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Standar d Punctuation

Do I need a comma?

Or do I need a semicolon?

This presentation covers standard punctuation: end marks, commas, semicolons, and apostrophes.

Punctuation items on an objective test might look like these . . .

Sample Item 1
As we got out of the car car we car, we wecould could couldsmell smell smellthe the the A delicious chicken chickenand andrice rice that that Grandma Grandma was was B C cooking for dinner.
A. B. C. D. car, we car, we Do Exactly! you need You a comma after car , need to connect the chicken, and chicken , or rice? introductory clause. rice, that No change is necessary.

Sample Item 2
A. Since Grandma wasnt looking, Julie filled the dogs bowls with leftovers from the meal. B. Since Grandma wasnt looking, Julie filled the dogs bowls with leftovers from the meal. C. Since Since Grandma Grandmawasnt wasnt looking, looking, Julie Julie filled filled the dogs the dogs bowls bowls with leftovers with leftovers from the from meal. the meal.
An item might have Notice 3 that or 4the apostrophes versions of a sentence, and you will have to chooseare theall letter correct where all punctuationin isversion correct C. .

End Mar ks
Use the period [ . ] to end statements.
Jasmine ate a chocolate-broccoli muffin.

Use the question mark [ ? ] when asking a question.

Did Jasmine eat a chocolate-broccoli muffin?

Use not overuse the exclamation mark [ ! ] to signify excitement or emphasis.

Oh, no! Jasmine ate a chocolate-broccoli muffin!

Do I have broccoli stuck in my teeth? I have an appointment at the dentists!

O n e excl a m at i o n m a r k per e s s a y i s a g o o d ave r a g e .

exclamation mark! ! ! I want to use it all the time! ! ! Its me! ! !

But I really love! I mean love! the

Commas, Par t 1
Use commas to connect introductory, interrupting, and some concluding material. Interrupting material will include a comma before and a comma after.
Without Jasmine will a ,doubt, pass without theJasmine comma a doubt, test will , pass pass without the the a doubt . comma test. You should know
commas as well as I do!

Commas, Par t 2
Use a comma with a coordinating conjunction to connect two sentences. Coordinating conjunctions = and, but, for, or, nor, yet, and so.
Jasmine will pass the comma test , Slacker but Slacker test. Sam will not. Sam will not.

You have to study if you want to do well!

Commas, Par t 3
Use and alone to connect two items. Use commas and an and to connect three or more items.
Jasmine will buy a bag of potato chips, a hotdog and a, hotdog. and a soda
Hard work
deserves a


Use the semicolon [ ; ] to connect two main clauses. Do not use the semicolon to introduce a list. The comma with a transition like such as or including, or the colon [ : ] does that job.
Jasmine prefers worries classes about her that grade require in statistics. statistics; her to write: math not her best subject. Psychology, and Math to Intro isis Humanities, not her best Abnormal subject. US Government. But I excel at


Use the apostrophe [ ] with an s to show possession: Jasmines pen, the cats eyes, the professors frowns Or use the apostrophe to indicate the letters/spaces removed in a contraction: she d, can t, should ve
We can t cheat cheatfrom fromJasmines Jasmines punctuation cant punctuation quiz quiz because s absent today! because shesshe absent today!

Ha! Dentist

Quick Test, Par t 1

Directions: In the items that follow, choose the option that corrects an error in the underlined portion(s). If no error exists, choose No change is necessary.

Show me what you know.

Item 1
Although Raymond Although Raymond will will eat eat aa grasshopper, grasshopper, he he A B refuses all green vegetables; vegetables;such vegetables, such as as peas, peas, C spinach, and even cucumbers.
A. B. C. D. Although, Raymond grasshopper he vegetables, such vegetables, such No change is necessary.

Item 2
Before his calculus exam exam Scott exam, Scott Scott rubbed rubbed rubbed his his his lucky lucky lucky A B rabbits foot foot and andfound foundhis hisfavorite favoritepencil. pencil. C
A. B. C. D. exam, Scott exam, Scott rubbed, his foot, and No change is necessary.

Item 3
Francine has five chairs chairsbut chairs butsix sixguests guests guests coming coming coming A B B for Thanksgiving dinner; she hopes that old Uncle

Ross remembers remembersto tobring bringan anextra. extra. C A. B. C. D. chairs chairs guests remembers No change is necessary.

Item 4
Roseanne washed the piles of dirty dishes; dishes;while dishes while while A Maria vacuumed the filthy rug; they tried tried to to B complete a months monthsworth worthof ofhousekeeping housekeepingin inaa C single hour.

A. B. C. D.

disheswhile dishes while tried, to months No change is necessary.

Item 5
Audrey cant cant leave leave work work early, early, and and Peggy Peggy wont wont wont A B help with the cupcakes, so I guess Ill ll have have to to do do C all the baking myself. A. cant B. wont wont C. Ill D. No change is necessary.

Item 6
During our picnic, picnic,we wewere weretormented tormentedby by A insects: ants insects: ants swarming swarming into into the the potato potato B salad, bees salad, beesbuzzing buzzingby byour ourears, ears,and anda akatydid katydid C jumping into Henrys open mouth.

A. B. C. D.

picnic we insects; ants salad bees No change changeis isnecessary. necessary.

Quick Test, Par t 2

Directions: In the items that follow, choose the sentence that is correctly punctuated.

different type of item.

Try a

Item 7
A. Roger spent three hours writing Christinas paper. B. Roger spent three hours writing Christinas paper. C. Roger Roger spent spentthree three hours hours writing writing Christinas Christinas paper. paper.

Item 8
A. When the crickets and the frogs sing Luis cannot get a good nights sleep. B. When When the the crickets crickets and and the the frogs frogs sing, sing, Luis Luis cannot get cannot getaagood good nights nights sleep. sleep. C. When the crickets and the frogs sing, Luis cannot get a good nights sleep.

Item 9
A. Before Before you youstart start painting painting the the walls, walls, youll youll need a drop need acloth dropand cloth a ladder. and a ladder. B. Before you start painting the walls youll need a drop cloth, and a ladder. C. Before you start painting the walls, youll need a drop cloth, and a ladder.

Item 10
A. Darlene laughed at Jebs haircut; it looked, as if goats had grazed on his head. B. Darlene Darlene laughed laughedat at Jebs Jebs haircut; haircut; it looked it looked as if if goats goatshad had grazed grazed on on his his head. head. C. Darlene laughed at Jebs haircut, it looked as if goats had grazed on hiss head.

The End.