisers continue to use the AdWords program and so users GOOGLE continue to use Google


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Quality Score

CTR is the biggest component in Quality Score. According to Google the biggest one by far is CTR. By allowing searchers to vote with their clicks, Google gets help from millions of people in determining which ads are best for each search query Work to increase CTR
- Diligently split test ad copy. Often the more profitable ad has a better CTR. - Theme out ad groups logically, and write ad copy relevant to the keywords bid on. - Choose keywords carefully. Often words that are only vaguely relevant work in content themes, but have poor search Quality Score because of low CTR

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Quality Score

Googles business is built on relevancy, and thats increasingly reflected in landing page Quality Score.

Google rewards sites it considers relevant, honest, and authoritative not just on the organic side, but with landing page Quality Score
Landing Page quality is essentially pass/fail option. With a poor landing page quality score, keyword Quality Scores often stick in the 1 to 2 range and top out at about 4.

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Quality Score

Google WANT you to have high QS and will tell you when you do not have this

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Quality Score

Slide 43

Quality Score

Slide 44

How QS Affects Ads

Ad Rank

BID 4 3 2 1 QS 1 3 6 8 AD Rank 4 9 12 8 Position 4 2 1 3

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Cost of Your Ad

Pay the minimum amount necessary to retain your position. Price (1) x QS (1) > Bid (2) x QS (2) => Price (1) = (Bid (2) x QS(2)) / QS (1)

BID 4 4 4

QS 8 6 3

AD Rank 32 24 12

CPC (24/8) (12/6) Min

Cost 3 2 Min

If QS increases then cost descreases.

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Google Network

Text Ads Images Ads Mobile Ads Video Ads


Text Ads

Slide 48

Image Ads

Slide 49

Reports Centre

IP Exclusion

Demographic Bidding
Geo-Targeting Billing/Invoicing Placement Targeting Site & Category Exclusion
Slide 50

Position Preference
Ad Scheduling Insights forSearch Dynamic Keyword Insertion Traffic Estimator Keyword Ideas

Report Centre

Slide 51

Demographic Bidding

Only operates with Content Network Campaign/Settings/Demographic Bidding Only a small range of Google partner sites have demographics available

Slide 52

Geo Targeting

Countries/Counties. Postcodes, etc Campaign/Settings/Location & Languages

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Billing & Invoicing

- Post Pay (CC or Invoicing) - Pre Pay (Top up option)

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Placement Targeting

Campaigns/Networks/Manage Placements Use the Placement Tool/Advanced Options

Slide 55

Site & Category Exclusions

Opportunities/More Tools/Site & Category Exclusions

Slide 56

IP Exclusion

Opportunities/Tools/IP Exclusion

Slide 57

Position Preference

Campaign/Settings/Bidding & Budget

Note: Enable Position Preference - THEN return to keyword to trigger Position Preference

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Ad Scheduling


Slide 59

Insights for Search

Google Insights for Search

Slide 60

Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Slide 61

Traffic Estimator

Opportunities/Traffic Estimator

Slide 62

Keyword Ideas/Suggestions


Slide 63


Ads Diagnostics Tool Search Based Keyword Tool Ads Preview Tool Disapproved Ads

Slide 64

Ads Diagnostics Tool

Tools/Ads Diagnostic Tools

Slide 65

Search Based Keyword Tool

Tools Menu

Slide 66

Ads Preview Tool

Slide 67

Disapproved Ads

Slide 68

AdWords Editor

Slide 69

Best AdWords Help Page!

Slide 70

Best Practice

Best Practices
- Organise by Theme/Product/Service - Keywords Research

- Include Keywords in Advert

- Use Correct Landing Pages

- Enable Tracking/Conversion
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AdWords Bidding Tutorial

Slide 72


Google UK YouTube Channel


Google Business YouTube Channel


Perry Marshal

Howie Jacobson

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Google Certification

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