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OSS Based xACP

3G RF Automatic Optimization: Project Proposal Feb 2012

Project Scope
Utilization of Optimi OSS Based xACP solution in a city/area of CUSTOMER network to demonstrate the performance gains achievable using automated cell level RF parameter optimization

1. Obtain performance improvement based on agreed objectives 2. Demonstrate the tool operation


Verification of tool adapters (configuration and performance management data) and output files Automatic RF Optimization (including NL optimization) Report generation and trial goal evaluation

Optimi Corporation | 2010 | OPTIMI CONFIDENTIAL

Optimization Architecture
RF and Network Configuration (AZ, Tilts..) NSN 3G Huawei 3G Ericsson 3G Maps: Elevation / Clutter Antenna Patterns

OSS Based xACP

- RF Changes - NL Plan - SC Plan

OSS Data

Data Requirements:
o o o o Physical and Network Configuration data Raster Maps (elevation, clutter) Antennas OSS Data
o xACP fully synchronized with configuration in OSS o xACP models calibrated with Performance Counters

Optimi Corporation | 2010 | OPTIMI CONFIDENTIAL

Data Requirements & Interfaces

Data requirements: OSS Based xACP
RF physical information
o o o o o o o Lat/long Cell ID Antenna type Antenna height Antenna azimuth Antenna mechanical tilt Antenna electrical tilt

o o o

Antenna radiation patterns Raster maps

o o Clutter Elevation Raw configuration (CM) data (in vendor standard format). Raw performance (PM) data (in vendor standard format). Call trace data (Ericsson GPEH/WNCS; Huawei IOS, etc) [Optional]

OSS data

Interfaces for OSS data:

Vendor standard interfaces [Details to be concluded once we know vendor on trial area]
Optimi Corporation | 2010 | OPTIMI CONFIDENTIAL

Project Tasks & Deliverables

Daily operations/Tasks
CUSTOMER should provide the required inputs (physical information, raster maps, OSS data, etc) Optimi engineer(s) will be in charge of building the project and running the RF optimization Optimi will provide the optimized RF optimization settings Optimi will provide the optimized NB list optimization list After CUSTOMER engineers review and approval, optimized RF design should be loaded into the network

RF Optimization NL Optimization Final Report: Optimi will provide a final report with final project summary and results

Optimi Corporation | 2010 | OPTIMI CONFIDENTIAL

Success Criteria
Based on network OSS KPIs. Possible KPIs (5% improvement)

Quality Improve % DCR due to missing neighbors Improve % calls in 3-way or 4-way soft handover Capacity Reduce Congestion/Blocking Reduce iRAT rate (%)

(5 working days before the optimization) versus (5 working days after the optimization) In case of specific events/failures happening in the network during the benchmarking phase: Those faulty days/cells will be identified and agreed between both parties (maybe agree to exclude them from evaluation).

Optimi Corporation | 2010 | OPTIMI CONFIDENTIAL

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